But what about this? This is the Lenovo Tab. Extreme, a new premium tablet that Id love to talk about So lets go over the raw stats, So the Tab Extreme is Lenovos. Just newly announced flagship tablet: a contender against the other premium tablets, starting at a price of 1200, Which okay, hang on Thats. Quite a lot of money., So what do you get with it? Well, for starters, it does come with its stylus, the Lenovo Precision Pen 3 in the box, And also it comes with a kickstand that allows for it to be used in portrait or landscape modes. So very nice Now, since this is an expensive tablet, just like the iPad Pro and Tab S8 Ultra, it is advertised with a compatible keyboard. However, its unclear, whether its going to be shipped with the tablet in the box or if its going to be sold separately. So fingers crossed that its included in the box Now lets talk about its form factor because its quite large but also quite familiar. The tablet is 14.5 inches, which is just a tiny bit smaller than the Tab, S8 Ultras 14.6 inches, Which still makes this quite the behemoth of a tablet. Even still, it has a very sleek looking design with its kickstand that I already talked about and a great looking screen. The display is OLED, meaning itll, be amazing for watching movies and shows on So its a pretty solid standalone entertainment device. But its also able to be used with other devices as well With its okay connectivity of 2 USB C ports.

The tablet can be connected and used with other devices, which is super duper, rad And and and for wireless connectivity. Users can take advantage of the Lenovo Freestyle app, which unfortunately, can only be used with other Lenovo products, But stil pretty cool And, moreover, we do get a microSD card slot for expandable storage Now lets discuss this devices cameras system. This tablet has been advertised with a lot of tech and features that make the virtual meeting experience a lot better, such as auto focus and camera tracking. Now, for the physical cameras themselves, theyre also pretty solid 13 megapixel primary sensor for both sides And a 5 megapixel ultra wide at the rear, Not too shabby, especially for a tablet. Although bearing in mind that it is quite expensive And now lets discuss the internals, The specs have been disclosed, but not too much has been concluded on them. The device comes with the MediaTek Dimensity 9000, which, according to the benchmarks, is a good match against the SnapDragon 8 Gen 1, which is found in the Tab, S8 Ultra, And it also has solid RAM Meaning. Yes, this device will be fast, So you wont need to worry about its performance too much. However, just for context, Lenovo does say that the tablet can open up to 10 floating windows so like tabs on their own, Which is not half bad Now. One thing that does bug me, though, is the storage, Its not terrible, but just listen, 256 gigabytes, which again is not terrible, But it couldve used a bit more than that.

I mean some phones do. And at 1200. It probably deserves more. However, even with that said, the tablet is saved by having a microSD card slot which can allow up to an extra 1 terabyte of storage, So good, save And now how about that battery? Well, simple. Lenovo claims around 12 hours so likely around 10 for most people And, lastly, the software of this device and release date. The Lenovo Tab Extreme will release in late 2023, probably around Q3 or Q4. That will run Android 13 with 3 OS upgrades and 4 years of security updates Which hold on honestly Thats kinda low. In my opinion, Yes, that doesnt mean your device will only last you 4 years, Itll, most certainly last you longer than that, Maybe like 8 years, But after that, its pretty much dead in the water. Its not like this chair that can be used indefinitely. App support will stagnate So for the device thats 1200 to lose support. That fast is kinda difficult for me to wrap my head around, But Apple and Samsung kind of do the same thing so fair enough industry. Standard. Lets get on to my verdict. So what do I think of this tablet? Is it better than the iPad Pro or Tab S8 Ultra and overall? Is it worth it Well lets see, Firstly, my thoughts. Frankly, speaking in the tablet sector, I do prefer an iPad over most of the competition, But due note I did say most not all I like the layout, I like the app selection and I like the overall simplicity of the Apple device.

Even still, though, this tablet and its other competitor, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra really give Apple a run for its money, Theyre, seemingly fantastic tablets with amazing screens and fantastic form factors. I mean theyre huge. So then, who is the Lenovo Tab Extreme for Well? Given that previous description, probably someone who wants to consume content on the device and travel with it, On top of that, it can be used for professionals as well. I cant attest to a large tablet being amazing for the business environment, but Im sure itll do just find So long as youre accustomed to a big device and, of course, the Android ecosystem, And in that same vein, I think this device would be great for someone Whos, looking for a bit more freedom over Apple devices, Android is pretty rad.. I have an Android phone. And having a tablet with it seems great because more freedom. So yes, I believe that will be the target market for this device. Is it large enough for Lenovo to make a profit on its new 1200 tablet, Maybe. Well see soon enough And until then Ill catch you next time My name is Cyrus.. Its spelled like Cyrus pronounced, like See Rooster just take out the ter.