But what i want you to know is there are some nice bags out there that you can actually pick up right now so that you can have them when you get your new ipad and this will be a nice everyday, carry setup, okay hold on one minute, One minute: hello, okay, okay, all right so it’s it’s two. I thought it was one yeah look. I i saw. I saw one look in the oh, okay, okay. So apparently i was gon na. Tell you guys about this, this bag right here. So this is from the company funk street, but i was thinking that i was just gon na, be doing a review and an everyday carry on this bag, but i’m actually going to be doing a review, everyday carry and a giveaway let’s. Do it Music. So this is it. This is the bag itself. This is from the company funk street. Now they actually sent two of these over, like i said, stay tuned to the end of the video i’ll. Tell you how you can win that extra bag that i do have it’s kind of like off the camera sitting over here somewhere, but let’s talk about this one, one of the main selling points for me on this bag and this bag costs you about 60 bucks. So just keep that in mind, but one of the main selling points is this: clasp now lifts up detaches now check this out. It is also magnetic so when you put it back close to check it out again when you put it back it automatically snaps back in place, that’s like one of the main selling points, i loved that fact about this bag, so for bikers this piece this strip, It is reflective so at night time when you’re riding your bike or you’re jogging, or you got this bag on your back and you’re walking through the town through the city, you’re going to be reflective and nobody should hit you just keep that in mind, though keyword Should hit you, you do have that reflective strip now another great feature about this bag is the actual back and you can see individual little cushions now.

This thing is super soft. Put this thing on your back: when you got it hanging off your side, the cushions feel really nice and it doesn’t even feel. Like anything, is there super padded super absorbent, really nice cushions on this bag? You got nice premium. Hexagonal pattern right up front, get a funk street logo. This also comes with a shoulder, strap. You can also use the crossbody strap that is fully adjustable. You can put this cross body, you can wear it in front, you can wear it in back. You can actually shrink it down and wear it around your waist. This is a full commuter pack from the company, funk street it’s very versatile, and you can carry this in a ton of different ways when you’re headed out the door. So now that we’ve talked about the actual pack and everything on the outside let’s look at the inside. I don’t ride a bike around, but for the ones who do ride a bike everywhere you go. These are for your actual lock for your bike. So if you find a bike rack, you can actually house your lock here while the bag is still closed and then take your lock out, put your bike up and you’re good to go next in the back. This is the pocket we’re going to carry our ipad in microfiber lining on both sides. Nice smooth, no issues there. You do have a pocket up front for your phone.

This is another pocket area where you can put some things like a mouse or whatever you need to carry. You do have mesh pockets right there and down bottom. I don’t know if you can see that but way down. Bottom. There is a loop now that loop can actually, you can actually run cables through there and charge all your devices, so you can put like a battery pack in here and run it through and you can’t see my finger, but my finger is coming through that hole Down there, but you can actually run the cables through this bag and you can pretty much just charge on the go without having wires hanging around everywhere. So you do have another pocket here: got the zipper pocket here for all your small things and two more pockets up front. Now these this bag is water resistant and these zipper pockets are also water resistant as well. These are ykk water, resistant, uh zippers. So now that we’ve got all that stuff out of the way, let’s see what we can put in this bag Music. Now, when you talk about everyday care, this is probably one of the mainstays in my arsenal is some type of ipad, and this, my friends, is the ipad air 4th gen. I got the mint green, looking color, but this is the 4th gen on the ipad air. Now we know that the new 11 is coming out and it’s going to be the same dimensions as this one, so it will fit in this bag right here.

So we got the ipad for our carry now. Most people take a phone with them and up here this is what we got. I got the iphone 12 pro max, so it’s gon na go in the bag as well. Then you got to have some type of charging device, so we do have two types of charging devices. This one is a 10 000 milliamp hour battery pack from the company aki. Now it has a stand on it to hold your phone. If i can get it open right up front and then it has a kickstand on back, so you can like just stand. It up put your phone there and it actually will wirelessly cheat charge as well as pd charge on the side. So you got wireless charge as well as a stable wire charge set up right there. We got adapters from linar now. This is a magnetic adapter that i normally use for my macbook, but it can be used for the ipad air 4 just because it has usb type c connector, so you plug in usb type c right there plug this into the bottom. I’Ve done a full review of it, but if you want to see it, i will link that below. So you can check it out, but basically um. This is going to allow you to just attach magnetically no issues. You can just leave this bottom portion in the ipad, this one connected to your charger and then you’re good to go now we have our wireless power setup, but you need a wired power setup as well.

So this cable is a usb type c to c cable. Now it can be used to charge up your ipad, but it actually came with my oneplus 9 and this. My friends is a 65 watt wall charger from the company anchor iq charging, so it’s not going to overcharge the device once it gets full it’s good to go, it’s going to shut down and it’s going to protect your device from overcharging. So i carry these two in conjunction, so we can get the best charge on our ipad. Just another adapter anytime, you may have a old school thumb drive. You can plug that up and plug it directly in to your ipad, using usb type c, the necessary mask, which may be unnecessary very soon. People are kind of not wearing these anymore, but i do keep one in my bag just for any occasion that i might run into and the hub. So i got to have a hub always with me, and this one is from the company seaforce now cforce has some nice little hubs and they actually work with the nintendo switch. Just plugging the nintendo switch up. Just keep that in mind. You don’t have to have the whole dock, so cforce actually has really nice hubs. They actually have one two and three usb a on there, hdmi out usb type c out and usb type c pass through on your power. But you got to have something like this.

In order to keep everything going because you never know when you might be in that meeting and you need to share something and boom there, you go, you got your hub right there. Now, all you need is a hdmi, so that is pretty much it that’s. What i’m going to carry that’s my everyday carry for this bag now next thing we got to do is put everything in here, so let’s jump right into it, Music and there we go. That is the bag. In a nutshell, so you got everything that you would ever need right here in this bag. You got your tablet, you got your power supplies. You got hdmi outs, you got your hubs, you got everything that you would need right here for a successful everyday carry and this one is brought to you by the company funk street for 60 bucks. I think this is a great bag and you can basically just kind of carry it any kind of way: i’m going to be using a messenger style just because i’m, not a big shoulder, strap guy, but you do have a shoulder. Strap shoulder. Strap has nice padding on the inside, so keep that in mind. You will have that shoulder strap capability, but for me, i’m going to be rocking the messenger bag style on this one. So that’s been it. That is the full overview of this bag. This is a nice everyday care for your ipad and we know the new one is coming out, so you may need a new bag and boom here we go.

This is an extra bag that they sent me over. So what i want to do is i want to give one person this bag right here, i’m, going to keep my bag like i like my bag, i’m keeping my bag, but i want to give you guys one of these bags. So how do you get one very simple be sure to subscribe to the channel? First, click that like button and click that bell so that you get all those notifications that i put up that’s first and foremost, then i need you to leave a comment down below telling me why you want this bag. Follow me on my social media. If you have social media it’s, not a requirement but go over, follow me on my social media, so you can keep up with everything that i’m doing in all these giveaways and be sure to include in your comment down below hashtag averagetech squad. So i know you came from and if you’re looking for any of the gear that i had on at the beginning of the video it’s by defy the odds brand, be sure and go by and check it out, i will leave a link below. So just the link will be down there somewhere in the description go by and check it out. Hopefully, this has been able to help someone out. This giveaway will be up for about a week or so you know the new ipad comes out late may so maybe i’ll give this one two weeks just to get enough names in, but hopefully you’ll enjoy it.