This is a new, updated model with decent specs and build quality. If you are not familiar with this brand, you definitely have to check it. They make some pretty cool notebooks at an affordable price. As always for your convenience, there is a link in the description so check it out. The model we are reviewing today comes with the pre installed windows 10. As an operating system, core book x has 14 inch, 3×2 ips display with 2k resolution. The cpu is the intel i5 8259u, so we have a pretty decent power under the hood we have 8 gigs of ram and 512 gigs of nvme ssd storage. This can be upgraded later in the video. I will show you how to do that in the box. We have a ac power. Adapter, the size is very compact, so it won’t add much extra weight. If you have to carry it with you, i must say that the notebook is protected very well. This is quite good packaging. In this envelope, we have all the necessary papers, including the manual, and this is the core book x itself. My first impression is the build quality. It looks solid. The price of this notebook is 600 us dollars which is considered on the budget side. However, it feels very premium: the core book x has a full metal body, build and it weights 3.3 pounds or 1.5 kilograms. The size is really compact, even though this is a 14 inch notebook.

It feels like 13 inches, so chewy did a great job with the design. When it comes to ports. You won’t be disappointed on the left side of the notebook. We have one usb type c port and a power plug on the right side. We have one usb type: 3 port, a headphone jack and a micro sd slot. This is a big plus for creative work at the bottom. We have a large vent grille that helps keep the core book x cool. The speakers are also located at the front bottom of the notebook. The hinges are pretty good once in place. There is no much of a movement you can see even in this very low position. They still keep the display open. The loading of windows 10 happens pretty quickly and is what we can expect from intel core i5 and nvme ssd storage. The keyboard of core book x supports three levels of backlight. The trackpad is smooth and big enough for the size of the notebook. The keys are comfortable to type on with a decent amount of key travel. The size of the keys and the layout is pretty good. There is nothing to complain about. One of my favorite features of this notebook is the display. We have 14 inch ips 3 to 2 ratio display with 2k resolution. The display is crisp and bright and can be used outdoors without any issues to get decent performance. On a notebook like this, we need to have fast storage.

This particular model comes with 512 gigs of nvme ssd. This is not the fastest storage, as you can see from the test, however, is good enough, and you can see later on. My gaming test is doing a pretty good job. What surprises me in a good way is the sound quality. Actually is pretty good for a notebook of this class. There is a good amount of bass and the sound is loud and clear. The chewy core book x is easy to open and upgrade. However, you should know that, with that you may breach your warranty so made your research before you proceed with an upgrade by yourself. You can replace the nvme ssd with a larger capacity, and you can also add more memory. As you can see, there is one free slot for that. The 46 watt hours battery is capable to power the notebook for about 8 hours in moderate use. However, if you use it for playing games or creative work with heavy applications, you can expect the battery to last few hours less now we can test the notebook with games. First will be the asphalt legends. This is a pretty heavy duty, graphics game. As you know, this is not a gaming laptop, however, it’s still capable of running some decent games and from my testing i didn’t notice any significant drop in frames. I think it’s good to know that this notebook is capable of playing games with no issues and by the way during the game.

Taste, the core book x, didn’t get hot and the fan is not loud at all, so pretty good cooling from chewy on this one. Music, the next game that we will test is modern, combat 5, and i have to tell you this thing is running smoothly. I am really surprised that didn’t expect such a nice gameplay. You can see how responsive are the movements and the graphics look amazing. On this 2k ips display contact Music strength, Applause, Music Applause, let’s, get out of here; Music Applause Applause back up they’re, all over us now going back so guys. I think chewie made really a decent update on its core book x, notebook line. If you are looking for a budget but at the same time capable and well built notebook, you should definitely check it out. From my experience with the core book x, i can say that i really like it and i will definitely use it, especially when traveling as at the moment, i have only a big and heavy gaming laptop, which is not easy to carry around the quality of the Display is really good and with 2k resolution on 14 inch display everything looks nice and crisp. I also like the keyboard and the sound quality and, as always, don’t forget to subscribe like and comment don’t be shy.