This is the plus version with four gigs of ram and wireless charging, but they’ve also released the 2021 fire hd 10, which doesn’t have wireless charging. You can actually get it in a few different colors and it has three gigs of ram. I also went ahead and picked up the new keyboard case, combo that they offer for the new hd10, but overall i’ve always been a big fan of these fired hd tablets, especially the hd10. Now the last model that they released was actually a great performer, but it was lacking on ram. It only came with two gigs and it did have some pretty big bezels. With these new models. Like i mentioned, they have added more ram across the board and they’ve slimmed down the bezels a bit so in this video we’re going to be taking a look at this new tablet, we’re going to run some benchmarks test out some gaming, some video playback and see, If it’s worth picking up as a budget tablet, now these run something called fire os 7, which is actually based on android 9, and luckily we do have a tool to install google play to this very easily. You can do it manually from the tablet or you can download an application for your windows machine called fire toolbox press a couple buttons and you’ll. Have google play up and running now, that’s exactly what i’m going to do with this before we even get started, because, as a lot of us already know, the amazon store is lacking when it comes to games and applications that you can run on this now, along With the fire hd 10 you’re also going to get a 9 watt charger, our usb type c cable and a quick start guide that’s about it, go ahead and start this up for the first time.

I will need to get some stuff installed on this, so we can get into some testing but uh yeah overall i’m, really hoping for some great performance out of this mediatek chip that they chose to use which is actually the same chip they used in the last Fire hd 10. amazon is also offering a case keyboard combo it’s, a bluetooth keyboard overall i’m, not sure how much i would use this, but i still wanted to pick it up. You charge the unit up itself over usb type c and you connect it to the tablet using bluetooth. I got ta say this is pretty heavy it’s, almost the same way as the tablet itself, but we do have the top that detaches – and this is just going to clip right onto the back of the fire hd10 – should go right in here pretty easily. That way, we have a little bit of protection and when we have that keyboard closed up, it will protect the screen, but this would be great for a lot of people who do a lot of emailing and document editing from their tablet. So taking a look around the tablet itself, the low end model of the plus only comes with 32 gigabytes of internal storage, but we can add a micro sd card up to one terabyte i’ve, just thrown a 128 in here, they’ve kept all the buttons to one Side, we also have a 3.5 millimeter audio jack and usb type c for charging this up.

It does have dual stereo speakers built in with dolby atmos and when we compare the bezels to the last fire hd10, as you can see on the new 2021 model, they are slimmed down quite a bit. This is no galaxy s7, but it’s still a big improvement over last generation when it comes to the specs of the new hd10 plus for the cpu, we have a mediatek, 8183 it’s, also known as the helio p60t for a 73 course, 2 gigahertz and 4. A 53 cores at 2 gigahertz for the gpu. We have that maui g72 mp3 at 800 megahertz, four gigabytes of lp ddr4 ram in the plus model. Three in the non plus model, a 10.1 inch ips lcd display at 1920×1200, built in ac wi fi bluetooth; 5.0. A 6500 milliamp hour battery and they’re claiming up to 12 hours of video playback on this, and as for the operating system, it’s running fire os 7, which is based on android 9 and yes, you can easily install google play and google play services. You can see the icon on the screen right here and i’ve been able to download a lot of games and apps that we’re gon na test out in this video. When it comes to the overall user experience it’s, definitely super smooth. Now you will see google play installed on this version, but when you get this out of the box, the only thing you’re really gon na have is the amazon app store.

But from here you can download games and all of your favorite streaming apps, but i would definitely recommend installing google play i’ve actually done a video on it using the older fire 10 tablet. But i plan on making a new tutorial coming up soon on the channel. So keep an eye out. It just really makes the tablet more appealing, given that we have access to google play and millions of apps that we can download here, but yeah overall it’s been a really smooth experience. This mediatek cpu can definitely keep up. The screen looks really beautiful, given that it’s not an amoled display or anything like that, i mean it’s, a good display that they chose to use here, and it is an upgrade over the last fire hd 10.. Now, when we’re taking a look at these budget tablets, one of the main things people need to know is the wide vine level. That way, we know if we can get hd, netflix hbo go and amazon prime, and luckily this is certified with widevine level 1. So all of your favorite streaming apps will be able to do hd. Take a look here in the netflix settings, as you can see full hd and when it comes to these budget tablets that’s one thing that a lot of people need to look out for the cheaper ones on the market. You can pick them up for, like a hundred bucks on amazon. They’Ll have wide vine level, three, so you’re, basically just going to be stuck with standard definition through all of the streaming apps and we’ll just go ahead and test out some 1080p 60fps playback from youtube.

Make sure we’re at 1080p and you’re not going to have any issues doing 1080 60 on this tablet. We have plenty of power here and the built in dual stereo speakers, actually sound, really good and if you’re holding this in landscape mode like you’re. Seeing now we have the camera at the top, the speakers are actually facing upwards, so you’re not going to block them off. If you set this on your lap or anything like that, moving over to some benchmarks. Unfortunately, i could not get antutu to work correctly on this. Hopefully they will have an update in the near future. I tried an older version and the brand new version and it just wouldn’t run the graphics test, but here we are with geekbench 5 single core 305. multi 1093 and the next benchmark i ran was 3dmark slingshot this test opengl on the built in gpu. We got a 1105. now these aren’t phenomenal benchmarks, but we want to see how this thing can game. So let’s go ahead and test out a few of our favorite android games. First up we have minecraft 12 chunks. Fancy graphics is on and performance really isn’t that bad i mean it’s. Definitely playable like this. I did try to take the chunks up to around 14 and notice. It start to lag out, but at 12 that’s kind of the sweet spot and it is playable next. On the list we have pub g, i have the graphics set to low and the frame rate set to as high as it can go.

Unfortunately, this is not going to run at 60 fps even at low settings, but you can definitely get by playing this at 30fps and it’s really surprising to see it running this well moving over to call of duty mobile. This is just a very well optimized game. I mean they’ve done an amazing job with this i’ve been able to run this at full speed well at playable speeds on lower end chipsets, and going into this i had a good feeling. It would work fine on this tablet, so we were getting great performance with all the games we tested so far, but i wanted to move up to kinshin impact. This is just a harder game to run we’re at the lowest settings 30 fps, and we got a lot of stutter. I knew we were going to run into issues with this. One just takes a little more to run this at full speed. Moving over to some emulation: first up, we have dreamcast using redream i’m upscaled to by 960.. We have marvel vs capcom 2 running here. Fps is up, in the top left hand, corner and we’re running at full speed, dreamcast isn’t going to be an issue on this device using the redream emulator n64 is another one that works really well on the fire hd 10. i’m using the standalone version of moo Pen, ae from the google play store and i am upscaled to 800 by 600, but with this game here we could probably go a bit higher here.

We have psp using the standalone version of ppsspp tekken 6 vulcan back in 3x resolution. I consider this a mid range game to run on lower end chipsets. It does struggle at these higher resolutions, but on the fire hd 10 at least the 2021 model. You can see that we’re running at full speed even upscaled here, but there are harder, psp games to run like chains of olympus and with this one i had to take it down to 1x and even then we still get some stutters but it’s doing a pretty Decent job it’s trying its hardest Music and the final thing i wanted to test here – was some gamecube emulation using the dolphin emulator, and i knew we weren’t going to get great performance out of this. I tried vulcan and opengl, with some hacks on in the background. Opengl was definitely much better than vulcan, but we’re still not at full speed. So overall, the new 2021 fire hd 10 plus is a great budget tablet. Yes, i do consider this a budget tablet. If you go any lower, i mean that’s, just a low end tablet. You can find tablets in the same price range on amazon with the same screen size, but keep in mind most of the time. You’Re not going to be able to get those hd videos playing back from netflix and hbo go and i think that’s. One of the main things that the fire hd 10 has going for it versus some of the similarly priced tablets on amazon right now and as for the price, the hd 10, plus that we took a look at in this video is going for 179 32 gigabytes Of internal storage, four gigabytes of ram and wireless charging, you can only get it in a single color, it’s kind of a gray on the back black on the front or you can opt for the fire hd 10.

. This is the non plus version. 32 gigabytes of internal storage, three gigabytes of ram – they offer it in four different colors, but we have no wireless charging on this when it comes to performance, mainly the only difference between the plus and this one here is that extra gig of ram – and if you Like to have a lot of apps open in the background, then you might want to go with the plus, but if you’re good with app management, i would just go with this one here, plus you have the option of four different colors but yeah. If you’re looking for a budget android tablet in the 10 inch range, i could definitely suggest either the fire hd 10 or the hd 10 plus, but that’s gon na wrap it up. For this video really appreciate you watching. I will have a tutorial on installing google play and a custom launcher coming up on the channel soon, so keep an eye out if you’re interested in picking either one of these up. I will leave a link in the description.