The duo provided users with an unprecedented way to work, multitask and interact with their device. A lot has changed since then, but exos spirit of relentless innovation has stayed the same, keeping our promise of delivering professionals and creators alike with innovative stylish, yet capable laptops. We are proud to introduce the most powerful 14 inch dual screen laptop to date. The new asus zenbook pro 14 dual oled, the assemble pro 14 dual oled takes the dual screen segment to a whole new level by improving on almost every aspect when compared to last years model. This device is a force to be reckoned with, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. Lets dive in first into the design elements of this new laptop, the assemble pro 14 dual oled features an ultra portable chassis with just 1.7 kilograms of weight and 17.9 millimeter thickness on the lid. The classic asus concentric pattern has been replaced by the new sandbox monogram to elevate its elegant, look and feel opening up. The lid of the laptop gets degraded with one of the most important upgrades in respect to previous generation of sandbox duos. The screens. The primary screen is a huge step up from last gen dual. We have upgraded the previous 16×9 full hd ips panel to the worlds first 14.5 inch, 2.8 120 hertz touch oled panel. This phantom validated 100 dci, p3 cinema, great display offers best in class color gamut 25 percent. Wider color range in comparison to last gen model allow this stunning panel to provide the idyllic environment for creative work, such as graphic design photo and video editing.

Thanks to the asus splendid feature found in my asus, creators can seamlessly switch between srgb adobe, rgb and dc ip3 color spaces, depending on their needs. The sandbox pro 14 dual oled is bested through black 500 certified big brightness of 150 nits births, with all its one million to one contrast ratio and which in hdr, create the best possible environment for you to enjoy hdr content. Furthermore, all the response times as low as 0.2 milliseconds and new 120 hertz refresh rates contribute to minimize motion blur and other visual artifacts, giving you a smooth experience when watching movies or tv shows the same book pro 14 dual oled, 5.8 millimeter top and 3.2 millimeter Sight nano edge vessels and 93 screen to body ratio do nothing but complement the outlet panels, capacity to heighten the sense of immersion, in contrast to last years, model this years, sandbox pro 14 dual oled features a 16 by 10 aspect ratio. The additional vertical space makes it easier to partake in activities such as coding, writing, editing, spreadsheets and more. The primary display is not the only one that has been revamped now with 12.6 more viewing area. The screenplay plus has also gone through major upgrades. The screen itself is a treat to look at compared to last gen model. Color gamut has been improved from 45 ntsc to 100 dc. Ip3 brightness levels have been bumped from 400 needs to 500 nits, while the refresh rate is now 120 hertz versus last year, 60.

Arts, furthermore, the screenplay plus has been exposed to both anti glare etching and anti fingerprint coatings to minimize glare and provided with an ultra smooth, feel the assembly pro 14 dual oled adopts the new asus active aerodynamic system, ultra aes ultra for short, compared to previous iterations Of the aes mechanism, aes ultra considerably reduces the visible gap between both panels by 13. Aes ultra provides up to 12 degrees of tilt, regardless of the primary screen position. Furthermore, the included asus ergo lift stand 2.0 adds an additional 7 degrees of tilt for the best possible viewing area with better viewing angles comes an improved user experience. The second screen provides a myriad of use case scenarios. Programmers can use the second screen as additional workspace. Placing source files, debugging tools or other useful contents on it. Video editors can easily multitask by placing their timeline on the screenplot plus freeing more space to work on the primary script in the process. Music producers can comfortably record mix and master audio on the screenplay, plus with more space for track controls. Possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination. The screen pod plus is powered by asus screen expert 3.. The streaming expert 3 comes back with numerous features that make cross screen functionality. A totally seamless experience view max maximizes viewing experience by simply dragging an app onto the view max icon. You can extend it from the main display all the way to the screen path.

Plus the task group function allows you to create app groups to open multiple apps with just one tab. Touchpad mode temporarily turns the into a large full width. Touchpad to facilitate navigation features such as the app switcher and the app navigator have been further optimized in this third iteration of screen expert. Adding improved support for external monitors, dragging an app onto the app suture allows you to seamlessly launch it on the screenpath plus or external displays app navigator. On the other hand, lets you view all currently open apps on each of the screens, with a single tab. Last but not least, the control panel feature lets you set in app functions of a specific software on the second screen. Among current applications supported, we have the likes of adobe photoshop, lightroom, classic premiere pro after effects and the newly added illustrator more applications will be added with future updates. Both primary and screenplay plus have support for new high precision styluses such as our new 4000. I 96 pressure level asus pen 2.0, its time to address the one element where the pro 14 dual oled, completely outpaces, its predecessors performance, the symbol, pro 14, dual oled trace, intels 11 gen u15 series, processors and nvidias g4 graphics for faster and more powerful options. Now, featuring up to intels 12th gen, core i9, 12900h cpu and nvidias rtx 3050 ti gpu, the pro 14 dual oled is capable of dealing with any task you throw at it without breaking a sweat.

The new sandbox pro 14 dual oled offers 3.7 times more cpu performance and about 2.7 times more graphics performance compared to last generations model the higher core count, clock, race and tdp levels make this intel evo verify device a true portable powerhouse with intels 12th gen platform. Support for key technologies such as thunderbolt, 4, pcie, 4.0 and ddr5 is also available. The sandbox pro 14 dual oled comes with up to 32 gigabits of low power, ddr5, eliminating any and all possibilities of memory. Bottlenecks up to 2 terabytes of snappy nvme pcie 4.0 ssd are odd creators disposal giving them access to fast application boot times with speeds of up to 6.5 gigabits per second. Meanwhile, the two thunderbolt 4 ports grant users access to up to 40 gbps of bandwidth to ensure they stay productive. With placing fast data transfer speeds, rtx 30 series gpu go beyond boosting gaming performance. They also provide professionals and creators, a rich set of features that can accelerate their workflow significantly compared to the mx450. The rtx 3050 ti on this years, sandbox pro 14 dual oled features double the amount of vram more than two times the number of huda cores, plus additional rt and tensor force for real time ray tracing and ai related tasks. Pairing the rtx 3050 ti with nvidia studio drivers unlocks gpu acceleration for top applications used in engineering design, data science among other fields, and why not? With an rtx 30 series, gpu plus dlss support? You can take part on some gaming on the site.

While you wait for the next strike of inspiration in cross loads, the laptop is not able to draw up to 85 watts in performance mode, a massive leap compared to last years model the boosting performance comes hand in hand with an upgraded thermal design. It all starts with the asus iso plus cooling system, the up to 97 3d curved blade 12 volt. Dual fan arrangement effectively cools down the two 8 millimeter pipes, drawing heat from both cpu and gpu. The new asus ais ultra also contributes to this mission. Thanks to its three sided. Air intake design, surface temperatures are 4 degrees lower, but airflow is boosted by up to 38 percent. The battery has also been upgraded. The 76 watt hour battery in this device will ensure you can effortlessly claim 9.5 hours of usage away from the plug. The device is wi fi 6e enabled wi. Fi 6e adds up to 7 additional 160 megahertz channels to ensure super low, latencies and less overlap between networks in crowded areas. Wi fi 6e, together with asus wi fi master premium technologies, make sure you always have access to fast, secure and stable internet coverage. No matter where you are, this workhorse of a laptop wouldnt be complete without a comprehensive set of. I o ports, the assemble pro 14. Dual oled comes equipped with one usb 3.2 gen 2 type, a port two thunderbolt 4 ports, an auto jack, an hdmi 2.1 port and the fastest micro sd card reader available an sd express 7.

0 car reader with super fast data transfer speeds of up to 985 megabytes Per second, both thunderbolt 4 ports support, asus easy charge function, allowing quick charge with up to 100 watt pd enabled chargers as well as charged with other portable type c chargers, airline chargers and power banks display port is also available through both thunderbolt 4 ports, letting you Connect up to two 4k monitors at 60 heart through a single port. Together with both thunderbolt 4 ports and hdmi 2.1 ports, you will be able to set the ultimate workstation with up to four external monitors at once. Other laptop key elements have not been neglected. Asus ergosense, keyboard and touchpad are here to give users an unbreakable input experience the 0.2 millimeter keycap dish and enlarged 18.5 millimeter key pitch are designed to maximize comfort and accuracy when using the keyboard. Meanwhile, the long 1.4 millimeter key travel distance ensures a superb tactile feel making every keystroke as satisfying as possible. The touchpad has been coated with both high end pvd, anti fingerprint and hydrophobic coatings to ensure resistance against, wear and tear, and an ultra smooth feel the assemble pro 14 dual oled comes equipped with an ir camera and a four mic array. The two mics on the back and two on the front set the stage for a complete 360 degree. Audio input experience. The presence of both webcam and four mics make the laptop more than appropriate for video conferencing. Software support for features such as ai noise, cancelling 3dnr and the new asus ai fx do nothing but enhance your experience during video calls.

The ir camera supports windows, hello, as well as the new asus adaptive log feature. Asus adaptive lock automatically locks the laptop as you move away from it or locks you back in as you approach it together. Most of this feature gives you access to a totally hands free windows, login experience. Similarly, an additional color sensor has been placed next to the camera. This sensor is able to automatically adjust brightness and color temperature to make sure the content on your screen always looks clear and vivid regardless of your surroundings. Sound wise, the dual speaker setup on this device can deliver immersive special audio thanks to dolby atmos support powered by smart amp technology. This dolby atmos stereo system is able to produce rich audio at any volume level and sounds that are 3.5 times louder. Alright, we have come to the conclusion of this detailed overview of our new pro 14 dual oled, as you were, able to witness the assemble pro 14 dual oled improves on each and every element that made previous generations of dual laptops: special, both primary display and screenplay, Plus are brighter bigger and simply better than the ones found in previous duos closely matching the specs between both panels has significantly improved. The sense of boundlessness between them performance has also been ramped up with a more powerful h series, cpu, rtx 30 series, gpu and all the advantages of the latest mobile platforms such as ddr5, thunderbolt, 4 and pcie 4.

0. The gains in performance are backed up with a larger 76 watt hour battery and an improved thermal design. The more powerful 12 volt fans and the heat dissipation advantages of the new aes ultra allow the laptop to run on throttle at high wattage levels. Last but not least, the duo wouldnt be the duo without a great dual screen. Experience powered by both aes ultra and screen expert 3. The assemble pro 14 dual oled and its screenplay plus offer the most ergonomic and intuitive approach for working and creative with multiple screens.