Am i correct that was the next yep and i have an intimate relationship with apple tv, so use it. I use it yeah. I have it on my main tv at home and i have been somewhat critical of it in the past here on this channel uh, particularly around the way in which you interface with it yeah. I don’t find voice to be as effective as on certain google products. However, i, like certain airplay aspects and things about the apple tv that have made it convenient on the main tv in my house. The other thing that’s driving me drove me. Absolute banana town in the past has been the remote which i’ve i mean. I probably covered it too many times here in the chat they redid. Yes, they read it get on them. We knew they were gon na. Do it. The rumor was they’re gon na. Do it and they just got rid of dumb swipey top portion nightmare, fest nightmare fuel, ruined many, a good time, you’re just having a party somebody picks it up. They swipe they tap party over. This was an advert that’s, the nightmare fuel, and i love the simple simplicity of it. The look of it, but it just didn’t work like that. It just didn’t work how it was supposed to like or not how supposed i mean it did, have a touch pad on it. It just i don’t know it never. Translated to the tv yeah you touched, the padding is small.

Well, no that’s that’s the secondary subject, but just the touch pad okay scrubbing along and trying to have precision with it and not trying to have unintended inputs. Now i will say you can figure it out as a person on earth, but i got youngsters in my house. I got people in my house sure and to watch everybody navigate the thing that isn’t you and to see the lag factory as a consequence trying to find a certain spot on the timeline or pause it by tapping the thing on the exact spot without it dislodging Ever so slightly, every time to a different spot in the show will be such a frustrating experience, i’m ranting and raving i’m foaming at the mouth i’m foaming at the mouth over here, but i just i mean. Obviously i had to hit you with the recap: the new is way better it’s, almost like an ipod style interface with a nice little wheel along the top, and i already watch it’s a jog wheel. It is so genius. Are you gon na just scroll forever? Here? Will i think you could have just stopped earlier i’m telling you you’re not gon na get a full there. You go holy cow, the slowest scroll that was a marathon scroll right there. It is a jog wheel, my god. I never knew how much i wanted a jog wheel, it’s, also a universal remote or it acts like it. It turns on your tv as well right, yeah, the old one did that too.

Oh, it did yeah the old one did that dude well, because they just want to remind you. Well, i just want to remind you, okay, but now it’s a jog wheel, so you scrub through what you’re playing just by simply rolling around, and it reminds me of ipod in the olden days because i’m 78 years old, yes – and there was nothing that it’s for Certain things like moving through a timeline there’s really not many better ways to do it. With your thumb than a jog wheel. They change the color of it it’s aluminum. Now they move the microphone over to the side. Get a nice dedicated power switch up. There play pause, volume is on there, it’s, still very basic you’re, still gon na lose it i’m still. Gon na have to put some case or wristband on it. In my house you people can probably deal with it and how do you charge it? Does it it’s uh it previously was lightning, i presume i presume is to say i don’t know: did they put a type c press, the tech specs? So we can be certain here. It got a little taller too. So it should be a little bit easier to hang on to at 5.4 inches tall um let’s see bluetooth 5.0 ir transmitter for tv as well. Microphone. Of course, uh usb to computer or power adapter sold separately i’m going to presume it’s still lightning. Usbc would be nice i’m gon na presume it’s still light.

Let’S talk a little bit more about apple tv, though, because it’s not just about the remote 4k couple. Pixels hdr is in there as well and they put out a nifty and and that’s the right word for it: a nifty little color calibrator straight from your phone. Oh, how are you gon na? Do it? How am i gon na calibrate my tv uh get an iphone, get an iphone. Now i’m i’m. One of these people i’ve been editing videos for a while and i’ve seen calibration devices, standalone color calibration devices for monitors in the past, and this is an expensive object. That really just does one thing so to see apple’s consumer version of it, and i don’t know how well it’s gon na work but it’s a curious it’s, an interesting angle for individuals who have previously not tweaked their tvs at all here’s. The way it works. You take your phone, you enable you initiate the app you hold it up to your display. With the apple tv turned on. It will have a little cutout section where you would hold the phone up to. It will use the sensors on the phone in order to read the display itself and make the adjustments necessary without without by the way needing to dive into the tv’s interface, which can be a nightmare and has been in the past dealing with these tv interfaces. So the actual picture mods are happening on the apple tv itself.

Now this is not going to be useful to you if you switch to some other input. That’S what’s a bit odd about it, as opposed to tweaking your tv directly, which would then affect your game consoles. And if you happen to have other things plugged in so, but either way, it appears to be an improvement uh. Many people will never ever calibrate their tvs and find a color balance and so to get more people involved in that to see a better picture. That’S kind of i kind of like that, some people you go to your friends house. They got the thing on blast vivid mode. Full contrast your retinas are burning. Is that the best, though, or maybe that’s what they do in the store to try to get you to buy the actual display as well right um? But this is just an interesting way, the way that they did it and i kind of like the space effect. I mean they, they made it kind of fun to do it too, yeah in a way that uh, maybe more people, will get involved, as i suggested previously so yeah 4k hdr. It looks better in every way. Um, airplay and airplay got an improvement as well with the hdr functionality, um 179, 199, 64 gig or 32 gig. I believe, oh by the way, all this stuff, the vast majority of it, is available. Second half of may and you’re ordering at the end of april.