Pc from zotac and ive actually been waiting a long time to get my hands on one of these and, if youre, a regular viewer of the channel. You know i love my mini pcs, but this one here is an absolute monster when it comes to these smaller form factor pcs, and this one is known as the zbox magnus one from zotac overall design here, really digging the honeycomb they got going on got plenty Of airflow here and at 8.3 liters, we will need a lot of airflow, because this is actually rocking an rtx 3070 and a socketed 10th gen i7 weve got eight cores and 16 threads up to 4.8 gigahertz and, like i mentioned for its size, this thing is An absolute monster, so this is coming in at 8.3 liters. It is much bigger than some of the other little ryzen powered mini pcs that weve taken a look at, but they dont come close to the performance that this thing can put out its still, a really small form factor pc, as you can see here through an Xbox controller right next to it and yeah it doesnt take up much space at all. I really like the minimalistic design they have going on here and when it comes to, i o they didnt skimp out at all. Actually, weve got a lot going on. With this thing up front, weve got a full size, sd card reader, 3.5 millimeter, audio jack, full size, usb 3 port usb type c.

Around back weve got six more usb 3 ports and in total we get four 3.1 ports and four 3.0 ports. We also have a gigabit ethernet port and a 2.5 gigabyte ethernet port back here. Its got a full size, hdmi port, on the board. This is hdmi. 1.4 for the internal graphics, and since we have an rtx 3070 weve got another full size, hdmi, 2.1 port and three full size 1.4. A display ports zotac actually makes two variants of the magnus one, but the one we have here is the ecm. 7307 lh weve got an intel. I7 10700 cpu. Eight core 16 threads base clock a 2.9 with the turbo up to 4.8 for the gpu weve got that rtx 3070. This supports sodium ram and you can go up to 64 gigabytes but im running 16 in this in dual channel. When it comes to storage, we can do two m.2 ssds and a single 2.5 drive and you can run windows, linux or basically anything else. Thatll run on an x86 platform with this machine for everything youre going to see in this video im running windows – 11 pro. But before we jump into testing, i did want to do a quick teardown just to show you the internals, because the way this things put together is pretty amazing. So around back weve got two thumb screws. Once we pull those out, we can push down on this move it back and youll see that we have two integrated fans.

This is actually pretty cool because, as soon as you just slide this back on, it makes connection and youre good to go with these and by the way all of the fans are adjustable from the bios. Both side panels are removable were on the gpu side. Here weve got that zotac rtx 3070, with 8 gigabytes of gddr6 ram. Moving over to the cpu side. We can just slide this right off and weve got access to our memory. Weve got access to our m.2 slots, our 2.5 inch drive and the cpu cooler. So its really easy to get in here and add, more storage or ram and remember this is a socketed 10th gen, i7 cpu love the way theyve got this 2.5 inch drive mounted in here. Weve got our connector and just one thumb screw. So it goes right in with that bracket, thats included with the magnus one. So obviously the motherboard here is a custom job, but it does support dual channel sodim ram im running 16 gigs in this unit. Weve got some pretty beefy heat sinks on the vrm, and this is a custom cooler for that 10700 weve also got dual m.2 slots and this does come pre installed with wi fi 6 and bluetooth 5.2. So far, everythings been working out really well with this machine. Like i mentioned, ive got windows 11 pro installed and for the monitor im going to be using in this video. Its a benq 4k 60 monitor im at 1600 by 900 right now, so we can get a better look at it, but when we get into gaming everythings going to be tested in 4k, i got a feeling that this things going to do an amazing job at Those resolutions, and in this video im gon na run some benchmarks, were gon na test out some 4k pc gaming and were also going to try out some 4k emulation with the higher end stuff.

But the first thing i want to take a look at are a couple benchmarks and the first one we have here is geekbench 5 single core 1248 multi 7991, its not up there with the new intel, alder lakes, but you know i didnt expect it to be This is a 10th gen, 10. 700. This is the non k variant. I think its doing a great job. In this thing i also ran 3d mark fire strike. We got a total score of 25 942 and the last one i ran here was time spy with the 12 482. These scores are looking absolutely amazing for the size of this thing, and even if this was a mid tower id say, were getting some really good performance, but now its time to see how this thing can really game and first up im just going to go ahead And get it out of the way god of war ive been playing the heck out of this. I beat this game on the ps4 pro, but once it came out for pc, i knew i had to try it out. Theyve done a really great job porting this over and with the magnus one were at 4k ultra with dlss set to quality and were getting an average of 68 fps out of this now we can definitely get more by going down to 1440p or even just turning Dlss to like performance, but with this basically maxed out with that dlss set to quality its totally playable like this and i wouldnt mind, locking the v sync on and playing through this whole thing again.

Moving over to forza horizon 5 4k ultra settings were getting an average of 115 fps. Now this will do extreme settings and with it set up like that at 4k i was getting an average of 78 fps, so its more than playable and again kind of just like you know, god of war. I would just turn v sync on and not even worry about it. You can definitely max this game out here at 4k. So when it comes to halo infinite, i was hoping for a little better performance out of this, because at 4k high settings i was only getting an average of 58 fps. It would drop down a bit here and there. So if you want to go 4k with this, medium settings is the way to go, or you can do ultra 1440p and run it at around 83 fps average all day going into doom eternal. I was pretty sure. Wed have a good time with this at 4k. Ultra and as you can see, were getting well over 100 fps. Actually, by the end, my log stated we had an average of 121 fps. I always like to throw at least one fighting game in here. So here we have mk11 4k maximum settings running at a steady 60.. Now i will tell you initially when i started this game up. I was getting a lot of dips, but what i did was just shut the game off boot it back up and i was good to go.

It was dipping down to around 48 or 50, so i do think it was kind of a bug with the game itself. I also tested out dirt 5.. This can be a really hard game to run and even 4k high settings were only getting an average of around 69 fps out of this one, so medium 4k would kind of be the way to go or 1440p very high settings. This is just one of those games that needs a lot of gpu power to go to very high 4k and that rtx 3070 just isnt going to cut it, and the final game i wanted to test was red dead, 2 4k ultra and i had a feeling. We werent going to get great performance at 4k ultra with this now its totally possible to play this at 4k high on this machine here get an average of around 72 fps or you can go up to ultra at 1440p and play it through just fine. Now, its time to move over to some emulation, i got a bit for this video, but with this machine here i think it deserves its own emulation, video, because we do have a lot to test, but first up we have 3ds using the citra emulator. This heavily relies on opengl, and these nvidia cards do a great job with opengl on windows were at 5x resolution and its running really well. Next up we have some original xbox emulation using cxbx reloaded im at 1440p running at a stable 60, and i did try this at 4k, but i was getting some graphical artifacts.

Now it wasnt dipping down, we were still running pretty well, i think its a driver issue with the latest nvidia drivers in this emulator, but it still looks great and plays amazingly at 1440p and the last one, at least for this video. We have ps3 using rpcs3 vulcan back in were upscaled to 4k. This is skate 3.. This is one of those games, thats just really hard on the cpu, but this 10700 is trucking through now. With this, we are pulling over 115 watts with that cpu and, as you can see, that temperature is getting a bit high at 87 degrees celsius. This fan is kicking up on this little thing, but these are the highest temps that i saw – and this is just one of those games that really loves those extra cores and threads anytime were working with such a small form factor pc with this much power. I always like to take a look at cpu temps. I kind of monitor them as im going along and total system power consumption from the wall average gaming through everything you saw in this video it averaged out to around 72 degrees celsius and the highest temperature. I saw out of the cpu was 88 degrees celsius, but when gaming, normal use, no problem at all were averaging around 72, so were good to go when it comes to fan noise under normal use, case scenarios and even gaming, its really not that bad, but once That cpu hits around 81 degrees celsius.

Those little fans do kick up and it can get a bit loud, but it really only hit those temperatures. When i was doing you know, ps3 at 4k and running benchmarks, like cinebench r23 total system power consumption from the wall using a kilowatt meter at idle, this pulls 38 watts im actually in performance mode from the windows settings average gaming 237 watts – i did see it Jump up to around 280 every once in a while, but on average were 237 and the maximum that i could get this to pull from the wall, while maxing out the cpu and the gpu was 378 watts. This does come with a pre installed. 500 watt power supply so were well under that threshold. But by no means would i call this a low power consumption pc. So, in the end, im really impressed with the performance of the zbox magnus one and given the cpu and gpu they chose to use in here i figured wed, get some really amazing performance and, like you saw this is definitely a 4k machine. I will have one more video coming up with the magnus one very soon i do want to get some emulation under the way on this were gon na test. The real high end games for ps3 well, do some wii? U well throw some xbox 360 and some more original xbox at it. So if theres anything else, you want to see running on this. Just let me know in the comments below but thats going to wrap it up for this one.

If you want to learn more about the zbox magnus one, i will leave a few links in the description and if you have any questions, you know where to leave them.