You know i love these android tablets and this is definitely the most powerful one that ive been able to test on the channel and when i pre ordered this from samsungs website, they did throw in the keyboard. Cover case well also be taking a look at this, but really what makes this the most ridiculous android tablet on the market. Right now is the powerful cpu and the massive screen. This is coming in at 14.6, inches its a 120 hertz super amoled display and its absolutely beautiful, but, as you can see, i mean this thing is massive. In my opinion, it is a bit too big to be a carry around tablet, but they also offer the tab s8 and the tab s8 plus the regular tab. S8 has an 11 inch screen and the plus has a 12.4 inch screen, but they both pack the same snapdragon 8 gen 1 cpu along with these tablets. Samsung does include an s pen which comes in handy for a lot of people, but personally im, not an artist or a graphic designer. So i really dont use it that much. There are other videos on youtube of artists using this tablet ill, try to find one and leave a link in the description, so you can see how well it works, and the only other thing in the box here besides the user manual, is a usb type c. Cable, they do not include a charger anymore with their tablets, but this does support up to a 45 watt, quick charger.

So the first thing youre gon na notice, when you take a look at this tablet, is the massive screen and how beautiful it is. Super amoled. 14.6 inches with a resolution of 1848 by and real quick. I just wanted to give you a size comparison here. On the left hand, side we have the samsung galaxy tab, s7 plus, which has a 12.4 inch amoled display on the right hand, side. We obviously have the tab sa ultra with this tablet. The s pen will magnetically attach to the side or the back of the unit and its right here, underneath the camera really easy access to that s. Pen, if youre going to use it a lot so overall when it comes down to it as making this video, this is definitely the most powerful android tablet. Thats ever hit the market im sure theres going to be more powerful units in the future. But right now this is packing. The snapdragon 8 gen 1. weve got eight cores with one prime x2 core running it up to three gigahertz three a710 cores running at 2.5 gigahertz and four a510 cores running at 1.8 gigahertz when it comes to the gpu its using the arduino 730. You can get this in a couple: different ram variants and storage variants from eight gigabytes up to 16 gigabytes of ram and when it comes to storage, 128 gigabytes up to 512 gigabytes, but all of them do support a micro sd card.

Its got quad speakers with dolby atmos wi, fi, 6e, bluetooth, 5.2, an 11 000 milliamp hour battery with 45 watt, quick charging capabilities, and this is running android 12, with one ui 4.1 right out of the box. So ive had a couple days mess around with this tablet and the whole user experience is super smooth. I really expected it to be its using android 12 with samsungs new one ui 4.1. Its got some great new features built in and since this tablet does utilize wi fi 6e, i mean it is very, very snappy to load everything up from cold when you need to get online via emails, web pages or even videos and speaking of video playback. Since this is officially from samsung, we do have widevine level one which allows us to do. Hd content from our favorite apps netflix hbo max hulu. All the apps that need drm to work properly in hd will function perfectly fine on this tablet and real quick. I just wanted to give you a little taste of some 4k video playback. Even though we dont have a 4k screen, we can still take it up to 4k. 60Fps also turn stats for nerds on and yeah definitely does 4k video really well. We had seven drop frames on the initial load in but thats about it. This little chip can definitely handle 4k and the built in quad speakers with dolby atmos activated get incredibly loud, and it actually has a lot of bass for how thin this thing is and keep in mind.

This display does support hdr, 10 plus and if youve got a youtube, video with hdr itll automatically activate or you can go into the advanced settings and turn it on and off from there. Its really up to you. But if youre looking for a huge tablet for media playback its really hard to go wrong with something like this awesome speakers and an amazing screen. But now i want to move over to some performance benchmarks and were going to be facing this off against samsungs. Last tablet: the samsung galaxy tab s7, plus the s7 plus, is powered by a snapdragon 865 plus and on single core. We got a 937 multi 2822 and, as you can see, the new tab, s8 ultra beated out in single and multi core, coming in with a really good multi core score of 3 500. moving over to a gpu benchmark. We have 3dmark wildlife, and this is where the new snapdragon 8 gen 1 really shines on the 865 plus 4156. On the new s8 ultra 9515, i mean we have a massive jump in gpu performance when it comes to this new chip and the final benchmark. I ran was antutu 640 845 on the s7 plus 947 997 on the new tab, a ultra and taking a look down the list. You can see that the cpu and gpu performance is way ahead of that 865 plus in the tab, s7 plus now its time to take a look at some native android game performance.

Here we have call of duty mobile highest settings highest frame rate and were at 60 fps now on lesser cpu gaming phones, ive, actually seen this run at 90 fps and hopefully they do enable that down the road. But it really comes down to this tablet. Just coming out, weve got that 120 hertz display and im sure that the cpu would handle it next up. Weve got grid autosport. Now this is the pc port. Thats come to android, absolutely amazing. If you have a device that can support it, it looks really really good. Ive got all the high quality textures enabled were at the highest graphics quality, but i can only get this to run at 30.. I guess its locked at 30.. I personally cant find a 60fps setting in any of the settings, so if you do run this on your device and you know how to get it to 60, let me know in the comments below Music and finally for native android gaming. We have ginger impact if youve ever tested this out. You know how hard it can be to run were at high settings 60 fps and its running really well, but going up to very high settings, we only get an average of around 47 fps at very high thats, with everything enabled with that preset in the future. I do expect this to run much better on the snapdragon 8 gen 1, but right now, high 60 is definitely the way to go.

Still looks really great and plays fine on this tablet now its time to move over to some emulation and when it comes to emulation on an android tablet. I havent seen anything like this. This huge screen looks really great, with basically everything that ive tested here. We have psp using the standalone version of ppsspp, got abort chains of olympus 5x resolution vulcan back in running really really well Music. Next up, i also wanted to test the dolphin emulator and i just went with a wii game here. We have tatsunoko vs capcom 1080p vulcan back in again running at 60fps. This is really great performance for gamecube and wii when it comes to an android device and the final emulator im testing, at least in this video, because i will have a full emulation. Video coming up uh theres, a ton of stuff that i want to test so stay tuned to the channel. Let me know what you want to see, but heres ps2, using ether, sx2, gran, turismo, 4 3x resolution opengl and on the rally stages i was actually able to go up to 4x resolution, but on these tracks with longer draw distances, i had to drop it down To three and before i wrap this video up, i wanted to take a look at this keyboard case. Like i mentioned, i did a pre order on the tab, s8 ultra and it came with it, but basically this is going to turn it into a 14.

6 inch. Android laptop, as you can see, we do have a trackpad built in and it works really well keys feel nice. On this i mean i would rather have like a mechanical keyboard, but overall this is actually a really good experience. Now, when it comes to these samsung tablets, one of my favorite features that they have built in and the samsung galaxy s. Line of phones is samsung dex, and with this here we actually have a hotkey. We can press function and the dex button and itll bring up samsung decks on the built in screen and, if youre not familiar with samsung dex, basically its an android desktop environment and it works really well with a mouse and keyboard. And since we have such a massive screen, i really have no need to connect this to an external monitor, but it is totally possible ill show you that in a second, but with dex weve got multi tasking multi windows. We can open up several apps at a time and you can navigate really easily with a keyboard and trackpad like this, or you could just connect a bluetooth, mouse and keyboard, or even a usb mouse and keyboard. And one thing i always like to just make sure of is this: does support display over usb type c, so ive got a usb type c to hdmi hub here and on one screen we have samsung dex running weve got the big 32 inch monitor here.

Samsung dex is over. There, weve got android on the tablet screen and we can use these at the same exact time or you could just set it up to mirror the tablet screen to the external display, but keep in mind since the display on the tab. S8. Ultra is 16 by 10, its not going to fill the full screen on a 16×9 monitor. So overall the samsung galaxy tab. S8 ultra is a monster of a tablet. I mean weve got plenty of power here, a big beautiful, 14.6 inch screen and battery life is actually really great. Ive been able to run one test so far because it does take so long, but with the screen brightness set to 60 and a 1080p youtube video plan, i got 10 hours and 14 minutes of battery life. Out of this thing, i will be doing some more testing, but you know if youre doing high end gaming, i would suspect around four to five hours of battery life, something like inch and impact at high settings. 60 fps thats really how it goes its just gon na pull a lot more power than a video. But to tell you the truth, if i had to do this over again, i probably just would have went with the samsung galaxy tab s8. With the 11 inch screen. You can get it with 8 gigabytes of ram and the same cpu, the snapdragon 8 gen 1, which is going to give you the same exact performance with a lower resolution screen i mean you might even be able to benchmark a bit higher than the ultra model, But if youre looking for an android tablet with a ridiculously large screen for media playback, emulation gaming and just even work, then the tab s8 ultra is definitely for you.

But if you can live without that giant screen, then i would just go with the tab. S8. But thats gon na wrap it for this. One really appreciate you watching.