Now ive had this in my possession for the last few days and ive been having an absolute blast with it and, if youre not familiar with the new xp. Basically, what we have here is an android powered handheld, its great for native android gaming cloud, gaming and emulation. This is kind of the successor to the xd, which was one of my favorite handhelds or the xd plus, but unfortunately gpd just didnt go with the clamshell design. I would have loved to see the xp in a clamshell design, but uh after using this for a while, its kind of grown on me and overall, i do like the form factor of this new device. Now one thing that they tried to go with here are some detachable modules and for some people this might be really awesome but ill. Tell you right now that ive been using it with the controller module attached to the right hand side, but it does include a moba module and if you just dont, want a module over on the right hand, side, they have this kind of block off plate. That way, you can use the right hand side of the screen with no issues whatsoever, but personally ive been using it with the controller module attached and i havent had any issues and the way these modules attach to the xp is actually pretty cool. It has a magnetic system up here and inside of the xp. We have some pogo pins and, as you see here on the modules well have the pads.

You just slide it right in and those magnets hold it right in place. I mean i havent noticed any play with any of these controllers attached. I think theyve done a pretty good job here with this. The first thing i wanted to get out of the way were the specs. Now, when it comes down to it for an android handheld console, this is definitely one of the most powerful on the market right now, but its not flagship tier. I was really hoping that they would have at least added something like a snapdragon 870, but instead they went with the mediatek helio g95. Now this is no slouch its actually a really good chip, weve seen it in some lenovo tablets. Recently we have eight cores two a76 cores running at 2, gigahertz and 6, a 55 cores running at 2 gigahertz. This unit does have a built in fan. We can turn it on. We can turn it to low or high that way. Itll keep those clocks on the cpu and the gpu side of things and speaking of the gpu. This is using the mali g76 mc4 up to 900 megahertz. We have six gigabytes of lp ddr4 x, ram 128 gigabytes of ufs 2.1 internal storage, plus we can add a micro sd card ive, seen up to one terabyte im, not sure if we can go any higher than that. The display is a 6.81 inch ips at 2400 by 1080.. Its got ac, wi fi built in you can actually add a sim card here and get 4g connectivity.

We have bluetooth 5.0, and the unit is running android 11 right out of the box. There is a custom launcher pre installed, but we can always go back to the stock android launcher. Personally, i kind of like this. I like the way it looks it lays out everything really nice for us. We have our settings, our applications, our games and up front here. Theres, an arcade emulator with a few games. Pre installed im not exactly sure how they got by with this, but there are some games already ready to go on this unit, at least the unit that i received, which was brand new when i opened it up around back here, it does have these built in Grips it does get kind of annoying because it wont lay flat on your desk, but after all, this is meant to be a handheld. If you wanted something flat, i would go with a phone and a controller like the x2 controller or the razer kishi. Taking a look at the bottom of the unit, we have dual stereo speakers, a headphone jack. We also have our sim card sd card tray and our usb type c port. Now this has a 7 000 milliamp hour battery in it and it will do 30 watt. Quick charging, it comes with a 30 watt charger in the box when it comes to the built in controls over here. On the left hand, side we have our analog. Stick, we have a d pad, which is basically the same d pad from a ps.

Vita does work out really well im. A huge fan of the analog sticks that theyre using in this theyre, absolutely amazing for a handheld like this plus over here we have our three android action buttons and a dedicated button for their button mapping software thats built into the operating system. So we can actually map these controls to any touch point on the screen. That way, we can use the built in controls with games that dont support controllers like ginge and impact. As of making this video, they still have an added controller support for android moving over to the right hand, side with the controller module attached. We have another one of those awesome analog sticks i really cant get over how nice these are. They feel great. They work. Amazingly and they have that concave with a little bit of a grip on them, we also have our dedicated start and select button plus abxy our action button. Now i will tell you that the action buttons here work great, but i wish they were a bit bigger. They seem a bit small when youre coming from a real console controller like a playstation or an xbox controller, i mean you could always get used to them, but i do wish they would have upped the size by a little bit. It looks like theres some room here to do that and finally for the built in controls up top here we have l1, l2, r1 and r2.

Unfortunately, these are not analog triggers on the back. Now i completely understand about the shoulder buttons not being analog, but i do wish that the l2 and r2 buttons were analog. Basically, these are just using micro switches, so theyre on or off so weve got android 11 here with access to google play and the launcher. Youre, seeing right now is the g box launcher. This comes pre installed, but we can always swap this out and just get the regular old android launcher if you want. But personally the g box does work a lot better for these built in controls. It just makes it a lot easier to navigate everything. They have added a couple extra settings here that i personally dig the first one being the resolution switcher. Now we can go all the way down to 1600 by 720, and this will help out with higher end android games. That way were not trying to run at a higher resolution. With this gpu we also have a gamepad tester and no matter what module you have installed. You can test all of the buttons just to make sure everythings functioning properly. This did come. Pre installed with google play, so you dont have to worry about that. We can go in here and just download any application or game. We want from the play store, and this does have an auto rotate feature. You can turn on or off if you want to go portrait mode, its totally up to you, but for some of these applications id say itd be easier just to navigate this way so yeah i mean the device itself and the ui is very snappy with that G95, i expected it to run android 11 really well, but when it comes down to it, this is a gaming, slash, emulation streaming device and i want to see what kind of performance this things really putting out.

The first thing i did was run some benchmarks. So, first up we have geekbench 5 and i wanted to face this off against a couple other devices right in the middle. We have the snapdragon 870. This is in the poco f3. On the very right hand, side we have the mediatek domincity 700, now im gon na tell you this device that youre seeing the scores from with that demensity in it was 99 from walmart its actually a boost, mobile phone. My review is coming up and, as you can see, in single core and multi core, that 99 android phone actually beat out the gpd xp and that snapdragon 870 is just way ahead now these are cpu scores, so lets move over to some gpu benchmarks. Here we have 3dmark wildlife, this tests, the vulcan performance of each of these chips on the xp 1361. It did beat out that demincity 700, but again that 870 is just way ahead and the final benchmark i ran was antutu on the xp. We got a 245 1446, the 870 came in with 678 000 and that demincity 700 wasnt far off from the gpd xp, keep in mind. The xp is going for around 350 and a phone like the poco f3, with the 870 can be had for around the same exact price, maybe even just a little bit lower. If you go with a lower storage volume. Moving over to some native android gaming, the chip in here is basically gon na handle anything from google play or any android game.

Youre not gon na have many issues and a few of the higher end ones. You might have to drop it down to medium low settings, but overall, the helio g95 that were using in the xp is really great for android gaming, heres call of duty mobile medium settings frame rate set to high and its running great. I mean this is totally playable on the device and i expected it would work really well with that g95 chip and the final game i wanted to test was ginge impact now as making this video controllers arent supported. But we have this little button over here. Well, press this its going to bring up our on screen digital pad. This is built into the xps operating system and each one of these digital buttons corresponds with the physical button on the xp itself, so were just going to drag them where we want them, make sure you press save here and now we can use this physical controller With games that dont natively support it theres no side, loading of other apps or downloading different apps to get this up and running its all built into the xp, and it works really really well so, with ginger impact on the g95, it does perform pretty good. At 60 fps low settings right now i have a medium mix of low 60 fps and i do notice some stutters here and there personally. I would turn this to high set it to 30 fps and ill be good to go all day with this game.

So one of my main use case scenarios for a device like this would be emulation and while theres a lot of launchers on the market, personally ive been using launchbox for android a lot lately. Ive already got a micro sd card setup. So as soon as i installed launchbox, it just kind of rearranged everything, but basically what this allows us to do is organize all of our games in one place it automatically downloads box, art weve, got some clear logos over here. I personally think it looks really good and its come a long way in the last couple months, but theres other launchers on the market or, if youre not into launchers, just use the standalone emulator. I mean it. Doesnt need to be fancy if you want to play a game youre going to play a game now, speaking of emulation its time to move over there. Now, i really want to see what we can do with this. First up, we have n64 its kind of a no brainer. This is going to work great. I am upscaled here to 800 by 600, i probably could have went a little higher, even with a harder game to emulate, like conkers bad fur day, im using move, pin 64 plus fz from the google play store. But if you wanted to use the moopin core and retro arch its gon na work, just as well moving over to a little bit of dreamcast using the redream emulator before we talk about performance, i just wanted to show you how well this d pad and analog Stick work so pulling off these special moves in games like marvel, vs, capcom or street fighter games can be a pain with a bad d pad, but with this ps, vito d pad built in it works amazingly, and if you just wanted to go with the analog.

Stick no problems there either and when it comes to dreamcast emulation, whether you want to use redream, which i have going here, fps is, in the top left hand, corner or flycast. The xp is going to handle it just fine as long as that game is compatible with said. Emulator dreamcast is going to run at full speed. Checking out some psp emulation, heres tekken 6, not the hardest game to emulate, but its right there in the mid range were at 4x resolution. Vulcan back in running, amazingly fps is, in the top right hand, corner of the screen. I know its a bit hard to see, but this has been at the constant 60, even at 4x, taking it up just a bit in psp, we have chains of olympus. Unfortunately, i couldnt get this to run at full speed at 4x. I dropped it down to 3x were still with that vulcan back in every once in a while, youll still see some stutters but thats kind of the way it goes with this game. Even on my high end, gaming rig, i still get stutters with this game. On an x86 chip overall, the xp can definitely handle psp emulation quite well Music. Another one i wanted to test was citra for 3ds emulation, heres, mario kart 7, and by the way im using citra mmj, which is one i usually go to on lower end chips. It does seem to perform better than the official version theres just a lot of little tweaks in the background, but this isnt anywhere close to full speed and im only at 1x resolution and the final emulator i wanted to test for this.

Video was dolphin for some gamecube emulation now with this im, not using the official build, because the chip in this is a little too low in to kind of go out and buy one of these specifically for gamecube emulation, but using a build like dolphin mmjr does Allow us to play a lot of these easier to emulate games at full speed on the gpd xp. I recently did a full setup guide on dolphin mmjr and actually, in that video i was using a tablet with this same cpu, the helio g95. Here we have sunshine running at full speed now trying to use the official dolphin build with this game here. It only nets me around 24 to 26 fps, but with dolphin mmjr on the gpd xp. It does work out pretty good, but it doesnt mean that all gamecube games are going to perform well. Heres, auto modalista were still using dolphin mmjr. I went with the vulcan back in because it does perform a little better with this game, but, as you can see with this game here, its really struggling to hit any kind of stable frame rate and thats just really how its going to be with a lot Of the harder to emulate gamecube games on the xp, you dont go out and buy one of these specifically for gamecube and wii emulation. So when it comes down to it, the gpd xp is a great android handheld, its a dedicated android handheld device, its a little gaming console emulation device, its not the most powerful android device on the market, but when it comes to a dedicated handheld, this definitely takes The cake at least right now in november 2021, now next month, it could be a totally different story.

Well, probably get something: a bit more powerful but thats how technology works so, in the end, its really up to you. If you want to go ahead and pick one of these up right now, youre going to be good to go with stuff underneath gamecube its going to run that just fine as you saw native android games, are going to work great on here and another big plus. We have is cloud gaming, i mean its always getting better and better. Personally, my favorite is xcloud or xbox game streaming and over my 5 gigahertz network im getting great performance. Like i mentioned at the beginning of this video, i really do wish they went with a higher end chip that snapdragon 870 would have been perfect for a device like this, and you never know they might come out with something down the road. The gpd, xp plus im sure, were gon na see something like that. If this sells enough units but thats going to wrap it up for this video, i will have one more coming up: im going to do a full, dedicated emulation, video with the xp.