Up until recently, the keyboard was a fan favorite for the likes of white cat amrec through ryuk Massey, a Turner and many more top players. But why well thats what Ill look at in this video lets begin with the unboxing experience, the keyboard comes in a pretty simple box, nothing special! You get the keyboard itself, wrapped in a piece of plastic manuals and obviously the cable that youll use to connect the keyboard to your computer. The keyboard has three height settings a nearly flat one, a metal setting and the highest setting. In my opinion, the middle setting is the best one because on the highest one, it feels like Im going to kill my wrists in a couple of minutes and the flat one is just a bit too uncomfortable. The keyboard itself has abs, keycaps, which honestly I dont mind. I have the pudding keycaps, but I prefer the looks and the feel of the default keycaps the keyboard comes with, I think the keycaps the keyboard comes with are not any typical ABS keycaps. They dont feel super cheap. They have yet to shine in the four months from using the keyboard and typing with them genuinely feels pretty nice. This is my most used key, the one I use for OSU as you can see, it has no shine to it. If it were a regular ABS keycap, you could see like an oily surface. My old hyperx keyboard had that, but I dont have those keys on hand right now, so I cant show you, and this is the other side of the keycap.

You can see the letter V pretty easily, which means the RGB does shine nicely through the keycaps and, as you can see, that is quite apparent. When you use the keyboard, you can customize the lighting in the hyperx software Ingenuity at first. It was a bit confusing to use the software, but after some tinkering it became very fun to play around with the settings. What I like most about this software is that you cannot only save your presets, but you can also download other peoples presets. This can help you get a really cool lighting design, for which you have to put in little to no effort by just downloading the preset and opening it up in the software and heres like a little collection, Ive made of presets Ive downloaded on the internet. Foreign, is God damn solid. It has little to no flex, it features a matted aluminum body, so it wont catch fingerprints easily and will only be covered in dust. Quick side note. I was reading an article about this keyboard and the writer had this to say about the keyboard sturdiness. The case is made of artifact grade aluminum. It is matte black on the top plate and base. It is sturdy and has a hefty weight to it. Despite this, its still extremely portable, just throw it in your backpack. If someone is breaking into your home, you can probably grab this keyboard, disconnect it really quick and slap the criminal with your keywords base.

It will sustain it yeah. Basically, the keyword is very solid and is built very well now. Lets talk about what makes the keyboard so good and likable by countless OSU players, the switches, the keyboard features a special kind of switch that is present only in a couple of hyperx keyboards. But what makes this switch so special? It looks and functions like a typical red switch that youd find in countless gaming keyboards. Well, for starters, it has a lower actuation Point, meaning it takes less distance to actuate the key. The travel distance is shorter and, although hyperx themselves say the switch has a 45 gram actuation Force, which is the standard for red switches. The hyperx Reds feel a tad bit lighter. It may just be Placebo since Im, comparing to my old keyboard and past experiences with red switches, which is a bit limited, but these hyperx Reds definitely do feel much nicer and lighter and in my opinion they sound a bit better than your typical red switches. Now that Ive covered the keyboard Ill, give you a quick clip of me typing on it now, for you also Gamers. This will be the part which will be most important to you, how the keyboard feels in game. When I first got the keyboard, I didnt know what to expect, but to say that what little expectations I had were blown by miles would be an understatement. When I got the keyboard, I hadnt played OSU in a good while, but even then I beat my scores with little to no effort and warm up setting a new top play in under an hour.

But the biggest difference that I had was in Mania improving my scores by a bit. Well, how much one percent two! No, how about four percent? If you know anything about Mania, improving your score by four percent is insane this sort of a difference. Doesnt come without practice, but I guess you can skip a couple of lessons and practice sessions. If you get the hyperx origins keyboard. Okay, okay, I am exaggerating there a bit. A piece of peripheral will not make you a better player without any practice. Well, a new keyboard or a tablet or monitor, can help you become a better player quicker. It wont happen immediately. Great examples of people who have used not so good equipment and have become insane at the game are obviously FG, Skye foreign. I think I just feel a lot more comfortable playing on the keyboard. It feels much nicer than my previous one, which is why I was able to improve in standard and in Mania. But even then, I still think the switches and the board overall is a great choice for those who dont have the money for a higher end. Keyboard still want a great board for gaming in general, and also, of course, it definitely in my opinion – does live up to the OSU player hype and Ive enjoyed my time with it a lot and considering the keyboard goes for around 80 to 90 bucks. It is a good investment for those looking at an entry board for gaming and Casual use foreign.

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