This is the giveaway i’ve been looking to do for an entire year between covet shipping and mel geek production delays, more delays, moving, oh yeah. I moved and getting distracted with new toys which, by the way, thanks to this new toy, the background music, is now all self produced. Aside from the ending song that that will always be some other new toys. Are these new peripherals, as i spend an obnoxious amount of time in front of my computer, it is nice to switch up how i interact with it. This touchpad is super nice for browsing and day to day interaction, swiping from different windows and zooming using multi touch. Has been a real joy, the build is solid, aluminum and it’s an affordable way to expand my options while avoiding carpal tunnel from using the mouse too much. While looking for options. I also picked up this touchpad stylus combo, perfect for whiteboarding and working with my ideas. Both are under 50 i’ll, put a link in the description, so you can get one for yourself, so this is a sixty percent, so you have your up down keys on the walls while holding down the meta key they’ve labeled this code. I love that between the meta key and the fn key, you can get access to all the layer: 2 functionality, f, keys, page up down, etc. Bluetooth pairing is really easy. They’Ve included light indicators to let you know when you’re pairing. Basically, each number on your number row can be paired to a bluetooth device which is pretty insane and you can switch between each one really quickly by pressing fn and the number you paired the device to this makes it super easy for me to switch between my Computer and my phone, or between phones to type it feels well thought out in terms of you know the user experience they could have just slapped these features on here and called it a day.

Oh and gaming. Wirelessly is no issue here. If you have a bluetooth on your pc, that is 5.0 and above latency is really not a problem. I’Ll repeat: gaming: wirelessly is not an issue anymore, feel free to change my mind in the comments. If you’re, a pro, maybe maybe first thing, i did – was swap out the yellow gadarons that it came with you get a choice when ordering i went linear because honestly i’ve been missing linear switches lately, i found them to be way too light with these sa caps And in general, didn’t, like the yellows go red. If you’re trying to choose between yellows and reds go go red, they just feel slightly higher in quality. I did end up going linear on this keyboard for a little bit uh on some interesting linears. I bought from the key company when kiwis sold out. I like them a lot though, but it wasn’t enough. These sa key caps deserve a heavy tactile and loud uh loud as poop box jades. The shape of the body makes it perfect for socks and amplified clicks. I literally got a noise complaint from this combo for a quick comparison. Sa caps are larger and more contoured and very expensive. These have an extra layer for the legend, and you can see my standard gray mx cap, where the legend is fading. These essay caps will last a long time while swapping this out, you start to see where they cut corners.

The back plate is flimsy, showing lots of flex the stabilizers weren’t lubed, the screw holes may not have been perfectly machined, as you can screw some of them too far, which will bend the back plate. They also don’t hold the back plate in place very well. The case is plastic and flimsy. Basically, you get a lot of plastic. The highest quality part here are the keycaps and maybe the pcb the pcb was initially not programmable, but i see now they release some companion software to customize your macros it’s great. To see the extent that them extend the experience for existing customers quality aside, this board is not a bad deal at all at all, and i would argue, is a great starter keyboard for someone who wants to get into customizing and maintaining a mechanical keyboard. It’S feature packed and you get great key caps. The body can be upgraded to aluminum from the mel geek geek site. You can take a stab at lubing, your stabs and even replace the back plate. Whoever wins this has a great fixer upper.