Why? Because they’re not good! What are you talking about? All the sponsored reviewers say that these products are amazing. Oh right, these products are so great, wait, we’re doing sponsored videos now well, no phew this product, like the moft wallet, isn’t great, it looks cool but generally things that look cool are useless like aaron, so in this video we’re gon na go through the design of This product we’re going to talk about the functionality and then we’re also going to review the uh trip fold keyboard as well, and then we’ll compare the entire setup against all the other ipad keyboards that we’ve used monty you’re up monty monty i’ll, be honest. Moff does come up with some pretty neat products, and neat is the key word as they’re, not that useful, take their magic wallet attachment for the iphone neat idea, subpar product, because it tries to do too much from our perspective, check out that video. If you want all the details, so does the moft float fail on the same account? Not really do we, like it nope now, moft claims that their product is the only floating case for the ipad, but that’s only sort of true what we’re, showing you here, isn’t the moft float case, it’s the magic keyboard that also causes the ipad to float. Now. Besides float mode, there’s, stable mode and portrait mode seriously, guys there’s a mode called stable mode, stable mode, stable mode on an ipad pro case would be the equivalent of your car having a probably won’t crash like it.

The stand on the float has two hinges that allow it to have technically an infinite amount of viewing angles and viewing heights. The hinge is fairly tight and hasn’t loosened over time, and it also gets very annoying to use over time now we’re basing this on the hinge on the smart keyboard, which is smooth like butter. The inside of the case is lined with microfiber there’s cutouts for all the various inputs and outputs, though the case by itself has some odd bends here and there the edge where your apple pencil goes, is thin enough to charge through the hinge itself is made from A combination of metal and plastic and there’s a small retractable foot that helps prevent your ipad from tipping over so val. What are we drinking today? A pickle back is that what it’s called yes with a beer? Chaser i’m not happy about this at all, like i can smell it and i like pickles, but it’s good yeah. I don’t know if i can drink it that fast here we go that’s, actually really good right. I was scared about the pickle juice, but it like evens it out. The moth float case is basically one of those things that looks cool, but doesn’t really work well. The buttons on this case are quite stiff, which kind of sucks the joy of using your 2 000 ipad a little bit it’s the equivalent of buying an expensive pair of shoes, but somehow they don’t work with one of your pant legs now shoddy button.

Shouldn’T matter. Much if the stand feature is amazing, right, remember, there’s three modes float mode, stable mode and portrait mode. In reality, these modes should be called bouncy, stable and tippy modes. Bouncy mode is great for consuming any sort of content that doesn’t require you to interact with the screen, because the moment that you do it bounces or wobbles. Basically, for a few seconds you get to enjoy the moments of borderline motion sickness, as your brain tries to figure out what the hell is going on on the screen. That moth case really looks like it’s having fun just like bouncing around like kind of vibing with music. It really does go back now. Stable mode is aptly named because it really doesn’t move, but despite being marketed as having a bajillion viewing angles and heights there’s. Actually, only one angle where the ipad doesn’t, bounce or tip and it’s this angle, which is great for consuming web content scrolling through photos, but is a terrible angle for typing or using your apple pencil hell, even if you’re, an apple pencil user, you’re, probably not using This case, because, where you store the apple pencil, is on the bottom edge that touches the table cool seriously. If you try mimicking the low angle on the smartfolio case and tap it a few times, the moat float case collapses now onto tippie mode, where again, it’s gon na be great for video calls but don’t tap on the opposite tall corner of the hinge, because you’ll Get to watch your ipad come crashing down on your table if you need a case with a vertical setup, well, go with the moshi versa cover seriously.

This float thing, just click the face bomb in three two one and the final kick to our collective face. Is the weight of the case it isn’t light? It weighs over 500 grams. The smart folio case is only 250 grams, and the smart keyboard by itself is 700. yikes, hey moft how’s that influencer money working for you so monty. How do you think people could help us out with this channel that’s a great idea monty? You should do that now we went all in and we bought the moth float case, as well as the trip fold keyboard as well and what’s. The first thing that you thought about this product: i thought it was cute, but like all things that are generally cute, they aren’t that useful. I thought it looked cool but like all things that are generally cool, like you, they aren’t useful life. Lessons cute and cool things are not useful. The first thing you’re going to notice is the size. It is a tiny, tiny keyboard. Now most keyboards have a length of about 27 to 28 centimeters from key edge to opposite key edge. The moff trifold keyboard is only 20 centimeters, so that makes the keyboard almost 30 percent smaller. Now we will admit that the tri fold keyboard does feel solid. It feels like a nice piece of hardware for 40 bucks. The hinges of the keyboard move well and there’s. A satisfying click when you fully open the keyboard there’s a similar satisfying click when you close it there’s magnets there it’s neat now, despite that, one of the silly things is that the edge of the keyboard doesn’t sit flat with the hinges.

So if you press hard enough you’ll get a seesaw effect which isn’t a big deal breaker or a deal break at all, but is noticeable and may get annoying now the keys themselves are only 15 smaller, which means moft had to do some magic and by magic. I mean moving the apostrophe button and the front slash button above the enter button and making the bracket buttons accessible through a function button a lot of buttons in the last 13 seconds that all makes sense from a layout perspective. Now, in actual usage, if you spend any time typing on a normal size, keyboard you’re going to start fearing typing words with apostrophes and asking questions using the moft trifold keyboard. Why? Because well, the final kicker in our collective face is that your muscle memory is going to betray you because you’re going to be used to doing a one key hop to press, enter you’re going to be using a one row. Diagonal hop for backspace and on the trifold keyboard, well, you’re, just going to end up using the trackpad a little bit and then pushing the bluetooth button like seriously. If you spend any time typing on a normal keyboard, you are going to hate typing on this tiny aberration of a keyboard. Pickleback, oh there’s, like 180 degree change in, like opinion about this drink, my own pickle bread, the amount of complaining i did before we sat down. This is the pickle you couldn’t even get a sentence.

So now i do realize that in the last section i did call everything a tri fold keyboard and not the trip fold keyboard. So sorry, guys so out of all these keyboard products again, the mop has a one up on products that don’t have track pads. Like all the stuff from zag, but when it comes to other products with track pads like against the smart, uh magic keyboard, i hate not the smart keyboard, the magic keyboard and the version 2.0 of the bridge product and even the folio touch like this product. Can’T hold its own against these other ones. Now i understand some of you. Muff lovers will say: it’s really cheap, but this thing this ipad pro is a couple thousand bucks. This entire setup is maybe 150 us dollars. I think, and it just hamstrings your entire uh typing and trackpad experience, so what is kind of the point of like numbing down the potential that you have with your ipad pro? If you absolutely need to get something well, i love this magic keyboard. It is great if you need a good alternative. The folio touch is going to be your next best bet and close. Third, i would say is probably this bridge product, but again this setup does not hold its own against any other trackpad product that we’ve used and again unsponsored reviews real usage. This is what we do now: i’m off marcus. This entire thing is kind of like a travel accessory, specifically a mobile office for travelers.

Yes, mobile is spelled with their knee and travelers has an extra l in it now it’s not entirely incorrect, how they spelled it, but it does look visually odd on the bag. What is really odd is the photo on their website where they’ve got a photo of an ipad and a moth float a macbook pro and an iphone and the guys not typing on the ipad or the macbook. But on the trifold case, which again as we’ve just explained, is terrible, so the only question that we have is why why erin are you so annoyed? Well, you look at that picture. It’S, a picture of a dinkus typing on a keyboard, this keyboard that’s being connected to a macbook pro, which has a full size keyboard which is right beside an ipad as well as an iphone literally, it is trying to go to the top of your kitchen shelf With a bunch of empty amazon boxes, while there’s an entire step ladder beside you like it, doesn’t make any sense to me like that marketing just blows my mind that companies would think hey. This is a good idea we’re going to market. This really really really really really tiny keyboard in that manner like i just but seriously, if you’re doing any length of typing say, past half a sentence, you’d be better served using the on screen keyboard of the ipad, which is really the better option when compared to This, how about the trackpad? It is equally as cute.

It is very, very cuteless. I see what you did there now: the trackpad isn’t bad, it mimics most of the swiping options you get from the magic keyboard and we say, oddly usable, because, despite being approximately 40 smaller than the trackpad on the magic keyboard, you can still swipe from edge to Edge on the ipad, another odd thing is that you can right click using double finger tap, but moth has also included a single click and right click button on the trackpad. From a response perspective, the trackpad is a bit clunky with vertical scrolling, which is something we found for most third party bluetooth, keyboards, honestly out of all the keyboard mouse cases that we’ve used for the ipad over the last few years, the moth setup ranks pretty close To the bottom, it’s not great now as much as it pains me pains me to say even the uh bridge pro plus, with the 2.02 update, which brings in native gesturing onto the ipad. I would take this thing over the muffed product, and that is so painful for me to say so so that’s all we got for this video questions. Comments, leave them down there if there’s another math product. You want to take a look i’m, not doing any more math products like they again. They sent me an email, saying we’re gon na send you this product for free. As long as you make a video for it, and i don’t i don’t do those we don’t.

Do that no we don’t, we have levels, we have morals. What else do we have wait? Pickleback Applause that is very good. Anyways, first time watching one of my videos, click subscribe hit. The notification bell um help us out by getting your stuff through our amazon links, hit the notification bell. I said that on patreon you can support us through patreon and share this video with other people who think they like math products. Thanks for watching. Oh wait. Also, you need to recommend cocktails for us. Yes, what’s. Our next cocktail. Be nice we’re, not alcoholics, we’re, not really not like a shovel. A shell is not cute or cool, but very useful, very useful, very useful. So true, that is not a cute look Laughter, who nailed that one people who take pickles out of their food are weird like out of their burgers, but like these are good pickles. These are good, like my kids, take their pickles out of their burgers and i’m. Like fine yeah, no, like grown ass adults like eat your pickle, it’s, a grow up, it’s, delicious and it’s.