If you missed that video to give you the gist of it, we were able to get this machine to turn on, but we got to a screen that looked like this, where it was asking us to put in a floppy disk into the floppy disk drive. Now the problem is, this: machine does not have an internal floppy disk drive and i don’t have the external one that plugs into this port right here on the back. This is that port replicator. Once again, that is a separate piece, but i’ve got it attached to the laptop right now i initially thought that it was asking for a boot disk or startup disk, but a lot of you guys pointed out that that is from the bios on this computer. Now, if you notice, i didn’t mention it because i didn’t really think too much of it in the last video, but this machine has an ibm bios on it for this bios to even get on this computer in the first place it would have had to have Been licensed from ibm, and some of you guys pointed out that that screen displays on ibm systems when there is no operating system on the hard drive and for whatever reason i didn’t even think of that. But that makes total sense, and today we’re going to be installing an operating system on this hard drive, because my guess is it’s blank and there’s nothing on it. Now we can’t do that on the laptop itself, because we have no way of connecting the installation media, whether that be floppy disks or a cd, and i already confirmed that this machine cannot boot off of a usb floppy drive.

So that option is out as well. So the only option we have left unless i want to go out and order. The external floppy drive is to remove the hard drive from this computer, plug it into another pc, probably the 98 pc and install windows 95 on that computer to the hard drive and then once it’s installed put it back into the laptop so that’s exactly what we’re Going to be doing right now in today’s, video first thing, we’re going to do is remove the uh port replicator on the back here so i’m gon na unscrew, these knobs here, and that is gon na, come right out like so and we’ll set that aside and We’Ll flip this machine over and actually i was looking at this machine last night when i finished recording the video and i was able to get it to power on without you can see it’s not plugged in right now and it actually holds a charge. So the battery in this thing still works, though i don’t know how much of a charge that it can hold, but it is able to uh to be powered by the battery, which is pretty cool, so we’re gon na force power off here you see this is That screen that i was talking about so we’re gon na shut it off flip it over and because the battery actually holds a charge, and this is just you know good practice, regardless we’re going to remove the battery from the system we’re going to remove uh.

All of these screws on the back here so i’ve got my trusty ifixits uh driver kit. Here this is the large one that they saw. I believe these are just phillips screws, so we’ll connect that there and let’s see yep those are coming right out. So this longer one is for the the outer casing here so we’re going to set those aside and this one i’m going to set in a separate, uh pile here, so i don’t confuse it with the other ones. There’S no screw here, there’s no screw over there. I believe there is a screw right here. Yeah i can see it is starting to come apart. Actually, i wonder if you open it up, because you see this is starting to come off right here, yeah that’s, the hard drive right there. That is absolutely the hard drive now the question is: does it come off it doesn’t want to just lift up. Oh it’s, underneath the keyboard a little bit all right. So it looks like to be able to get this piece out, we’re going to have to move the keyboard, because the keyboard is on top of this latch here and it’s, preventing the piece from being removed completely. Now, the keyboard you can see as i’m kind of pulling it down there. It can definitely move down, but for it to move down. We need to remove these two plastic pieces it’s not really coming up at all. So i wonder if there is a screw that i’ve missed somewhere, oh wait! A second.

There is oh, that is really stupid. There’S a screw hole right here, although i wonder if that’s, for because we don’t need to remove the entire case, i don’t want to remove the entire case and i don’t really want to mess with this sticker here. This is just like a warranty thing if you’re not familiar with this it’s, very easy for manufacturers to hide screws underneath like a sticker and then, if you know it gets punctured in some way or if the sticker gets lifted up uh. That means that you know someone’s tampered with it and uh. You know, then, your then your warranty’s voided, but yeah. There is definitely a screw right there. You can see as i’m moving my finger over it all right, so i was able to get this piece out. Uh with a little bit of finagling – but here it is, this is likely the date of manufacture – april 23, 1999., okay, but yeah. This is the hard drive right here and you’ve got this gooey material around it, which is the uh support that it was talking about. In the manual or in that pamphlet, you know this is a way to support the hard drive we have to get the keyboard out to get the hard drive out all right, so one thing i’ve noticed is: if you see you’re gon na, have to look really Close, but inside of the keyboard here you see those two little notches there that are kind of extending from the side panel yeah, those are preventing the keyboard from lifting up, so let’s try to remove these screws on the side here.

I think we got it. Maybe there we go see that there this is starting to separate here. Oh yeah check this out. Okay, we made progress. I was able to finagle the keyboard and get it to lift up so because i was, i was removing, like the entire, like we’re, basically gon na separate this piece here from this piece which was connected to the screen here and i was lifting it up and There were a lot of cables that were, you know, connected between the two pieces, like the display cable, for example, and it was pretty difficult to uh move those around, but it turns out. We don’t have to do that because the keyboard just lifts up right like this and we get access to the inside of the computer. So now we can focus our attention on the hard drive area right down here. All right hang on a second. You see something wrong with this picture here, so this right here, this orange cable is the cable for the hard drive it runs, and this is it right here and it’s not plugged into anything we’re gon na try just to plug this back in well. Everyone i’ve got some great news. The hard drive is spinning up. I didn’t notice it before, but the hard drive wasn’t spinning up before now, it’s spinning up it was literally disconnected and in fact look. I turned the machine on and we get a 162 code configuration change has occurred because it now detects a hard drive.

So if we exit starting windows 95 and of course the camera has to go out of focus right then and there so somehow the hard drive got disconnected from the motherboard. Now i don’t know if this happened like during shipping or if you know it had been disconnected like the last time. Somebody opened this thing up and it’s just been powered off since then. This is it guys. I mean that was wow. I can’t believe it was that simple we didn’t even have to install you know like reinstall windows 95, so it looks like we’ve got a midtown madness too, and we’ve got like the single click mode on to where, when you hover over something it automatically highlights, and You click it again and open, so we just opened up midtown madness too. Oh, it can’t locate the cd rom, though it doesn’t show us the error message now, if you’re curious about the layout of the trackball in these mouse uh buttons here this top one is left click and this bottom one is right. Click. You can see the context menu is opening up there, so yeah. If you were curious how that was laid out there, you go all right, so let’s do what i was going to do in the original video and explore this thing a little bit so let’s right click on my computer and go to properties here and uh. So yeah windows, 95 uh with ie 4.

0. I believe this is osr2 windows, 95 osr2, and there is a name and organization here: i’m, just going to have to blur that out. Just in case you know it identifies anybody and yeah manufacturing supported by panasonic, oh here’s, the battery meter. It says it is 25 because yeah this is not plugged into the wall right now. This is running off the battery, so it claims to have 25 of total battery power remaining, but it’s still pretty amazing that it holds a charge after all these years. I do not like this uh like when you hover over something it just selects it classic style. There we go so we’re gon na just go back to classic and there we go so now. We’Ve got you know, standard double clicking to open up stuff, so yeah that’s, uh that’s. What the speaker sounds like let’s play the exit windows, sound Music yeah. I mean it is quite loud. Let me see if we can turn it down here. Oh yeah, that sounds much better. It was just way too loud to the point where it was like peaking and it just sounded terrible, but uh yeah just had to turn it down there, but yeah like i said, i’m i’m, pretty amazed that this thing is uh is running off of battery power, But let’s see what programs we got on here. Let’S go to ads live streaming program, so we got microsoft. Chat looks like a ton of microsoft, stuff chat, front page express ie4, midtown madness; 2.

, oh that’s, a microsoft game, music control, net meeting office 97 outlook express wallet, web publishing, wizard palm desktop that’s on the desktop here. So this was likely used with a palm pda. Panasonic power management, real player, gosh that’s, a blast from the past ttwin, 95. I’M, not sure what that is, we’ll check that out in a moment usb supplement osr2. So this is osr2 there. You go video live player and yeah that’s it so let’s open up the start. Menu here, go to programs and let’s check out this uh. What was this? Oh, i wonder if that, if that has to do with touch screen, what was it called? Ttwin. 95 yeah. Tt195, there you go so let’s see so you can use your finger. Uh to you know, move the mouse around, but you know the problem is. If you want to get more like precise uh touches here, like closing out, i mean i was able to do it. There, but you see here it’s, you know not the easiest thing to do so you could use a stylus. So i got my 3ds stylus here and yeah. So there you go so you can use that if you want, if you want to get more, you know precise clicks, so here’s palm desktop, so let’s say it thinks the date is january, 2nd. 1999.. We can go in here and change that if we want to 2021 it’s, not 11 42 pm, though it’s like four in the afternoon, i think, but whatever yeah there, you go, here’s microsoft photo editor.

I think i opened this by mistake. I don’t know what this is for some reason i want to think need for speed 2, because it’s nfs 2, i’m curious as to what this is so let’s right click and go to properties so it’s in c nfs, 2. Se. I really think this could be need for speed. 2 need for speed. 2. Second edition, perhaps that’s exactly what that is, that’s need for speed. 2.. I wonder if this needs a cd now i’m, pretty certain i’ve played this version of need for speed before, but it’s been so long. Actually, yes, i have this. I remember this. Oh look at that frame rate. Oh my gosh that’s glorious. Oh my gosh. I remember this: i used to play this like all the time all right before we move on with this, i want to secure the laptop back together and get all the screws put back in so that’s what i’m doing right now. I just got this nice time lapse going on for you all right, so we’re back we’ve got the laptop, properly reassembled and we’re going to launch need for speed 2 again and uh gosh. It has been a long time. Oh yeah, oh i’ve, also got it plugged into the wall by the way, so we’re not running off the battery power go to location, oh man. I remember this yeah. I feel like there’s supposed to be music playing on the menu right now, but okay, one player tournament.

Okay done and we’re gon na go player. One let’s choose gosh. What car do we want? Let’S go with the ferrari and we’ll go red and let’s race man. It has gosh it’s been so long since i’ve. Oh, i remember that loading screen – oh gosh yeah, so hang on a second hang on just a second here, all right, so we’re trying out a new audio setup that i’ve got you guys are hearing sound directly from the laptop right now we’re going to restart this Race, though, because i’ve completely uh screwed all up here, we go guys check it out. Yeah there’s, like there’s supposed to be music, and even though, like i mean you guys, saw i had the music enabled on the menu it still is not playing. I know i have it enabled on the menu i don’t know why it’s not playing the music and yeah i was in like you, go to game setup, there’s no option to like turn off. You know the music here and you go down to options, and i think that brings up the same yes, okay. Well, it is a little different here. We got more options: racing music! I wonder if this, if the audio file got replaced or something because i feel like it’s supposed to be playing music right now, i don’t know, but whatever i mean the game works opponents here we go yeah full grid. Okay, we’ll! Do the mclaren and we’re racing we’re in what a ford gt, yeah? Okay, this will be great yeah, we’re, still gon na not have music, but whatever all right, let’s race, guys, Music, um, Music! Well, hey! It was a lot better than what we started at for the first couple: laps, but there you go, that’s need for speed on the on the panasonic toughbook, the miniature toughbook cfm33 and oh, i was saving screenshots the whole time.

I was like what on earth was pressing. I think it was tab or caps like. I think it was tab and it was saving screenshots. So we can open up one of these here and there we go. Oh yeah it’s an awesome, screenshot isn’t it, but yeah guys. I mean, aside from those additional programs that uh that touch screen configuration tool uh in here and then you’ve obviously got oh there’s panasonic portable cd rom player. I guess this thing had a external cd rom connected to it at some point, it’s pretty awesome. We were able to get this thing to boot, into windows and it’s, amazing that it was as simple as i mean like i said, i thought we’re gon na have to take the hard drive out and reinstall windows on it in another computer, but all we had To do was plug the drive back in because, like you saw somehow that cable got disconnected at some point, whether in shipping or long before, alex sent this thing out to me. But there you have it guys. The panasonic toughbook cfm33 is up and running windows 95 and uh it’s, pretty awesome, to say the least. So guys.