Here we are again with another video. This is the installing uh Windows. 10 on the surface, go laptop 2., still cant figure out. If its surface go laptop 2 or Surface go 2 laptop uh either way you want to see it here. We are: does Windows 10 actually run on this device? Uh installation may actually work out, but will drivers work? Will everything else work we run to blue screens of death upon boot up? I did actually experience that with the Service Pro 8 through an installation in one point, but it actually worked out in the end, and I never had one since so lets go ahead and see if it works out here I did actually prep a little. Usb thumb drive and since its the particular laptop has a USB a port, no problem at all. Getting set up installed here, so lets go ahead and continue. One little note before we actually continue here the touch screen that does not work at this time. Thats going to definitely come later, but the keyboard and touchpad actually work just fine, so lets go ahead and just click on install now over here. Obviously, this installation may actually take a while. So if thats the case Ill go ahead and actually just speed through the installation here, you dont necessarily need to see 5 10 15 go by or so slowly and continuing. The installation here were going to go ahead and choose custom theres going to be a full installation from scratch over here.

Youre going to see all the partitions here on this laptop that previously come initially with Windows, 11. and Im going to go ahead and just basically just wipe out all those partitions here. So here we go actually, first of all before you do that, just make sure that all the drives are all the same Drive zero. You dont want to accidentally delete the partition its on your USB thumb, drive, which usually does not happen, but just keep that in mind. You know I actually have heard cases of this uh previously happening, even though not anytime too recent so lets go ahead and delete. All these partitions were going to be left with one whole partition to 128 gigabytes at this particular laptop has and Im just going to click on next to start this installation. So let me go ahead and speed through this portion right here very likely its going to require one or two reboots, one for sure and once were at the start, screen Ill continue: Music, foreign, foreign, Music, hi there, Im, Cortana and Im here to help a little Sign in here A Touch of Wi Fi there and well have your PC ready for all you plan to do insulation actually only took about not even like five to eight minutes, which is actually really quick considering. This is actually a four gigabyte memory. Modeled base model here of this particular device here, so let me go ahead and go through the entire setup process here and meet you at the end.

Foreign Music Music looks like here. We are, the Windows. 10 setup actually took, maybe just a little under 10 minutes. The entire process, including the little customization and setup process as well too, you can actually see here a start menu and everything appears to be working, just fine Im not connected to the internet. So these icons will look like theyre still pending to download and let me just go ahead and just mess around here a little bit. I do notice that the touchscreen still doesnt work and that should be expected if it wasnt working to begin probably is not going to work now until I get some drivers downloaded and installed, and let me just go ahead and just mess around a few things here. So it looks like uh Windows 10 should be able to run just fine here, but wait thats, not it Im going to actually go ahead and download some updates and see what else pops up here. Hopefully I dont have any blue screens of death or anything like that, but Ill. Definitely let you know if I do see anything like that. Just uh changing themes around here and there we go mess around some stuff edges installed all the other default stuff. Here I just uh put on some desktop icons, just because Im using it Im gon na go ahead and remove a couple of stuff here, install office and everything else get some updates installed and lets see how it runs.

Well, I got all the windows 10 updates out available at this time and you can actually see that it probably is prompting me for just one little more that basically just probably kicked in about a day or two ago, but all in all the updates. I dont believe actually took uh over, maybe anywhere between 10 to 20 minutes, and I dont believe it actually took any more than that. It was basically about one to two reboots, which is actually not so bad for a new system right now, when those updates for the first time, but basically everything kicked in the touch screen. Uh almost started kicking in almost after the very first update, and everything else seems to be running pretty well. I have to say: Windows. 10 is actually running pretty spot on Im, going to go ahead and just do a little reboot test over here. You can see that theres, actually an update, available, no big deal and the device is uh running pretty well so far. I went ahead and installed office. Another browser as well too so Ill go ahead and give you the whole gist of that as well. The device definitely does turn on pretty Speedy, which is actually really impressive for just a base model, four gigabytes of RAM, which obviously just should just be really be a crime on any particular laptop these days, I believe the minimum will probably be six or eight if You want to be a little reasonable, but here we are, the device is up and running again Ill: go ahead and increase the brightness here to a little bit higher there we go and uh just start opening up some browsers Ill, probably open up Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word as well too so lets see here goes Excel opened up as long as you dont have any plugins.

Add ons here, heres word as well too, so you can see everythings running pretty Speedy for the most part. If I go ahead and open up task manager, youll see, the memory is probably hopping around 80 to 90 percent right here we have about 84, which is uh to be expected for four gigabyte model already opened up a couple of applications here. Hows this device actually perform in general again, the only limitation I do have here on the bottleneck. If you want to call it, that is just basically the the low amount of memory. The good news is, if you actually watch the boxing of the surface, go 2 laptop youll, see that this actually has an actual SSD, which is running that pretty much uh, pretty good speeds. Here you know almost about one gigabyte. Uh read two gigabytes right somewhere in between those numbers: the when compared to other base devices like the surface code, two or three youre, going to run into a little bit of a disappointment when you actually see that the SSD speeds are hitting at like 250. Not even 500 megabytes, a second which is a little disappointing for the base model. This also being the base model is actually really concerned that I was going to run into that particular issue here as well, because its really not really an SSD, but some sort of memory, uh based hard drive there, which is not ideal but obviously cheaper.

To put into a base model, not the case here and youll see definitely those payoff running Windows, 11 or in this case were in Windows 10.. Every are running pretty well so far Ill go ahead and bring up a system here, for you and youll see its just some basic details here as well. Obviously running Windows, 10, home theres, a course. Your surface go to a laptop here and basically everything else that youll expect to see when youre actually using this on the Windows 10. So I didnt actually experience any blue screens of death during the entire update process. If I think out, if they let you know when I was actually doing this on the surface, a pro tablet, I ran to a blue screen of death just off their basically processing a couple updates and the device was updating and rebooting and poof. It just happened. No issues here again also the touch screen – does not work by default, not a problem, because you do have a touchpad and keyboard to work with so thats. Definitely not a problem at all. The backlight definitely does work as well too, and you can also go ahead and download the surface. The surface app from the Microsoft store and basically everything else, youd want to use as well too so no problem there either. So to answer your question: if youre really interested about running Windows, 10 or just curious about running on the surface go laptop over here too, it absolutely is possible and really just runs without a hitch and pretty much no hiccups during the entire process.

Just get your Windows 10 installation on USB thumb, drive plug it in right here, and you should pretty much be all set, makes it much easier that you do have a standard USB type, a port over here running a 3.1 speeds and very useful to just get It up and running no issues uh with hard drive, recognizing hard drives or anything like that. Everything seemed to be pretty much a smooth installation and just one or two updates reboots of regarding Windows updates and, of course I have another one over here, as I just showed you and youre pretty much good to go. Is it something ideal that Microsoft probably wants you to do, considering that they really want to promote their new operating system Windows 11 that, unfortunately, just keeps running into more little bugs here and there in terms of updates, I believe very recent. There was one where it was uh kind of messing up with either antivirus or USB printers again, which is I mean seriously, how many times does that happen already, but in the end, its really up to your own personal decision, which one you prefer to use if Youre, not a big fan of the new operating system. If you still feel like its got some more tweaks and whatnot thats kind of my viewpoint at this point, um then yeah I mean you definitely do have the option to use Windows 10 here, no ones forcing your hand to use Windows 11, just because it came With it so feel, free to download the Windows 10 image from Microsoft site, they do have a little tool.

There youll need a USB thumb, drive about eight gigabytes, minimum plug it in run the tool itll download everything for you about 10 to 12 minutes later youre. All set to go plug it into your device in this case the surface go laptop 2 here and you are all set to go to uh, get your Windows 10 operating system up and running here. Well, I hope everyone found this video useful, definitely sure to like And subscribe if you found it informative and useful and entertaining by all means, uh go ahead and shoot a comment or a question.