They’Re, looking to flip the entire laptop market upside down to prove so enter framework, a new contender in the high performance laptop category, the framework laptop is looking to bring the modularity of a desktop in the form factor of a thin and light 13.5 inch notebook. The framework laptop can be upgraded repaired and customized in ways that no other laptop can framework is a company founded by narath patel, who formerly worked at apple, was part of the launch and startup of oculus and since 2019 has left and started his own company framework And the company also includes many other talented people from various silicon valley startups. The statement that greets you at the website reads introducing the framework laptop upgradeable, repairable and 100. Yours they want you to know. This is different than your everyday laptop. You can upgrade everything, including the keyboard, ram storage, cpu main board, even wi fi card. A lot of people still use the 2012 unibody macbook pro, including myself, because of its easy access to the battery sold in slots for upgrading ram. You can get easy access to the hard drive to swap into ssd. Also, you could swap out the wi fi cards too. Now you can’t upgrade the cpu or motherboard, but it’s a fairly modular device, especially considering how macbooks nowadays are throughout the years apple, along with other laptop manufacturers, have made their devices less and less modular, less and less upgradeable, less and less repairable and framework is looking To solve the problem that this creates, there is currently a huge problem with obsolescence in consumer electronics, whether planned or unplanned one of the most common failures of modern day electronics is the slow degradation of battery over time.

Modern lithium ion batteries go through about 500 to 1000 recharge cycles before the battery health degrades down to 80. At this point, the battery’s health has been severely degraded and will start to affect the performance of your device for everyday products. Like your cell phone headphone, smart watches, laptops tablets. This will take about 16 to 32 months before your battery reaches the 80 mark and that’s. When your battery life will be considerably and noticeably shorter, most devices are still useful past this point, but modern day products aren’t designed to allow easy access to batteries, and even if you were able to open up your device original quality batteries, aren’t made available to the Consumer so you’d be replacing your original battery with a subpar quality battery. Now let’s talk about design. The screen uses a three by two aspect: ratio which, compared to more popular laptops, is more of a square retro design. Now a 13.5 inch 3×2 screen covers around 11. More visual real estate when compared to a 13.3 inch with a 16×9 ratio by the way that’s what macbooks use the taller height means there’s, more visual, real estate for things like coding, working on websites document editing along with many other things. The screen is also integrated in a way that makes it extremely easy to replace the bezels are actually magnetic and there’s only four fasteners that are holding the screen in place now in terms of the actual laptop it’s, only 15.

85 millimeters thick and weighs 1.3 kilograms. If you compare this to a macbook pro, which is 1.60 millimeters thick and weighs 1.4 kilograms, they’re pretty much the same size in terms of spec options, you can get expect out with intel’s 11th generation i5 to i7, pro processors with intel’s latest iris, xc, graphics, built In the laptop comes in pre built configurations up to 32 gigabytes of ddr4 ram and up to one terabyte of nvme ssd storage, like i mentioned, the screen uses a three by two aspect ratio. The resolution is 2256 by 1504. This is actually the same resolution that microsoft surface laptops use to round out the screen specs it has a 1500 to 1 contrast ratio, 100 coverage of srgb and somewhere above 400 nits of brightness for outdoor use now hardcore. Specs aside, the user experience specs are a 1080p 60 frame per second webcam, no more of that 720p webcam stuff with hardware privacy switches for both the webcam and the microphone, a high cycle life 55 watt hour battery and what they’re calling a great feeling? 1.5 millimeter travel keyboard. The keyboard is actually customizable with different language options after you get it, and the language and layout of the keyboard are actually customizable on order for the diy version. One of my favorite things about this laptop is the expansion card system now they’ve kind of traded, external adapters and dongles for internal adapters. It reminds me of the google project aura rip, but it’s cool that you can choose the ports that you actually want slash need.

You could choose from a usb a usbc hdmi micro, sd, display port and more to come or even expandable, storage of 250 gigabytes or one terabyte wait. Is there no storage in between those two options? They’Re also opening the spec and sharing reference designs to enable partners and the community to help grow the expansion card ecosystem. You could design an expansion card completely of your own. You could design something to check if your 1999 first edition mint charizard hollow with no border shadow is the real deal or not. The framework laptop comes in a number of pre configured, builds running windows, 10, home or pro, and for the tinkerer they’ve designed the diy edition, which comes in a kit of modules for you to customize and assemble yourself. You can also choose your favorite distribution of linux. To install in it also now the most important part about the framework laptop is that it’s, upgradable and repairable. I mean talk about future proof. The people at framework have designed the maybor to work with future generations of x86 and arm processors also, hopefully, risk five in the future, and they also minimize the amount of internal connectors to make the installation easy and keep the system thin. They’Ve designed the main board in such a way that the old one can be used as a high performance single board computer, all of its own think, keyboard. Pcs and cyberdecks, like i mentioned before, the laptop, comes configurable up to 32 gigabytes of ram and one terabyte of storage.

After the fact, it can be upgraded as high as 64 gigabytes of ram and up to 8 terabytes of storage to go along with all that. Upgradeability it’s designed to be repaired by the consumer. You everything is removable from the bezels to the keyboard, to the ram to the cpu and main board. There are also qr codes on every component inside the laptop, giving unprecedented access to documentation, repair guides replacement and upgrade parts framework also says they’ll, be posting easy to follow, repair guides and videos later on. They are also opening up future upgrades to third party manufacturers. Remember that problem of obsolescence that i mentioned earlier, the upgradability and repairability of the laptop fix that now, when your battery dies too quickly, you personally can swap that out for a new one when your computer starts running too slowly for the applications or programs that you Need to use, you can add more ram or even swap out the cpu and motherboard when you pair the upgradability and repairability of this laptop. You get something sustainable these days, most consumer electronics are disposable. One os by design. The best way to reduce the environmental impact of electronics is to make them last longer, along with enabling longevity in their products framework, is focused on improving sustainability across the life of their products. The laptop is made of 50 post consumer recycled aluminum and an average of 30 post consumer recycled plastic and fully recyclable packaging materials.

Think cardboard also it comes with a screwdriver, not this screwdriver, but it comes with a screwdriver in the box just to hammer home. The point that they want you to open this thing up and upgrade slash repair. It yourself, like i said in the beginning of this video they’re, looking to flip the entire laptop market upside down, and they plan to release more framework products later on in the future. Think phones, desktops, maybe tablets the laptops start shipping summer 2021 and they’re releasing it in batches to help kind of mitigate the semiconductor shortage that’s going on globally. The first batch has just finished and they’ll be announcing pre orders soon. Pre orders may even be live by the time you watch this video i’m really looking forward to see what this product and company have to offer in the future. Some of the main questions that i have are: what are the prices going to be? There could be a low entry cost to make repairing and upgrading the device easier for you in the future, or they could have a high entry cost to say: hey, you’re, paying extra to upgrade and repair. This thing yourself, also how expensive are replacement parts gon na be in comparison to buying a new device outright if you’re interested in getting a framework laptop or learning more about it in the future, make sure you hit that subscribe button because i’ll be covering news about It when it comes out – and i may even make a few tutorial videos of my own if you found this video informative, do me a favor and hit that like button thanks so much for watching i’m, emanuel c and i’ll see you hopefully in the next video.