Many leading in first place with all these colors man i’m trying to catch the bouquet. Tell me what you need more balls. Greet halfway touch the keys, never freeze, let it breathe match your knees. Man, please magic mouse in the house when in doubt let it out gain clout, let’s rock, if you rock, with this intro, hit the like button. If you proud, say it loud, let’s get this video poppin and spit some facts, break it down one time for the squad, all right, y’all, so let’s, not waste, no more time, let’s go ahead and crack this bad boy. First off! I want you guys to know. I am wearing this orange shirt i’m trying to coordinate this whole thing. That’S going down today with the orange color i’ve even got the orange pillow right here you see it. You know i mean i’m i’m doing some things. Oh before i actually open this up. I want you guys right now go ahead and comment down below how many likes is on this video. At the time you guys are watching and uh. You know i got a little something for you towards the end of this video, so stick around. For that. One thing i got ta say right off: the back is that i like is this band that you guys get here on the top of it. I think it actually looks really really good it’s like a fabric band, and it also serves as a good carrying case.

So i highly recommend you guys: keep the box. Okay! Oh! That box is fire, so it like collapses. You guys can see right here it like opens up and then it just closes that’s pretty dope. Oh man! This is super light. We get our keyboard here, as you guys can see. We got our matching cable, we get the power adapter. That also has the ethernet port built on it as well, and then you also get your magic mouse that actually matches the whole aesthetics of this bad boy. That looks super clean all right. We got a sticker here, so we got five four three, two hello. Everyone welcome back to my channel or welcome. If you are new here, my name is sophie and in today’s video we are going to be unboxing and setting up the brand new apple m1 imac. So this is my imac next to me here and, as you can see, i went for the color green and usually i get silver or space gray products from apple. So this is my first actual color in a product which is very exciting and i’m. Just so excited to unbox, so without further ado, let’s get it there we go. I didn’t think i could get that open, but we got there guys okay. So this is the cable and it’s a braided cable as well that’s, also worth mentioning so pretty next up. We’Ll open this, which, if i am right, i think yes, okay, the stickers are in here this is so exciting.

So this is the dark green sticker, which gives us a clue as to what the back of the desktop is like, which is very exciting, and here is the lighter green, which matches the front and the keyboard and the cables. And then, of course in here you just have the rest of the instructions. Applause Applause let’s do this. The first reason is the new design. It now comes in six new, beautiful colors for any office for any family. This imac will look beautiful i’m. Actually, a big fan of the white bezels, they look so good in person. You also get color matching accessories. You can get a yellow keyboard, a yellow mouse. Look how awesome this is with the new imacs. You also get touch id on. The keyboard idea is great for accepting payments touch. Id is amazing for autofill on safari upgrades. The new imac is full of upgrades. The camera now actually looks amazing. 1080P camera in an era that we’re doing zoom calls every single day business calls. The microphone now focuses on your voice and it avoids background noise, so let’s say you’re doing an online class and your brother is like screaming all over the place. The microphone will point at your voice, it’s pretty cool how it works. The speakers have also been upgraded. They sound amazing for you to watch movies and dolby atmos support for you to listen to music. Music sounds amazing. I mean you won’t, be able to you, know, have a party with your imac but it’s it’s, getting quite there and then we’ve got the m1 chip.

The m1 chip changes everything on a mac i’ve been using the m1 chip on my macbook air, and i got ta say that it’s absolutely blown my mind it’s. So, incredibly, fast video editing feels so buttery smooth, editing with affinity, designer and affinity photo having hundreds and hundreds of layers, and it runs so incredibly smooth it’s seriously such a crazy experience i’m going to talk to you guys about what it’s like to use and some Of the points, i think are more valuable for you if you’re going to pick up one of these and things that you should know about all right so, first off, i want to talk about the packaging on this just to cut things short. This is the most beautiful packaging i’ve seen on any computer. To date, it cuts color according to the imac it’s beautiful it’s, recyclables it’s, just all that sustainability it’s all in there. But it is awesome to see, and it just gives you that whole experience when you first unbox the imac, like you just have this big smile on your face, at least for me that’s what it was like the colors as good as they are on the website. They’Re, even better in person case in point, i got the orange variant here now. Orange would not be my first choice in getting an imac, but when i open up the box – and i saw it’s like a deep coral, color and it’s just got these it’s multi dimensional in terms of the back the stand area, this peach color here the white Frame around the display it just all works and it’s beautiful, even the track pad the keyboard, the mouse it’s, all color coordinated, even the cable, is color coordinated, so it’s.

This whole thing that it’s gon na be hard for you guys to choose and i would recommend going to the apple store first, if you can do so. If there’s one near you to see all the colors and then decide because you might be surprised, you might go for a color that you weren’t necessarily going to go for in the beginning, because they just look so different in person and they actually look better. In my personal opinion, the next things we’re going to talk about is just how beautiful this thing is. I mean apple makes great looking products, we know this, but this is stunning it’s really thin, um it’s compact in its size and it’s, really lightweight. Honestly, you can pick this up and you can move it around with you. I don’t know if you want to travel with it, some people do, but you can it’s actually very lightweight. You got four ports, so yeah you could fit this anywhere. You want it’s that easy to set up and put and fit inside your workspace, alright, so the screen it’s a 4.5 k, i think retina display and it’s crazy, good. The color accuracy is insane. I edited this video on here and was a little bit about performance. I had no issues i edited on premiere pro beta when i wanted to put in motion graphics and all that stuff. Like plugins, i got a lot of crash messages, so if you’re thinking about buying the m1 imac to work on premiere pro and use plugins it might, you might want to hold off for now, because the plugins are a hit and a miss some work and some Didn’T and it crashed um premiere pro a lot of time but i’m sure if you’re using final cut you’ll be 100.

Fine final cut works, buttery smooth on here i was editing stuff on premiere pro with my sony. A7 s3 footage. 4K 10 bit butter literally butter. The only time i had issues when i started to load text on it when i started to color grid, then i had to lower the quality of the playback to i think one a quarter, then it was working smooth. So just keep that in mind. One thing that really impressed me was how good the webcam is now i’m, not saying it’s like hd sharp, and you have bokeh in the background, but yeah. This is the webcam quality guys 1080p. Personally, this is the best webcam i’ve ever seen on any laptop device or any um imac laptop device from apple.