Ive had enough – and i am no longer going to be reviewing laptops period ever ever again on this channel in 2021. Okay, but i am ending off the year with a really cool product. From a company called tuxedo theyre based in germany and the cool thing about these guys, is they only create hardware, products or computers or desktops and laptops specific for linux users? Now this is their infiniti book pro 14 and it comes pre installed with ubuntu. They also pre install kubuntu, if you ask, but you can install windows 2 and they put windows on this. So i can do all my performance tests. The kicker about this guy is that its a beautiful product, its very light, its minimal its its easy to carry it comes in this magnesium, alloy chassis. In fact, ive actually seen this chassis before. If you dont remember not too long ago, i reviewed the xpg xenia 14 and it also uses the exact same chassis like everything from the ports to the design, is exactly the same. Theyre sharing a similar clevo build, but its a good one, because the port situation is very versatile, like on the left hand, side, you have your connection or lock, and you have your usb type c port, which is thunderbolt 4. You have a usb port sd card slot headphone jack, and then you flip it on the right hand, side you have that hdmi port, another usb port, your barrel, connector to charge it and then another usb type c, thunderbolt 4 port, which you can use to charge.

This laptop, so you dont even need to carry the barrel connector around with you now i will say this: this style of laptop is pretty secure, not squishy in the middle theres, not a lot of lid flex, but i do find that it does scratch very easily. This this holds true for the xp xenia or xpg xenia as well, so be very careful when you buy this, maybe put some sort of protection over it because just over regular use im finding the laptop to scratch a little bit too easily. Now, if you buy this, you can spec it with the i7. U series processor from intel or you can use their h series four core processors which i have inside here and you can spec it with an rtx 3050 ti. The price ranges around 1200 euros. All the way up to 2000 euros, depending on how powerful you want the laptop to be now, of course, you can open it up with one hand and youre presented by this. Massive glass touch pad its very accurate to use when youre using in windows, but i did find it to be a little bit wonky in linux. The drivers are just not as good so its not as smooth to use if youre using linux on this, but its a big touchpad. It will get a lot of grease because it shows, since its using a black color, but you do have a little dot up here and this lights up when you tap on it and what that does is.

Is it disables your cursor, from being used? If i double tap it on again its going to go away and then the cursor is enabled again, this is kind of good. If youre, using, like i dont, know your own mouse on the left, hand, side and youre typing on the keyboard, you dont want the cursor to move while youre, using it very important if youre gaming. Now there is a lot of keyboard flex, a little too much for my liking, but the keys do feel very comfortable to type on, like super duper comfortable to type on theres, a nice click to it, theres good travel distance if youre, programming or typing a lot Of documents all day, i think youre going to enjoy the keyboard. There is backlighting behind here, but its very hard to see like just the edges of the keys light up now, one of the cool things about this laptop is this display its a matte finish. You dont get those crazy reflections pounding off the display, while youre working all day from bright lights, but its a 16 by 10 display its a 14 inch 16 by 10 display. So you get some nice vertical space, but you can spec it with a 3k display, which is what i have here, 2880 by 1800 and it runs at 90 hertz. So not only is it better for scrolling, but you can actually game on this and have a pretty decent gaming experience with the high refresh rate its super color accurate.

The brightness is around 400 nits. So, if youre using uh this for some sort of design work, its going to be great but watching content on this is superb. The webcam on top is only 720p, its not the best, but at least it has one. But performance is what makes this thing special. Like for a laptop this light and thin, it actually performs fairly well. It reminds me a lot of the acer swift x in a lot of ways like its not going to beat it out in multi core speed, just because the acer swift x has an amd ryzen processor, so you get eight cores with it. So if youre doing like a lot of demanding tasks, it can handle it if youre editing, video youre developing it can kind of handle it its not the best at these things, but its kind of like the jack of all trades master of none. The rtx 3050 ti inside of here is more than capable, like i was able to game on this as long as i was willing to drop the settings down to medium, but overall, like it performs well now, in terms of fan, noise theres a few options, they Have this little control center software they installed on here that lets you change it between a more quieter experience or you can go fans all out and get a very loud experience, but get the best cooling possible on a package this thin.

It is very conservative, as it should be, since this is a thin laptop and you know it never overheats the cpu never gets too hot, but i did find the keyboard area to get quite hot when this thing is under full load, especially around like the eight And nine key and the left side of the keyboard, it would start to get close to 60 degrees celsius, which is a bit too hot if youre using it for a long period of time. Now, internally, you can upgrade a lot of stuff. For example, you do have a swappable wi fi card. You have two slots for ram right now. There is 16 gigabytes, two eight gigabyte sticks. They are rank. Eight. You can put up to 64. If you really want to one pcie 4.0 drive which is pre installed. This is a one terabyte drive which gets really good, read and write speeds, but you do have a second slot. On the left hand, side that you can add more storage later on in the future. Now you do have a 52 watt hour battery the battery life is okay, six hours and 30 minutes, which is not the best. But i guess, since this is an h processor, its gon na take a bit of a hit and of course you have two fans. Some copper in the middle to help keep the cpu and gpu cool. Now there are two speakers on the bottom and theyre: okay, theyre, nothing special, but they do the job so heres.

The thing theres always that one dude in my comment, whos, like hey matt, does this laptop run? Linux and the truth is most laptops can run linux if you really want it to its just whether or not all the hardware inside is going to work perfectly with it. When you buy this, you know straight out of the box its going to work with ubuntu, kabuntu and tuxedos own os. Is it going to work with every distro on the planet? Probably not, but at least you have a nice base to work with, and the performance on this guy is actually really good. So if you ever wanted a linux computer with a little bit more performance, this rtx 3050 ti and the h series processor inside of here is going to do the job for you. I hope that kind of settles things, and if this is an interesting product for you, therell be a link to in the description down below make sure to like the video subscribe.