It looks like a really meaty laptop. The type of thing you don’t want to carry around because it’s going to break your back as you dug it into the office or to uni every single day. However, the early years when you pick it up it’s stunningly light, and that is the lg gram superpower hi i’m chris stet technology editor at, and today i am reviewing the 17 inch lg gram. All right, let’s get to the big cell with a 17 inch. Lg gram, and that is its weight. This is my 13 inch macbook. This is what i usually use when i’m in the office it’s small, it fits in my backpack very backpack very easily and when i cut it around, it just feels like it’s very portable. This is considerably lighter, it’s only 1.3 kilograms. This is a 17 inch there’s a 16 inch and a 40 inch model as well. They both straddle on the other side of one kilogram. This is how light these devices are it’s. Definitely the superpower. When i first got this into the finder office, i actually went around just tested. I just handed it to people just to see their reactions and they were unanimously the same everyone’s eyes just popped and went wow and that’s. Why the weight is the super power of the lg ground, because what it does is it makes the big beautiful, 17 inch screen 17 inch laptop portable, which is something we haven’t really seen too much in the past.

One of the most enjoyable activities i’ve had with the lg gram, is just passing it to other people and watching their reaction as they seal the weight of it. For the first time, people see it, they think it’s a big heavy 17 inch and they are often surprised but tobias here, he’s never felt it before so he’s about to discover whether or not this is as heavy as he thinks it is, or it isn’t. As a bit of a measure, i’ve got a macbook 13 inch here. Uh it’s, one of the older ones – it’s, not a macbook air pro, but this is what a 13 inch feels like. Oh my god, i forgot how heavy these are um into old intel. One! Ah yeah yeah it’s, probably about four years old, yeah, yeah so i’m, not putting that in my bag. Well, i am putting it in my bag, but now i’m putting this in my bag. Oh wow, oh my god, that’s ridiculous. I feel like i could carry that anywhere like on a plane um. That would be great yep yeah. Well, so you could like walk around and just type like this. If you wanted to, if you were so inclined yeah but um, that’s awesome, possibly not the way to use it, but wow uh yeah. Now my first reaction as soon as i picked it up was what’s the catch right. So if the laptop’s going to be this light and this big, obviously something is missing, but the reality is the specs on this aren’t too bad they’re, not extremely awesome performance in terms of the specs like a little bit dated, but it’s, still more than you’ll need For most of your daily office or university or study experiences, i’ll redo, some of the specs now you’re, looking at 11th gen, i7 2.

8 gigahertz quad core cpu 16 gigabytes of ram 9.5 hours of battery life battery life. I thought that was impressive. I thought battery life was really going to be hit 512 gigabytes, nvme, m2 pcie ssd, so that’s. The really fast new ssds we’ve, seen in the likes of the xbox series x and the playstation 5. 1610 qhd screen with integrated camera in the bezel very cute camera too. Actually, uh, integrated graphics card and that’s going to hurt you a little bit with your gaming. We have two thunderbolt 4 ports now it’s worth noting that the specs here in australia are slightly different to overseas, so make sure you are looking at the specs on the australian sites. In fact, if you just go to, you’ve got the specs of all six of the lg ground laptops available in the country available there for you to compare so they are slightly different overseas and with the 17 inch is not customizable, so you will get these Specs straight out of um the shop you, you cannot customize and add extra features in at the point of sale. However, like i said performance wise you’re, not looking at too great a reduction for the light, in fact, this will run everything you need to run and clear. I wrote some i i ran some of my design software on there, adobe and so forth. No problems at all the only place that’s really going to struggle is, when you start hitting those high performance high end hdr top of the line ray tracing stuff like that gaming.

So the gaming experience is at various high centers, where this thing’s going to start to struggle and i’ve noticed a little bit of heat when it’s starting to you, know max out a little bit. But you know you’re still going to be able to play your general games, your rocket leagues in minecraft that type of stuff – a games at a few years old in my general moment, to moment use of the lg gram and in fact i wrote my lg gram Review that is posted on the website, actually on the laptop itself, just to get a real feel for it moment to moment. Experience with the laptop has been great, the screen real estate. Obviously, these the extra 17 inches that you get over say the 30 inches that i’ve used usually like that’s a lot of screen real estate. The keyboard is beautiful too, when i take you through the design i’m going to show you a little bit more about the keyboard layout and how that’s caused me a few bits of problems in terms of just the operating system, how everything works very snappy, very, very Fast, obviously, this is a brand new laptop, so it hasn’t got that kind of bloat that pcs tend to get after you’ve been using them for a while. So obviously, you’ve got to do your own maintenance to keep things snappy, but i did. I didn’t get quite the 19.5 hours of advertised performance out of it, but i did get about 16.

. I think that’s perfectly fine for a day’s work. Like i said, this is a portable laptop, highly portable laptop, so it’s designed for people who are moving about and so you’re, never really that far from a power point in those are in that regard, there is one negative that’s worth bringing up to the speakers. Obviously, in trying to fit everything into such a slim and light device, the speakers have been compromised somewhat. In my opinion, they kind of sit here underneath the device and the sound doesn’t really come out too well now, do you really need to sound when you’re doing office, work or student stuff? Probably you’ve got your your headphones interface into music or something like that. But i think, if you’re going to have a big 17 inch beautiful qhd screen, then this can double as a multimedia screen, for you can watch your netflix on it or your stan or your foxtel or whatever you happen to be watching. So i do feel, like the speakers could have been a bit better on this. I would have preferred, but there is a headphone jack at least built in, so you can, of course, just connect your headphones to it. Should you need to now? The finish itself is a beautiful kind of black matte. I wouldn’t call the laptop necessarily beautiful, but it’s definitely sleek and nicely designed now. The screen itself is absolutely glorious. Uh and uh like the screen real estate’s amazing.

You got a really small little bezel here, a very, very discreet webcam up here that you can barely notice is even there it’s just really about the screen. Now the keyboard is beautiful. It’S slightly more raised and i’ve found with a lot of the other keyboards that i’ve used in particular that raised just where it really caught me. I was doing control v of all things, that’s, where you just noticed a little bit of extra height i’ve, measured this next to my 13 inch and the distance is the same. I thought maybe this is more spaced out, but it’s not but it’s, very lovely to type on i’ve done a lot of typing on it. Now, where the keyboard does. Let you down is with the positioning of the touchpad. Now, if you’ve been using a 13 inch laptop or even a 14 or a 16, you don’t usually have the number pad to the side, that’s, something we usually see with desktop keyboards. However, because you’ve got this bigger amount of space here with a 17 inch, the actual number pad is available on the screen. So at this point your the touchpad shouldn’t really be centered, in my opinion, to the actual full keyboard. The touchpad needs to be centered to the actual keyboard, and the reason is is because, when you put your hands onto type you’re, not like this it’s, not in the center, you actually want to be like this, and so your hands kind of slightly onto the actual Touch pad now i haven’t noticed that affecting the mouse or anything like that.

Like it doesn’t you don’t accidentally press it. It seems to be pretty good at detecting when you’re not trying to touch it. Now it just feels a little bit awkward. I did get used to it, but for my money the touch pad really should be centered to the actual space bar. So you can sit like this. There is a downside to that, though, as well, because what i found myself doing was sitting slightly off to the side, not looking directly into the middle of the screen. I kind of sing slightly off to the side of the screen, so a little bit of an adjustment there i think, actually, after you were using it for quite a substantial amount of time, you probably forget all about it and just get completely used to it. There’S. Definitely a bit of a learning curve there uh in terms of the design as well, like, i said, it’s extremely light, so when you first put it in your hand, it actually feels quite brittle and you’re. Like am i going to break this? The latch, however, is really strong and it’s wobbling there, but, like it, doesn’t feel like it’s going to ever fall down on you. It actually takes a bit of strength to move that back and forth. However, the screen itself has this wobble in it, which it almost gave me a heart attack the first time it happened. I was like whoa is this going to snap, but it seems to handle it quite well, so it’s actually a lot tougher than it looks and feels, but you do feel a little bit scared when you’re holding it because you’re like oh, my god, i’m gon na Drop this three thousand dollar thing and it’s just going to completely shatter uh very well catered for with ports um.

So on this side, we’ve got two thunderbolt ports, then about four or two uh. So you can daisy chain the single hdmi, it’s hdmi, two hdmi 2.1. Would have been lovely with a future prefix against 8k content. I’Ve got a headphone jack as well, and on the other side, i love this still, some old school usb as well so you’re, not completely sheltered away from being able to use your existing usb keys on this as well. Big success here with the lg gram is it’s, bringing a 17 inch back. I used to love my 17 inch laptop. I love the extra screen real estate. I love being able to multitask a lot better, especially when i work in design. I can have images on one side. I have my design files on the other that big screen real estate really does help multitasking. It really does help efficiency. It was too damn heavy. I couldn’t keep carting it on a bus. I couldn’t keep carting it around to the office and back and forth from home, so i ditched the seven inch and i went for a 13 inch. However, now this lg gram 7 inch has come along and it’s functional. It works, it’s, powerful, it’s, not extremely powerful. They are, you can go, get some gaming, seven inch laptops and blow this out of the water, but for most people this is going to absolutely suit their needs, it’s, bringing the seven inch back.

So if you’ve been waiting to pull the trigger on getting a bigger screen, fire it’s here the lg cram 17 inch. I highly recommend it it’s a great laptop and i tend to use it a lot more in the future. Now, for all your laptop needs and indeed to read the full review of the lg gram, please head over to you’ll, also find a best laptops guide there, where we can look at the 11 best laptops across 11 categories, so plenty to explore on that finder.