These were recently on sale at my local best buy. So i figured id go ahead and give it a try and for the specs here i mean this should do a pretty good job. My wife has been looking to upgrade her older amd laptop shes got like an older acer with a 17.3 inch screen and a non ryzen amd cpu. I mean its pretty old now and its definitely getting dated she didnt want a huge gaming laptop, and i figured that this would be perfect for her use case scenario, but i have to test it out first and we got to see what we can run on This little thing this is known as the yoga 6 by lenovo and, as you can see, it is a convertible. Weve got a 13 inch screen here over. On the left hand, side we have usb type c for charging. The unit up. Weve also got a full size, usb 3.1 port and a 3.5 millimeter audio jack. Moving over to the right hand, side weve got our power button, another usb 3.1 port and usb type c 3.1. This will do display out so when it comes down to it its not the highest specd out little machine but for a carry along, i think its going to do just fine for the cpu. You have that ryzen. 5. 5500. U 6 cores 12 threads with a base clock of 2.1 gigahertz and a boost up to 4.

0. I do want to mention that right out of the box, this apu is set at about 15 watts. But if you go into the bios and you turn on performance mode, it jumps up to 30 watts which will unlock a ton of performance out of this little chip. Weve got eight gigabytes of lp ddr4 at 3200 megahertz, unfortunately, its soldered to the board theres no way to upgrade it unless you opt for the 16 gigabyte model right out of the box, but the price on that is just way higher than the eight. So i stuck with this one here: weve also got a user replaceable, 256 gigabyte, m.2 ssd a 13 inch, 1080p ips touch display and the unit i have here came pre installed with windows 10. But as soon as i started it up, it asked me if i wanted to upgrade to 11 so thats what were on with this. So the first thing i threw at this was forza horizon 5.. This is far from a gaming machine, but uh in this video were going to be testing out. A bunch of games and emulators were at 720p very low settings with resolution scale set to performance. We actually got an average of 71 fps. I was kind of blown away by this and i know that were at 720p, but it was still pretty impressive to see this brand new game running on a little laptop like this. So i did want to take it up a bit and unfortunately, at low settings resolution scale set to performance and 900p.

We just cant hit 60.. We got an average of 57 like this Music, all right. So here we are, like you mentioned, im running windows 11 and, along with that, ryzen 5 5500u. We have the built in radeon, 7 graphics. I wanted to give you a quick look here. They should be running at 1800 megahertz and we can always check this. Lets. Go to sensors well start a quick render test. Ive actually had really good luck with this running through 1800 megahertz, but remember in the bios im set to performance mode thats, really where its at with this little laptop. Overall usability has been really great with this thing so far: uh email checking you want to do some video playback from youtube web browsing all thats going to be super snappy. I mean we definitely have enough power on the cpu side of things and with wi fi 6 built in you should get some really good speeds lets go to pcs and tablets, everything loads up really quickly here and uh yeah. I mean its actually a really snappy little experience and i kind of expected it to be with that 5500. U lets go over to youtube real, quick and just check out a little bit of video playback all right. So here we are with youtube and im only at 1080p, but were still gon na set this up at 4k. Give it a second for everything to buffer in so our viewpoint is going to be at 1080p, but this is going to be a 4k 60fps video and we shouldnt get any drop frames, even when this thing is at true 4k.

Coming out of that usb type c to video youre not going to have any kind of skips or anything like that with 4k 60 playback. This thing does an amazing job, as you can see up in the top here, i do have stats for nerds going and we have zero drop frames. We dont even have any drop frames from the load in which is something that happens. A lot on these laptops or lower end chips that i test. I always like to run benchmarks on these laptops, so lets go ahead and check those out. I just went with a few here and first up. We have geekbench 5 single core 1093 multi 5214, and i was actually expecting a little more out of the multi core on this, given that we have those extra 12 threads, but overall, its not bad. For this lower end chip. I also went with 3dmark wildlife. This is a vulcan benchmark for that built in gpu, 6453 and finally night raid with the 12 7′. So these benchmarks really arent that impressive but for the chip were working with here, theyre, really not that bad, but now its time to see how this thing handles pc gaming and emulation thats. What i was really interested in – and i do want to mention before we get started here – this is not marketed as a gaming laptop whatsoever, all right so first on the list, csgo 900p medium settings – and this is perfectly playable personally, with a laptop like this, i Would just go ahead and lock everything at 60.

that way the gpu and cpu dont have to work so hard and it will keep the temps way down, but for these tests everything will be unlocked, except for the emulators and with csgo we got an average of 97 fps heres og skyrim 900p high settings. I had a good feeling that wed be able to run this at 60.. Now i did try it at 1080p, but i had a lot of dips down into the 50s around 53 at 1080. So i took it down to 900p and everythings. Looking good here were at a really stable 60 with it. If you did want to run this at 1080p, i would drop it down to medium, maybe a little bit of a medium low mix, but you should be good to go with this game. Marvel vs, capcom infinite did way better than i thought it would were at 900p with a medium low mix, and the game still looks great on this 13 inch screen even at 900p and with it set up like this. I didnt see any dips under 60.. Its really playable on this little laptop Music and finally for the pc games. We have gta 5.. Now, with this one, i did have to drop it down to 720p, where at normal settings 100 resolution scale, i didnt even mess with any of that. I got an average of 62 fps at 720p. I did try 900p, but i was only getting an average of around 53.

so when it comes to emulation on the 5500u, ive always had really good luck, especially when were able to go up to those higher wattages, but with the easier to run stuff like gamecube Psp dreamcast, you dont have to pull that much. You can actually do these at 10 watts. So here we have gamecube using the dolphin emulator 1080p vulcan back in automotive running perfectly. I also wanted to test a little bit of wii. U emulation youre not going to be able to go to 60 with this and you cant upscale much, but at 720p, using that vulcan back in even breath of the wild is playable at 30 fps. There are some easier to run wii? U games! That will work at 60fps 720p with the cemu emulator and the 5500u in the last two years. This emulator has come so far. I mean the developers have really been putting it in with this one and its working amazingly, and the final thing i wanted to test here was some ps2 emulation, pc, sx2, 720p directx 11, ratcheting plank running great, were at the balanced preset in pcsx2 and ive had Really good luck with ps2 emulation on the 5500u and when it comes to the easier to run stuff like psp and dreamcast. This is going to do it at 1080p, probably even higher, no problem at all, even the harder to emulate games with ppsspp work. Amazingly, with the vulcan back in so in the end i got ta say i really enjoy using this little laptop.

If there was something with like the 5600h, then i would probably be okay with just using this as my main laptop but uh, unfortunately with the stuff that i personally like to do, i do need a little more power out of it. Its got a beautiful 1080 ips display, it is touch screen and im personally, not a big fan of it, but if youre into these touch screens it does work well. Weve got a backlit keyboard, its a single zone with white leds and theres four points of brightness. On it, it does work as a backlit keyboard. I mean you can definitely see this when the lights are low. I do wish it had hdmi built in, but you can always use a usb type c to hdmi adapter. I mean thats really the only way to get video out of this. If you want a wired connection and ethernet is non existent again, youd have to use an adapter, but a lot of these laptops are really moving over to that right now. So if youre interested in learning more about this laptop, i will leave a couple links in the description. I would definitely wait for a sale on these. They can get a little expensive, but when theyre on sale, i think its really worth picking one of these up. If you need a secondary laptop or if you need a lightweight moderately powered laptop, this will definitely get you by for day to day use but thats going to wrap it up for this one.