Doesnt work, its ergonomically, terrible Steve Jobs must be rolling in his grave because right now, Apple has teams working on touch screen Max for the first time ever, but its not what you think, because Ive been doing a bunch of research and I found out what theyre Working on – and it seems like it might not even be what you think this should be so lets get right into it. This leak came from Mark German, the most accurate Apple leaker out there saying that apple is working on his first max with touch screens in a major reversal. The company has teams working on a new Macbook Pro with a touch screen for release in 2025, but the story gets a little bit more complicated than this. Of course, Steve Jobs would not be happy because he did say that using touchscreen laptops is ergonomically terrible. Your arms gon na get tired and thats why Apple hasnt done it in so long now, Ming shakuo, whos, also another good apple leak. Speaker leaked that theres going to be an OLED MacBook Pro coming as early as next year and apparently that could be the one thats supposed to come with the touchscreen. Now, in my personal opinion, I cannot stand touchscreen laptops like the Dell XPS three in one. I just never got used to it. I dont like it. You get fingerprints on the screen and theres, even other legit downsides, like reflectivity of the display getting worse because of adding the touch screen layer.

So I never wanted it, but I guess apple is working on it and Im, not the only one, because there are other Twitter users who are saying the same thing Ive still yet to even once in my life wish. My Mac had a touch screen and I actually agree but heres the tweet that really got me thinking. Apple definitely isnt working on touch screen Max. Not only did Apple explain how touchscreen Maps make no sense and theyre an ergonomic nightmare, but then the iPad would pretty much be a useless product and I somewhat agree because if your MacBook can be a touch screen, then there are fewer reasons to buy an iPad Or if your iPad can legit run Mac OS, then why would you buy a Mac and Apple has actually addressed the merging of the iPad and Mac issue before and guess what Greg joswiak said: theres two conflicting stories: people like to tell about the iPad and Mac On one hand, people say that they are in conflict with each other, that somebody has to decide whether they want a Mac or they want an iPad or people say that were merging them into one. Then theres, this really Grand conspiracy. We have to eliminate the two categories and make them one. The reality is that neither is true were quite proud of the fact that we work really really hard to create the best products in their respective category. So basically, Apple for many years has been keeping the core design and feature set different between those two categories of products, so that people are forced to buy both a Mac and an IP pad and heres the better part about that.

If a customer buys both a Mac and an iPad, then eventually each product will need to get replaced, and that leads to more sales for Apple. So it makes sense for Apple to kind of separate those two product categories, but heres where things get a little bit different due to this tweet from Parker ordolani touch screens on laptops make no sense to me if theyre, not convertible. So that begs another question. So what if its actually not a Macbook at all, what if it is an iPad like this person on Twitter said please let this be an iPad with a magic keyboard form factor, and that is exactly what I think its going to be an iPad Pro. That can essentially some way switch to using a form of Mac OS and its not just me saying that, because we actually have patents and leaks so lets get right into it. Last year in May, there was a new Apple patent that described an iPad keyboard accessory that triggers a Mac OS like UI. So essentially you grab your iPad Pro. You put it onto your magic keyboard, it detects it and it switches to this different Mac OS like UI, and if that sounds familiar, it should because thats, essentially exactly what we have with Samsungs decks, where you open up a different app and it becomes a more Desktop like computer UI, and if I open up this actual pattern, you can see images here where you connect the iPad to the accessory, which is like a magic keyboard, and you see this Mac OS like UI right here, but theres, also an apple pencil connected which Points to it actually being an iPad, and here you can see the images right here.

This is clearly in Mac OS, like UI. So the idea here is that its not a convertible MacBook, but an iPad Pro that switches to this software when you connect it to a keyboard, and that is actually a great idea, because youre gon na force people to buy, buy a magic keyboard which is very Expensive to be able to use this, and that is going to help, sell more iPad pros and expensive accessories, so its a win win for Apple. But here is the catch theyre not actually going to give you full on Mac OS, because we have this leak from Majin Buu on Twitter, according to my source, Apple, could be testing a smaller version of Mac OS exclusively for the new iPad Pro M2, which might Actually be the M3 if that comes out later, Mendocino should be the code name for Mac OS 14. A simplified version should be planned for the M2, so basically Apple isnt, merging Mac OS into the iPad Pro its not getting full on Mac OS its getting. Basically, a simplified version of it, so even with this new product, thats kind of hybrid, with iPad OS and Mac OS its still not going to replace a Macbook entirely. So since you wont get full Mac OS, but of course its going to be better than iPad OS is right now so Apple isnt, going to completely butcher the Mac by giving full Mac OS to the iPad.

Imagine boot even gave us some more details saying that the UI is going to be 25 larger, which is optimization for touch, and the apps will still be iPad, OS apps and not Mac OS apps, so theyre, basically giving you a tease of Mac OS that works Better but its still, mostly iPad OS, and if you want some credibility for this league, imagine Booth said that the source is the same one that leaked Apple mixer back in the past and it turned out to be real. And if you want to know what Im talking about way back on March 15 2022, he said apple is developing a smart system for iPad OS codenamed Apple mixer, where your screen would automatically shrink when connected to the keyboard and trackpad, and he had this example. Footage right right here and guess what that is stage manager, thats exactly what came out. So he was correct and his Source was correct as well so thats why? I believe the simplified Mac OS for the iPad Pro leak is real and thats. Why, I believe, were going to be getting that new hybrid device where were going to get a new iPad Pro with probably a new magic keyboard, and those will be required to get this Mac OS like UI, so apple is going to sell a whole lot more Ipad pros and Magic keyboards, but heres the final issue, even though I think the iPad Pro with Mac OS like UI, is coming mark.

German did specifically say that theyre working on a new Macbook Pro with a touch screen for release in 2025.