Yes, we are reviewing the king of foldables today, the Samsung Galaxy fold 4, the latest and greatest from Samsungs stable. So when I started seeing foldables coming from Samsung with the screen peeling issues with the first generation phones, I was very skeptical about folds foldables standing a chance to become mainstream but boy how Samsung have turned the tables. I mean just have a look at that 7.6 inch. Amoled giant foldable display its more of a meaning folding tab than a phone. I think the note series may die eventually with these foldables replacing them in a couple of years, with the display Concepts that Samsung display showed off in CES 2023. You cant be but happy. Looking at the future of foldables do check out the CES highlights video. I had posted last Ill put a link here at the top or in the description, so lets dive straight into the review. Let me break this review into seven things. I liked about this device. Two things Im sort of okay with it and three which you will have to consider before buying it. So stay till the end of the video. As you are going to see a lot of incredible new features that you typically dont see in a smartphone and if youre new here do consider subscribing to the channel for more exciting devices in future, speaking of which we have the latest Apple watch. Ultra review. Coming next week so do subscribe, follow our Instagram page at gizmunk, underscore official and the FP page.

Gizmog, diving in in terms of design Samsung, has refined the full tree design from last year, making it a bit shorter but wider, which is good. It is reinforced with an aluminum frame and is available in some colors gray, green Phantom, black and beige. This version is the gray green. The folding design has also allowed Samsung to put two batteries or 4400 milliampere. It is a bit heavy but feels solid in hand and reminds you of the Nokia Communicator, which was a craze in the 2000s. Okay lets see these seven good things. First, obviously, the main screen the main foldable display with that screen real estate. It is a 7.6 inch, Dynamic AMOLED to its display with a high resolution and Corning Gorilla Glass with this plus with Samsung claims it resists scratches compared to full 3. It has an Adaptive 120 hertz refresh rate adjusting from 1 to 120 hertz, which means it will be buttery smooth, and this is no ordinary smartphone. It has a second display on its cover, which is 6.2 inch. Hd Plus Dynamic AMOLED screen colors are really fabulous with the typical AMOLED vibrant visuals, and with that high resolution screen everything looks stacked, sharp and great. To look at I mean you can really see the hair looking at the screen and do nothing. We will talk about how the foldable and dual screen setup elevates it to a different level in some time. If there is something that Apple cant make fun of Samsung in their ads now, then that would be this display.

Another interesting design is the camouflage the under display camera on the big Infinity Flex display it intelligently hides itself, and if you really watch closely here, you can see it working in the background, all of which makes the screen more immersive, and I know one question on Everybodys mind would be, how is the crease or the folding line in the middle of the screen? Well, it is still there, but the good news is that you tend to forget it while watching the videos or while using it. It is actually a Samsungs hinge mechanism that causes the squeeze in the middle, but one advantage that it gives us that it makes the phone water resistant compared to other foldables from the competition. Second, is the usability of the front screen. It is not just a fancy screen. It is surprisingly good to use the screen while it is folded. After some time, I found myself using the front screen for many quick peeks, including watching YouTube, so the ease of using the second screen with one hand, is great. It is basically two phones in one with nearly the weight of a less flexible foam. Third, a fast fingerprint scanner. The fingerprint scanner on this thing is blazing fast, as you can see, it just needs. A quick touch, and you are in fourth – is the multitasking capability. I think this phone is going to be legendary for its multitasking capability. More than its display paired with S Pen.

This is going to be a mini tab or computer business Executives and people who like to open two three apps and do things parallely, will love how Samsung has implemented the multitasking feature. When you open, multiple tabs from the Stars Bar below you can drag other apps into this flexible area, and there you have multiple apps open, which you can work with. Samsung should get some credit for how they have optimized the latest UI with Android 12l. It just feels battery smooth, definitely the high Ram of 12 GB and adaptive refresh rate does help in making this very smooth. It almost mimics. The way we work on Windows, computer with its taskbar environment and the taskbar, is not intrusive. When you are working on different apps it just minimizes Samsung also claims that 35 Plus third party apps are now optimized for the multi view from video calls to Quick edits, one of the most powerful 4 nanometer chip, Snapdragon 8 plus gen 1 processor shines through with Its performance and fifth, this is a multimedia consumption game period, watching Netflix or YouTube on this Stella display is just an amazing experience. After few minutes of hitting play, I forgot, I was watching it on a phone. It is almost like watching on a mini tablet, with the AMOLED screen. Films and content. Look amazing with Peak brightness of more than 1000 minutes. There is no shortage for brightness on the screen, one things for sure you would be often using this phone for watching multimedia.

Sixth, is the speakers what makes watching movies engaging on this? Are the stereo speakers, the speakers on either side of the phone makes it one of the best speakers on a smartphone today, Apple speakers on their phones have finally met a match. The sound is really loud with good quality and Samsung has done a good job on this Music. The Dolby Atmos audio, coupled with the stereo speakers, are amazing to listen to. Finally, the seventh reason it cant replace your tablet or Kindle as a full time. Reader youll love reading on this device just have a look at how the reading app Flipboard looks on this expansive and gorgeous display with such screen real estate. It is easy for your eyes to read content. The same is true with the Amazon Kindle app, where you can read books easily. The leading daily news on this would really change your usual reading experience and the adaptive display will make this crawling through content even better. Now, the okay things first, the camera unit is upgraded according to Samsung The View that you get when you open the main app on the massive main display makes you realize that this is indeed a different experience, dampening a camera apps in other phones. The main rare cameras are a 12 megapixel Ultra wide camera, a 50 megapixel wide angle, camera a 10 megapixel 3 times optical zoom, telephoto, camera and inside on the main Infinity display. You have an under display: 4 megapixel camera and its not over theres.

Another 10 megapixel camera on the cover or the front screen thats a total of five cameras on a phone, but the cover camera is not as good as it seems, but you can do one thing which you cannot do with another phone, rare cam selfie. You can switch to your main camera, the 50 megapixel back camera and then look at the live view from the front camera and take an impressive shot at just your pose or whatever, and then take an impressive shot. The optical image, stabilization and bdis Technology will really smooth out those videos so that you dont get any Shake in the videos. I didnt get a chance to thoroughly test the camera, but it felt good. My impression is that still Samsung needs to improve the camera. A bit more compared to apple flagships, and maybe they will with the fold 5 and second, is that they should have found a way to bundle the S Pen with the phone right now. All you can do is buy the S case, which is an additional accessory, which has this slot, where you can keep the S Pen come on Samsung. This phone is to be used with hairspin. You should have designed to include the S Pen in the frame, just like all your S, Pen, phones and Galaxy Notes, now three things that you should keep in mind while considering this phone one is the price. This is not at all a cheap phone.

In fact, a bloody, expensive one, even upstaging Apple in pricing, but its possible to buy with some festive deals, exchanges and Bank offers Samsung, also bundles, some of its other high end products like the Galaxy watch or earbuds with this phone. So all in all, it may look more attractive in overall value for what you pay as foldables become mainstream. The prices may fall in future and fold. Five rumors have started circulating, so there may be a new improved version on the horizon. If you are seriously considering buying this second, its, like a jewel in hand, even though it has a solid build, and it feels rugged with two screens and a glass back, you need to treat it like a jewel in hand. A case will definitely be a mandatory accessory. This phone had a bare thin case and it felt very nice without adding any bulb to the phone. The S Pen case would make it a bit more bulky. Third is the competition competitors like who are we Oppo and Motorola have all come up with their own foldables many without the crease in the middle, but without the water resistance that Samsung offers and Google is, Google pixel foldable phone is also rumored to be launching soon. I think Samsung software implementation and ads tweaked for the folding screen is better than the current competition, but I think this space is definitely going to heat up in the future and there are many promising models like the Oppo Find and Google Googles new pixel Portables.

So do consider the competitor models as well when you belong so much money in the future. On a foldable like this so summarizing, this phone has really tempted me to switch from Apple. I havent felt that from any others, Android smartphone for some time now. The screen is the primary reason for that. If you have the money – and you want a great video watching and reading experience with multitasking capability and which also makes you stand out from the other me too smartphones today, this will be a good consideration. If you can wait for some more months, the fold five may be on the horizon, so thats it from us today. Everyone do follow our newly launched Instagram, page gizmunk, underscore official and follow that and like our Facebook page so do subscribe. Put a like and comment what you would want to see. Next, we have another surprise device review coming next week.