Then we have the air and then the two brand spanking new pro models complete with the m1 chip and also on the 12.9. The mini led screen so which is best which should you buy well it’s, a tough question because the price is there’s. Quite a big range: we go from the 329 ipad up to over two and a half grand for a top spec pro 12.9, and if you do enjoy the video and want to see more from me, a cheeky little like and subscribe would be very much appreciated. And i’ve also left links to all of these in the description below okay. First question: why actually buy an ipad? Well, for me, whichever one you go for, i reckon the ipad is still the best tablet you can buy for a couple of reasons, but the big one really is the app store, it’s, the sheer number and also importantly, the quality of ipad optimize apps that i Think sets this apart from rivals. You can still have a great experience on something like the galaxy tab from samsung, but if i was going to go out and buy a new tablet, i would pick one of these but it’s also not just about watching netflix or browsing the web. These are great tools for kids, for students for productivity and work, and obviously you can pair it with something like the apple pencil. If you fancy doing some doodling or drawing or a keyboard, i really really love the magic keyboard.

It is quite expensive actually, but if you can stretch your budget and you’re buying an air or a pro, i highly recommend this we’ll talk more about it in a second, and with these you can turn your ipad into a proper, almost laptop replacement. I say almost because, obviously now we do have ipad os 15. it’s in beta right now. I’Ve got it installed in the sort of preview modes here, although it won’t be coming out till september properly, but unfortunately, as a lot of us had hoped, we’re not seeing any proper sort of desktop applications coming to the ipads, it was a bit of a reach. I guess, but since the new pros do come with the m1 chip, which is in the new macbooks and the imac, it wasn’t that much of a stretch maybe to think that we’d have some more professional level applications on here, but sadly not so. First of all, the ipad now gets proper, iphone style widgets on the home screen and not just in this sidebar like before. This is still running the older software just for comparison. We also get this new app library which is permanently docked at the bottom, and this automatically categorizes your apps into easy to access folders, which you can then access from the dock, there’s also a new multitasking menu that helps you uh split, apps more easily and generally It’S, just a bit of a sort of quality of life improvement rather than anything revolutionary.

There are a few other tweaks and changes, but so this video isn’t like an hour long let’s, move on and actually talk about, the differences between the ipads and then eventually which one you should actually buy. So right now there’s five different new models of ipad to choose from, and they all come in, various colors storage sizes and also connectivity with wi fi and also lte options with the two latest pros, also offering 5g, as opposed to just 4g lte. But let’s start with this guy. I know this is the smallest and it kind of makes sense as we’re going along uh here. But this is the standard ipad, the 8th gen ipad, and this is actually a bit of a bargain because you’re getting that fantastic ipad experience, that’s less than half the price of the cheapest pro and also next to the air and the pro models. It does look a little bit dated in terms of the design, particularly the chunky bezels, although it does mean there’s room for this physical home button. So we’ve got the touch id rather than a sort of face id, and actually some people do still prefer there’s. A physical button you can press, which brings you back to the home screen you’re not going to get lost, not that you would anyway, but you know if an older person or a kid is using this. That might be useful and you’ve got your fingerprint in there.

As well slightly annoyingly, though we do have the lightning port rather than the usbc, which we get on the other ipads now, as you might be able to tell from some of the apps installed this isn’t my personal ipad, my little nephew oliver is using this to Play games and uh use some sort of educational apps, so for that, because it’s a little bit thicker a little bit cheaper as well. You don’t mind quite as much if he drops it, although i still recommend putting a big rugged case on it, because he’s gon na smash against something. But this is great for kids as well. I did chat, chat, i’ll. Tell you what, though, whichever tablet phone laptop or pc you’re using there’s an app for surf shark vpn, who are very kindly sponsoring today’s video. Now i work with these guys a lot and you may have even seen my face on their website, but they’re genuinely the only vpn that my wife and i use whether we’re at home, accessing us, netflix or hulu, or something or i’m out and about – and i Want to keep my browsing safe and secure as it helps to block ads tracking malware and other nasty things it’s. Also, the simplest and easiest to use vpn i’ve ever tried, so i definitely recommend giving surfsharkvpn a go and if you do click the link below you get a whopping, 83 off and also three months extra for free plus there’s, a money back guarantee.

If you’re not super duper happy with it, so why not give surf shark vpn a try and stay safe online? You can also pair the standard ipad with a keyboard, not the magic keyboard, but you can get one of these and also the first generation apple pencil, which isn’t quite as responsive and also you charge by plugging into the lightning port on the bottom, which is a Bit stupid and i still think one of the worst designs apple’s ever come up with, and while the retina ips display is sharp and bright and quite colourful, it’s, not as good as the pricier models and also unlike every other ipad. This base, one doesn’t, have a laminated screen, which means there’s a small air gap between the glass and the screen itself. Most people – probably wouldn’t even notice, but you don’t, get quite the same feeling of sort of directly touching the screen, as you do with the other ones, it’s just a small thing, but you might notice it, but i think the biggest compromise with the base ipad is The storage, because the cheapest one, the entry level, only comes with 32 gigs, i paid the extra 100 or so to get 128, which i would definitely recommend, but i wouldn’t pay 560 pounds for the 128 gig plus lte model of this, which actually i do have Here, because well everyone’s use case is a bit different, but i just don’t know why you wouldn’t either use wi, fi or hotspot from your phone and uh save the money on the sim plan and also paying the extra for the compatibility.

Maybe if this is your work tablet and the business is paying then go nuts, but for most of us i wouldn’t really bother with the lte and, last but definitely least, the cameras. We get an eight megapixel single lens on the back and a one, megapixel facetime selfie up front that’s kind of weird, but i think with video calling becoming more and more important these days. That could be a reason to maybe pay a bit more and go for one of the better models. There is a chance, though, that we may see an updated ipad, a 9th gen version, maybe in september time, so keep an eye out for that there’s. Nothing confirmed yet so don’t hold me to it, but there could be new models of this and the mini coming in a few months. Maybe so that’s the base ipad, but let’s move on to the ipad mini which, as you can see, is clearly the smallest and the cutest and the most portable and it’s, basically the same as the standard ipad uh, but in a smaller form factor. We have this 7.9 inch screen and also somehow it’s, actually more expensive than the standard ipad as well. Although in fairness, if i jump to the settings and then go to storage, you’ll see that the base model is actually 64 gigs rather than 32, which does make a big difference and therefore kind of evens the pricing out a little bit. You are getting more for your money plus we’re, getting this slightly higher quality laminated screen, which the standard one still lacks.

I really do quite like the mini, but the problem is we have this quite dated design and because it does have this smaller screen size. Arguably, next to a big iphone: this is the 12 mac, so it’s the biggest one you can get right now. You could argue that there’s not that much need for a tablet this size, but then again, if you’re going to use this as an e reader or if maybe you have an older iphone that’s a lot smaller, which you probably do, then this could still be worth Considering we still have these chunky bezels, as well as the home button, with touch id the single camera lens on the back and the same facetime camera up top here. As you can see, the black borders cut into the screen a little bit so you’re not really getting that much of a immersive tablet experience, unlike the other ones here. So while the techie nerd in me thinks oh well, it’s, not big enough and it doesn’t have this or that you can’t get away from the fact that this is the only ipad you can hold one handed, and it really is just a lovely portable tablet, which Really is what tablets were meant to be not necessarily big, honking, very expensive, laptop replacements. So if you’re just browsing the web, maybe watching a few videos or reading, perhaps with the kindle app, then i do still highly recommend the mini five okay.

This is where things start to get a little bit more interesting, because this is the ipad air, the 4th gen air and, in my opinion this is the best overall ipad you can buy and think of it more like a ipad pro light than a deluxe standard. Ipad because the air actually shares the same design, pretty much as the 11 inch pro as you can see, also we’re getting pretty much the same 11 inch liquid retina display, although well technically. This is 11 inches. This is 10.9 and also it’s, only 60 hertz, rather than 120, which we get on the pro models, which does make a difference, but really there’s not a whole lot in it, and i just think the area is kind of like the best all rounder. It looks great especially in this new sky, blue color, and actually, if i bring up the standard ipad next to it, you can see it’s a similar size overall, but we’re getting a 0.7 inch bigger screen because they’ve trimmed those bezels it does mean we’ve lost the Home button on the bottom and the touch id fingerprint reader is now built into the power button at the top, and we also get usb c now, instead of lightning, which makes this just a lot easier in terms of connectivity and plugging in peripherals. But it’s. Also not just a pretty face because on the inside we have apple’s a14 bionic processor, which isn’t as quick as the ludicrously powerful m1 chips in the pro but it’s still seriously fast.

But if we look at some benchmarks, it’s no surprise that the a12 chips in the ipad, 8th gen and the ipad mini 5 get similar results. But the a14 in the air really impresses being about 50, faster across single and multi core speeds. And in my 3dmark wildlife, extreme gaming test, it was a third faster. The extra performance in this will definitely make it more future proof and, as more apps are developed for the higher end ipads. This will last you longer than these two quick side note and when it comes to the air or the pros for that matter, it’s the accessories that really make it stand out. Not only do we get the gen 2 apple pencil, which has this much more seamless connection it just magnetically attaches to the side and also charges wirelessly plus we’re, getting a faster response time with it. So it feels a bit more like a real pen it’s. The first model, along with the pros to support the magic keyboard. This also shares the same 12 megapixel camera with the ipad pro, although it doesn’t have the ultra wide lens or the lidar, and we also get a seven megapixel selfie camera up front. But coming up from these two, the camera on the air is a big step up, but so is the price. This is about 250 pounds more than the standard ipad. So really, i think this is more for enthusiast users, if you’re going to use this a lot.

My only issue with this is the storage. It still starts with 64 gigs, which is pretty stingy actually and also the worst bit, is the model up from this. If you want more storage is 256. there’s no 128, which then puts it at just 30 pounds less than the pro apple know. What they’re doing uh they’re, basically restricting this a little bit to tempt you up to the pro, because for most people this would be all you need, but despite that, i think most people could still get away with 64 gigs at the moment. I still think the ipad air is the best all round ipad. You can buy right now, it’s kind of funny, because everything i’ve talked to you about so far. Everything i’ve said. I also said back in november, when i made my last ipad buying guide these three haven’t changed. What has changed and the reason why i’m making this new buying guide is because of these two new pros, the 11 and the 12.9. These have just been refreshed for mid 2021, and the big news is that they both come with apple’s incredible m1 processor that’s, the same chip that they use in their macbooks and imacs all be a slightly lower power version. But these are insanely fast and together with slightly more ram and more storage, as well as a mini led screen on this 12.9. These pros have had quite a big upgrade, but aside from the size, obviously the mini led screen and also the price.

These two pro models are essentially identical and actually, i just finished my big review of the new 11 and 12.9 pros, which you can watch by clicking this little pop out thing somewhere over there, hopefully, and also at the end of the video i’ll link it. But essentially we get the same sleek aluminium design as we’ve had for the last couple of years, the 120 hertz refresh rate for a smoother slicker feeling and also the same punchy. Quad speakers face id in the camera up here and also the same camera hardware. As the previous pro, with the main and the ultrawide lens, as well as that lidar sensor, which helps with augmented reality, although mainly i just use it for measuring stuff, but the 2021 pros also now get 8 or 16 gigs of ram. Depending on the storage option, which is up from 6 on the older pros, as well as a faster usb 4 port that supports thunderbolt 3 and the 5g option, not just 4g lte, the image signal processor in the m1 chip also improves the white balance and the Noise of the cameras – and we also get this new facetime camera it’s – a 12 megapixel ultra wide with center stage, which uses the extra resolution wider field of view to crop in and track your face as you move around it actually does work really. Well, although you can turn it off, if you find it a little bit jarring, however, none of this comes cheap, because the 11 inch pro will cost you 750 pounds rising to a thousand pounds for the 12.

9. That is an awful lot of money and actually just like this in its base configuration this costs the same as the macbook air. But of course, this doesn’t come with a keyboard and once you tack on the keyboard and maybe upgrade the storage as well, then these become very expensive and in the same ballpark as your macbook pro and other premium laptops. So, despite the fact that we do get the same m1 chip as the macbooks and the imac, this still isn’t, in my opinion, a proper laptop replacement. Although in some ways you do get more functionality from this, because we have the touchscreen and it’s a tablet. But jumping back to the m1 chip – and these are, as i say, just spectacularly fast, especially in benchmarks, so we essentially have three tiers of performance. We’Ve got the a12 chip in the mini 5 and the ipad 8th gen, the a14 in the ipad air and the m1 in the pros, except for maybe rendering video or, if you’re, editing lots of super high resolution raw photos. It can be kind of tricky to actually really see that benefit of the extra performance with the higher end models. These still feel very fast to me. So if you have watched or read any reviews of the new pros, including mine, perhaps you’ll know that the big issue is just the untapped potential. We have all this horsepower with the m1. You have to kind of get creative to really see any difference.

However, everyone’s use case is different. More apps will be developed to take advantage of it so over time. In the next couple of years, we may see some real tangible benefit to the m1, but right now, it’s not essential, which is why i still think the air is the go to option. However, a more visible upgrade with the pros and exclusive to the 12.9. Is this new mini led screen and side by side with the 11 inch pro, which has the same led lcd, blacks, just look kind of like a washed out gray, now, importantly, for non hdr, apps and content, the difference really isn’t that obvious, except for that difference In contrast, as both peak at the same 600, nits of briners, however jumping into some hdr video and you get 1 000 nits on the mini, led with areas of peak brightness up to 1600 nits it’s a big difference, although the downside is that there is some Quite obvious, blooming around bright objects, which is made even more obvious thanks to the fact that we have the much darker areas because of the higher contrast, so whether mini led and the larger size is worth an extra 250 pounds over. The 11 really comes down to how you use it. If you want the best ipad movie watching experience or need a better screen for work, then yes, it makes sense. But for most of us i don’t think it’s essential. I saw a comment on my last ipad.

Buying guide saying the best one is the one you can afford, and that is absolutely true because let’s face it, the ipad is a bit of a luxury item. No one needs an ipad, although they are very nice to use. So i would definitely recommend looking at older or refurbished models as well. You can get them from apple officially, although they’re quite expensive, so it’s worth shopping around okay, let’s, wrap up and i’ve got a few kind of key takeaways, the first one being storage, because chances are whatever ipad. You buy you’re, probably going gon na hang on to it for three four five years, so think about whether it’s worth paying a bit more to up the storage, particularly on the standard ipad uh, maybe even with the air up to 256. It is kind of painfully expensive sometimes, but you don’t want to be constantly uninstalling, apps or deleting videos, because you’ve filled it out in the first six months, so consider the storage. Secondly, i don’t think most of us really need to buy the pros. They are very nice and they have a few advantages, but the m1 chip doesn’t make that much of a difference right now. I think the main reason to consider it is the higher 120 hertz refresh rate, particularly if you are gon na, do lots of drawing or doodling, because it makes the pen a bit more responsive. But i still think the ipad air is kind of all you need, and thirdly, i still don’t think ipads can fully replace your laptop they’re not supposed to there’s just lots of options to kind of make them seem that way, particularly with a magic keyboard, but they’re Still restricted and limited by the ipad os software, they are still essentially big iphones rather than small macbooks.

So enough of me waffling, which one should you buy? Well, i think you can probably guess, because i’ve said it a few times during the video, but i would recommend the ipad air for most people if you’re gon na give this to your kid or your mum or you don’t, really care about any bells and whistles Go with a standard ipad or the mini five, if you prefer the smaller form factor and then the pro, if you just want the best camera, the best performance, the most future proofing, if you will, but obviously it does still run the same ipad apps that any Of them do so fundamentally, aside from some accessories and a few extra bells and whistles like the lidar, i don’t think the pros are essential, although this is certainly the best ipad there’s, no arguments there and breathe, we made it. You got to the end of the video. Thank you so much for sticking with me throughout. I appreciate that was quite a long one. I think my voice is getting a bit horsey. I will leave links to all these below and if you’ve got any questions at all, i read every single one of your comments, so let me know below and if you did enjoy the video and you’re not sick to death of me just yet then hit that Subscribe button ding that bell and you’ll be the first to see when i post a new video.

Thank you so much for watching and i’ll catch you next time right here on the tech chat, subscribe, oh and don’t forget to give surf shark vpn a try.