So this one is exactly that. It’S, an invisible and foldable stand case for the ipad pro made by a company called moft it’s, actually called the moft float. So this is for the ipad pro 11 inch model, which i have right here on the side i’m excited about this one, because it’s gon na be very good for my own personal use. So wait till you see what this can do so it’s a quality case. It’S very durable: it feels very durable it’s made from a rubberized texture on one side and the protective lip going. All the way around is made from a silicon soft material, so you can remove and replace your ipad without the worry of scratching it. So here is my ipad: pro 11 inch 2020 model. I love this device, so my ipad is installed. I’Ll show you what this can do, so it says they’re open, so you’re, just simply lifting that out like so, and that gives you a floating stand like a floating stand. You’Ve got this uh plastic part which you have to push. Otherwise, your ipad will fall backwards and that keeps the unit from falling backwards. As you can see, you’ve got elevation both up and down, and you can tilt the screen at various different angles or you can have it straight vertical, like a monitor and when you’re done with it, that’s it and away you go so you close that lip as Well, you’ve got a groove here for the apple pencil, so if you do have the apple pencil drop it in place and it will stay there secure and if you just want to stand without opening the whole thing out you can.

You can just do that. That will give you a stand, and you again you can tilt it up and down to suit your position now. The full size stand is good when you’re about to get productive, and you want something a little bit more level to your eye when working, because that feels more comfortable, then you can prop it up like this. So this case is for the 11 inch 2020 model. You can also pick this up for the 12.9 inch ipad pro and also the ipad air 2020, so there’s, three different sizes that you can pick up so it’s great for watching movies, playing games or even helping you get productive, so use it anywhere. You like anytime, you like, and if this product is not cool enough for you, you want it to be a little bit more cooler. Then you need this. Wait till you see what’s in here. I am so excited to try. This i’ve got this suede pouch inside, and you have yourself, oh, that feels good it’s, the tri folding keyboard by moft wow and the quality is impressive gun metal, finish it’s made from metal and the hinges are really cool. Try folding keyboard i’ve connected via bluetooth, and you can have three devices connected at the same time now, when you close the keyboard, it automatically powers off when you open it, it will immediately pair to the ipad. So it will search for devices and then you can see you’re paired that’s the touchpad working.

Superb. If i open up notes just delete what’s there, all the multimedia keys and functions work great, so there’s your volume there’s, your brightness. You can see it’s all working fine. Now type on it briefly, just to show you in action testing out the new moft folding keyboard. So you can see the keys are slightly on the smaller side, but you can type absolutely fine. You’Ve got some decent travel there as well, so you can feel every click, a really nice portable keyboard and when you’re done close, it drop this down pop it into the bag, and your computer is now ready to take with you anywhere you like.