Just i need to see that video again right, it’s friday, but of course, we’re doing some tech this morning, it’s going to be quite interesting. We have in the studio here with us the marketing communications manager for infinix mobility, kelvin uldu may say you’re good to have you you’re welcome you’re welcome you’re, welcome nice to meet you as well yeah infinix infinix. We just saw it now so um infinix is coming out or already has a laptop in the market. The i n what’s what’s it now what’s the in the book, the in book, the in book, the in book infinix. We know infinix, read, phones and now infinix has moved into the laptop market. What is the idea? What are you planning to achieve with this um? Basically, um infinix listens to its customers. We look at our customers needs and want when we’re creating our devices, and this is why we want to expand our product line and that’s the next stage in uh evolution in our evolution, okay, to go to other products, and we have laptops. We have tvs now as well, yes um, so we launched this laptop in collaboration with our latest device, um the infinix note: 10. Okay, the theme of that launch on meet beauty with strength, beauty and strength. I like that. I like that is the theme of the launch and that’s what this laptop also does. It also meets beauty with strength and strength, which is also um what happens with all general infinix products.

It gives you a great mix of design and also productivity and productivity. Wonderful, wonderful! So now, before we go into the specs and talk about productivity, let’s start with design right external the hardware. What makes this um laptop exceptional, what makes it what’s what’s what’s about it! Well um i’ll, say there’s. Just some specific things about this laptop. A lot of stuff i’ll go with three things: um i’ll first talk about the portability, the portability exactly exactly come on, i mean you can see this it’s just so so light. Okay, so slick um, the laptop is actually 1.48 kg. One point four: eight kg that’s not going up to 1.5 kg okay, so it’s slick you can put it in your bag, put it in your um, your briefcase kind of easy to carry around move around. So that is one thing about the hardware. It also has an aluminium frame, it does. It does an aluminium frame which gives it extra protection and extra strength for when it hits stuff it’s quite strong. It is, it is quite slick and that’s for the portability part um it’s, also quite productive. As you can see, we released this laptop in partnership with microsoft and now that’s. That is, that is big, because that gives it a lot of credibility. So when you see in partnership with microsoft, what do you mean by that so um partnership with microsoft and intel basically intel makes the best um hardware, microsoft processor, so they are in the world.

The best laptop processor in the world, microsoft makes the best laptop softwares. In the world, okay partner with them, because we wanted to give our users the best experience in laptops and we’re like who bigger and the two biggest guys to actually do it so the moment you mentioned this, i was like okay. This is the final thing. Yes, this is something that everybody can get once i can see in microsoft, partnership. There is a label there that says so and then intel. I call then, of course this is it so um moving from the design, let’s move on to productivity? What are the specs? What is um the hard drive capacity of this one? I know this is this is, and this is the first one you’re coming with into the market. What are the specs of this particular laptop um, so yeah still based on productivity on our partnerships? Um, the processor is a 10th generation intel core processor, that’s, almost that’s, the latest processor intel it is and we have uh specific variations of it. We have the i3, the i5 and i7 for different users, different productivities, wonderful, each one also comes print stock with microsoft, office and microsoft. 365. So we know that, as our users are using this for work or for project stuff of actually business things, they can actually use this app quite easily and the processor is actually going to be quite strong for you now something i want you guys to note out There not every laptop, comes pre installed with microsoft office and all that that’s.

Why? You see some system that i tell that your license is about to expand all but it’s not going to happen with this system, because it comes pre installed, that’s. What you’re saying right? Yes, although, after that, you have to actually renew definitely definitely it’s not forever. Now you get it for one year, exactly yes, so um the microsoft functions and the processor actually quite good um another thing about the hardware: it has a hidden spy camera. Ah, yes, now this is the person. People might not be yeah. Who’S monitoring me. Yes, exactly so um. Is it it’s a camera lock. We know a lot of things happening online. Now people say: oh, they contribute to your cameras and stuff yeah. So what this does is it gives you a block on your camera, for people not to be able to see you without your permission, even if your camera is open. Yes, it has a special password and you can actually use that because some people at times the cameras are on and they don’t know, and then you know the information is i get. I get you fully. What do you mean exactly? It also has a hidden cam, where you can see anyone trying to enter your laptop without without this laptop has a hidden camera. How does that work um? Well, it works when you set it up and the person actually goes in to use the wrong password and just takes a picture of it of the person.

Yes, that’s just it and then, when you get back to the lab, when you get back and check it out yeah you can check back and you can see. Oh someone tries to log in next amount of times and stuff like that. That is wonderful. That is wonderful now so for all of this goodness: okay, but what’s, the hard what’s, the htd, the the capacity for the hdd for this one so um this is the i3 and it is um six gig, okay on ram yeah, six giga graph, 256 hdd. Wonderful! So now, with all of these features on this particular one let’s talk about price now, that’s, the part where a number of people are interested. You know how much do i get all of this goodness um, okay, um. First of all, because we talked about two different segments of people for making this laptop talked about people that are students, people that move around a lot are students they’re on the bus they’re moving from place to place, also people that are working to people that are Entrepreneurs entertainers, they also move around a lot um. It has because of the fast charge capabilities that’s, one of the let’s doesn’t talk about that: okay, okay, fast charge capabilities, which means it can charge from zero to 70 percent in less than one hour in less than one hour, and how long can a full battery? Last, a full battery can last for one day on average, productive on average.

Yes, so if you’re typing or something yeah you’re, not watching the movie, it can last for as much as it lasts for a long time. I don’t want to watch movies exactly exactly, but it also has a silent, cooling, tech technology. It cools very fast, even when it’s not. We did all that because we wanted to be easy to move around okay it’s for students it’s for entertainers for students. You can get the i3 version, which is just 267 000.. Okay, 267, 7000 naira. Yes, the i3 version um. We also have the i7 version which can be used for other stuff, other more um productions, yeah exactly, and that one goes for 406 nine. Okay, you can find them at expart.ng.com, okay and find this laptop at xbakaring.com that’s, our partner retail site, okay um, our partner e commerce site um. You can also get at any authorized. Infinix store, infinix store out there what’s the is there a warranty or something? What was there before, whatever this or another, for now? Yes, so there is, we have our infinix um. Has our partner um service center cal care? Okay, okay, also services? Okay! So if i have issues with it, yes, i can take it to car because that’s what i want to think about exactly um there’s, also a way for users to actually win a free version of this laptop. By the way, tell me about that people love free stuff about that.

So, basically you know infinix. Every time we bring out a new product, we like to give something back to the um, to the fans like to give something back to the people involved, um. So that’s, why we’re giving out we’re giving people an opportunity to experience the laptop it’s new in the market, it’s fresh in the market, anyone that buys it i’ll be one of the first people to own an infinix laptop like okay, so it’s a big deal. It is, and we have we’re partnering with some celebrities um to actually promote this laptop um like alexa football. Now, okay, neil from from big brother, we also have other people that are online in different walks of life. So we have these pictures of them. Using this laptop and all all you need to do is find is just search for a search for any of them. Okay, anybody using this laptop post, the picture of that person using the laptop and captioning the caption it with how laptops or technology, has changed your life or helped your career wonderful. So we want to see how people, how lot of inspired people are you a designer? Are you a passion? Are you a fashion, a fashion illustration person, you an architect? Are you do you just use it for schoolwork? Did they help you to get your work stuff done easy? That is what we want to see. We want you to tell us how laptops have changed your life and if your story is inspiring, you win a brand new laptop from infinix.

Just like that. Just like that wonderful, wonderful! I like this okay, so um from what i can see here: there’s a hdmi port there’s, the usb port. There is your um, your monitor, and all of that it is, it is quite wonderful, has everything and um yeah this is this? Is this? Is it so and then they can also win that video, so you just check for that image anywhere online and then you can get it yeah that this this is. This is good. This is good. This is good and i must say well, uh. Is this one going back with you we’ll talk about that? Okay, so and, like you said, like you mentioned it’s, something that we didn’t reach for people it’s, not it’s, not so expensive, it’s, something that we can buy between uh. That amount, and then also something i love that you mentioned – was that the the when it comes to customer service in case it does have issues. There are partner places that you can go like you mentioned car k. I can go check it out and all of that now that’s, wonderful, that’s, wonderful um! This is uh. This is something thank you thank you for coming and all of that um it’s been great talking to you and uh. I know that people want to jump on this, considering that a lot of people who also want the free stuff, so you can go check out for that picture like you said anywhere and tag and tell your story of how a laptop has helped change your life.

Thanks so much kelvin, thank you for having me and uh yeah wishing you the best wish you the best. Okay that’s it that’s it that’s. It we’ll take this step up now.