As the name says, this Kamvas13 is 13 inch. Pen display actually 13.3 inch pen display, not so big, but just the right size for you guys to carry around for your work. All right so lets open up in here, as you guys can see Its pretty decent size. … Okay for now, im just going to place it in here we will come back to it later lets see what else we have in here. We have the user manual and driver information where you guys can download the drivers for this product and also in addition, they are giving you guys the hand guard which you can use it while you are using the device and, in addition with the cleaning clothes. These are pretty standard which comes with almost all pen displays. Nowadays all right.. lets move on in here we have the pen stand where this pen will be resting on lets. Look into the pen, its pretty light lets open this packaging. First pen design looks really cool and very easy to handle. You guys can see. The shape of this pen looks really cool as well, and you guys can see with the grip in here. You guys can easily hold the pen while you are drawing and its look very comfortable and the best part you guys dont need to use any batteries or charge this pen. You can straight away use it on your display. The pen holder is not only act as a pen holder, you guys, can find additional nibs inside in here.

So once your nip has been worn off, you can easily replace them from here. Next we have these cables in here a direct USB power, cable … If you guys notice, there is no power plug with this packaging, because you dont need a power plug. You can directly connect your device using the main cable. If there is not enough power for your device from your computer, you can use this additional cable and plug in to another USB which will use as a power source for your tablet. So you dont have to carry around power plugs with you guys. You can just simply use your computer USB to connect your device as well as power, the device, okay cool, so im just going to leave them in here lets look into the tablet now, as i said, its 13.3 inch and pretty light about 980 grams. So its very easy to use as a portable device to carry around very simple design. The finishing look very good, very professionally built, and you guys can see it has a very decent size display as well, and we have the side buttons and shortcuts in here, and also its very slim, only 11.8 millimeters and the shortcut buttons nicely place in the left Side holding this i can see the build quality is very good and the screen has been protected with extra lamination, so you wont get any scratches on your screen. Unfortunately, there is no stand available with this device and there is no latches or anything behind.

You can make it as a stand as well, so you have to use it like this or you can use a third party stand to rest this device on all right guys. I think lets connect this device and see how it will work. Okay, guys device has been connected, so lets start the power button in here, and you guys can see. Huion logo is already appearing. That means our device is working. Fine and after i peel off this protective cover, the colors of this device look pretty good. It look really good for the price of this display and this device is 1080p HD size thousand nine two zero by thousand eight zero, as you guys can see in here, we have these two ports, which you can connect your devices with this tablet, i have connect My pc, using this cable, only one cable, which will connect as a USB and as a HDMI port, which you can connect to your graphic card. The second port is for connect. Your mobile devices, android devices you can use any USB c type cable or you guys – can purchase an additional USB c type, cable from Huion website and connect your android device and use the android device as the computer and use your drawing tablet as a drawing source Which is a really cool function for portable use And installing the drivers is pretty straightforward. You can go into Huion website and in here you can find the drivers from their drivers page.

You just need to enter the correct tablet model and you can download the drivers for windows or mac based on your OS. I have already installed the drivers, so once you open up your application, you will see a very simple interface. You can customize your device for an example shortcut keys from here. You can enter your own shortcut, keys or select or pick up a shortcut key from the list, and you guys have eight shortcut keys in here to play around and in here you can select your work area as you guys can see. I have three monitors, including the tablet display. I can select any of these monitors as working monitor for this pen display. For an example, lets say if i were to select this large monitor as pen displays monitor. I can simply select this and apply and then the pen display will act like a Pen tablet, so you will use the tablet to draw based on your larger monitor And of course, you guys if you want, you can use the pen display as a display to Draw as well its all up to your preference, and in here you guys, can customize the buttons on your pen by default. We have the eraser and the right mouse click and you guys can customize anything. You want, from here im just going to leave the default settings for now and lets start our photoshop and see how the pen display work.

Lets start with the pressure sensitivity im going to start with a very low pressure in here and gradually increasing my pressure, and you guys can clearly see the difference in here. I havent even activate the pressure sensitivity inside the photoshop, so lets make the brush bigger. As you can see, theres a clear difference in here lets activate the pressure sensitivity inside photoshop as well. Now you can see the clear difference between the pressure sensitivity, so this will be really useful guys when you are drawing on artworks, and one thing i can say guys, there is no lag some of these devices when you draw, you can clearly see a lag, but In here it appears very smooth and there are no delays. This display has 8192 levels of pressure, sensitivity with 60 degree tilt angle, which is really cool for this price range. You guys can get this device for 369 Singapore dollars its about 272 USD and if you guys use the link under the description below you can get 74 coupon codes. So 369 74. You will get the device for 295 Singapore dollars about 220 US dollars. This device is not only for artists, especially nowadays with the work from home and everything … Anyone can use this device for an example. Teachers can use this device to broadcast their courses. This device work with Microsoft, programs very well like Word or PowerPoint. So your video conference, if you want to explain things, you can directly share your screen and write or draw stuff in your video conferences and also you can use the same device to take note.

While you are on the conference call. This is good for students, so teachers or anyone in a conference call all right guys after using this device for a couple of days. My final thoughts are …. This is a really good pen display for the price. This device is good for artists or beginners, who wanted to get their first pen display or have a limited budget to invest in a pen display. This will be your perfect display for you, its a decent size display and also you can easily carry around this display for day to day works and Huion has added their latest PW517 with this packaging, so the pen is up to date and its very easy to Use you dont have to carry any additional battery or charge the pen. It will work as it is, which is very suitable not only for artists. As i said, anyone who is doing video conferences want to take notes or share their screen and explain things you can use this display and the pen to make your life thousand times easier. Alright guys thats all about it for today and if you guys want to purchase this display with deducted 74, please use the link under the description below which will give you 74 dollars off from your original price.