If you guys can drop a like and a sub in this video it’ll mean the world to me. This video took a very long time to edit so yeah. This is all about. Opinions is all on my opinions, and this was also inspired by intel edits. So this is all my own opinions because i’m a bedwars player, so yeah, alright, guys see you all later. All right, everyone so welcome to the actual video, okay, so and now i’m gon na be talking about why this mice is the best mice. And if you don’t know the mice that i’m talking about it’s a real cat 100 or like any of the other versions. They have because they have like a couple but they’re, essentially all the same thing like they just different colors, so yeah and one of them has like well. They have like a rubber on the side, so that’s why they change the name of it, but it’s. Essentially the same thing through all of them, so yeah don’t be afraid to buy any of them. I’M gon na leave uh just in the description i’m gon na leave a link to intel edits, video which this inspired inspired me to make this video so i’ve, been using this mice for around two months to three months and i’ve been loving it. So this is gon na, be my own opinions and stuff like that. This is nothing like official or you should like.

This is just to inspire you to get this small. So, if you’re really looking for a gaming mouse and it’s very cheap, which is very nice, so yeah, what i mean by very cheap is this mouth is sitting at around forty dollars on amazon and it’s a lot cheaper than getting. For example, a model o which is like 60 bucks. So yes, it has a very big difference, and this is probably the best mice for minecraft pvp. So if you guys really really want like a decent pvp mice that you can use every day on a daily and stuff like that, you should definitely get this mice now for other fps games. I don’t know because i haven’t tried it for any other game. All i’ve been playing with, it is minecraft and it feels really good like it was really nice to play with so yeah. I have had no problem with it, so let’s just get. It started with all right so i’m getting started by talking about butterfly clicking and definitely butterfly clicking feels very nice with it like all. I do is butterfly click with it and it just feels overall smooth, like i get around 20 to 16 cps, it feels very nice also. It helps a lot to get that amount of cps in minecraft, because everything in minecraft is about secret. Well, not everything, but the pvp is definitely about cps, like you take less kb if you get more cps and stuff like that, which is very nice but yeah, it feels like very nice, like i can track with it while butterfly clicking and stuff like that.

So definitely get the software for it, so you can have like you can change around the colors and stuff, but it feels very nice when butterfly clicking like the mouse is not too big for me, but it’s, not too small, so it’s like perfect size and it’s Kind of heavy which helps me like not move around, while i’m pvp and stuff like not have shaking aim, which is a lot of people, have like problems with that have a lot of problems with like having shaky hands or butterfly clicking so yeah. I definitely recommend it for butterfly clicking now for jitter clicking for jitter clicking. I recommend it. I don’t get a click a lot, so i only get like around 10 to 11 cps. I don’t i’m, not a big jitter clicking person, but it feels very nice like i can track pretty good with it and also like. If you did a click bridge, it feels very nice as well for that so yeah. I definitely recommend it for jitter clicking um. One problem with it is at the bottom like where it glides it doesn’t feel like too smooth for it. So i don’t know about that part, but definitely feels like it’s, really nice for tracking and stuff. Like that i almost like today, i was streaming and i almost killed a hacker, because i was just my aim was insane with it so yeah. I definitely recommend it now for normal clicking normal clicking feels very nice at the bounce.

Time definitely helps a lot. I get around eight clicks while normal clicking, which is pretty good and they aim it just feels very smooth overall, i just it’s kind of like heavy, so it’s really good for that like and i feel like it’s easier to aim with heavy mice than with very Light mice, i feel, like light mice, is better for like games like call of duty and stuff, but heavy mice feels very nice to play minecraft with so yeah. I definitely recommend if you’re gon na be normal clicking with it. Also, it has two buttons on the sides which i should have talked about already, which is my blocks. I use it for my blocks and those two buttons are amazing. They feel pretty good to click and stuff like that. Okay for the drag clicking part, it feels very nice to drag click with the right, as i got it out, the box i started, drag clicking with it like it was that good, so i definitely recommend this mouse if you’re going to be drag clicking. Also one thing to keep in mind when drag clicking: you need grip and basically like everything around you, matters like if you just wash your hand, it’s going to be very hard to drag click just for me like personally it’s very hard, but i don’t know for Some reason i could direct click sometimes – and i sometimes i can’t, because my fingers feel too smooth so i’m – definitely going to get some razor grip tapes to put on it.

So i can dry click more like i can drag click a lot easier on it. So yeah i’m definitely going to do that, but dry clicking. It was very smooth and just for bridging i got moonwalking just feels really nice, like i’m, going to show you guys some clips. In the background of me moonwalking and i get around 20 to 30 blocks. Sometimes a lot of the times i fail like it’s, not very consistent, because i don’t have like the grips i don’t have grips around it so it’s very hard to do it just with your fingers like without grips or anything so yeah. Now the mice overall for pvp feels very nice, like you could do any type of pvp like butterfly. I o i went over all of them already, but it feels very nice like my overall thoughts. This is really good like, like i’ve, had no problem with it. Like my cord, doesn’t get stuck or anything, and it doesn’t feel like too heavy, where i can’t aim or flick, or none of that stuff. It just feels just perfect, which is very nice. I transition over from a g502 which the g502 is very heavy, so it was a big difference like it got a lot lighter and it just felt really nice overall. So for him and weight, it feels just perfect, like the aiming i can track with it. Really really good, like i’ve tried it in other games, not other games, but some tracking games on steam, and it feels really good for tracking overall and the weight of it.

Doesn’T feel too heavy to the point where i i can’t flick and stuff, but i can flick pretty well with it and it just feels overall, really nice, like the weigh in. I have no problem with that. So yeah now the scroll wheel, the scroll wheel, feels very very nice, like the scroll wheel feels really good. It has like this thing where it doesn’t like: let it go crazy or it doesn’t go too fast, but it doesn’t go too slow. So it feels just perfect, like it’s, a really good scroll wheel, and also it has like this light effect on it, which is very nice and for last color and how it overall looks on my setup. It looks really nice it’s and you can pick it in different colors, just white or black, which both of the colors look very good. I have the white version because it was the cheaper one at the time so yeah i don’t, know why they have it more expensive on some and more cheaper on the other ones, because it’s literally all the same thing, but the white version caught my eyes more And it was a lot cheaper, so i bought it and it looks really nice with my setup, like the design overall, looks very clean on it, okay, so overall. In conclusion, i hope this video was very entertaining for you for everybody to watch and was very informational.