6 inch tablet. It can be plugged into a monitor for a desktop computer mode or bent in half or on the go. Hey Im Justin Tech – and this is the Galaxy fold 4. now Samsung, touts that this phone could be used as a Computing device, and I am putting that to the test this week at work. Im going to be using the Galaxy fold 4 as my main Computing device for a week, its an 1800 phone and thats not cheap, but it can be more than your phone and also your laptop. Then it may be well worth your purchase. So lets start this up and see how it goes Music fun device to you to use over the last week as my laptop and of course, there were some frustrations which Ill get into, but there were also a lot of abilities that it offered me that my Laptop does it. You can connect the fold 4 with its USBC to any monitor to use Dex mode, and this ability is basically how you get a desktop computer mode with the phone. So lets start there. I plugged it in and it literally popped right up. Ive got desktop mode going as soon as I plugged in the phone it started. Charging so Ive got an entire desktop set up working with Apple products and its charging its good to go heres the home screen. I placed all of my go to apps on the desktop similar to a PC along the bottom.

I dragged a select few to the dock, which felt like my Mac. The bottom right of the dock has the time and the date battery life control panel tools like Bluetooth and Wi Fi notifications, which can easily be accessed using the keyboard, shortcut command n and a screenshot button to take a pic of your screen. The next thing I discovered were Dex mode settings. There are a bunch of features and customization that you can go in and change like anything from the mouse size and color, which is something that Ive never had the option to do but kind of like and the ability to hide the taskbar, which is pretty cool Kind of reminds me a bit of a Mac. I can turn that on and then the taskbar will go away and then, if I just bring my mouse down, all of my apps will show up, which I really like it gives me extra space on my screen. Music Dex mode feels similar to a desktop experience. Moving around and resizing Windows browsing the web and writing. Google Docs feels similar to what youd experience on a computer. The biggest difference using the fold was the UI for certain applications. Now lots of apps didnt translate the way I would want them to on a desktop. For example, if I was using an app like slack in desktop mode, I would still have to go from tab to tab in order to access my chats or my contacts.

I wasnt able to have both of them up at the same time. The way youd expect to have them up on any desktop application. Google Docs also felt like a mobile app. When it came to selecting text, you can easily highlight text with a mouse. The way you would on a computer, you have to double click on a word and then drag the little end of it over all the words. After a couple hours of writing this script. Actually, I was able to just get that muscle memory down and it was a good experience. Overall. Dex mode worked super well, but I did find one glitch. As I prepped for my first Zoom call of the day, I had a zoom open because Im testing it out before I have a meeting and its working. My camera is horizontal and way. I want it, but as soon as I change the framing of this window, there you go, it goes vertical and the only way to fix it is by picking up the camera going that way and then flipping it back, and then we are good to go now. That I have the camera situation worked out. It was time to try out my first Zoom call. The zoom looks pretty great. I like having all these boxes. Unfortunately, Im trying to make the window bigger and to show more people but thats, just not working its still kind of only shows three rows and just makes the boxes bigger.

But besides that, I think that this is looking pretty good, and this is definitely an experience that um Id enjoy when using Zoom notifications on Dex mode are great. In the bottom right corner alerts appeared when I received a new message on slack, so I could just tap on that notification and respond to whoever messaged me day. One is complete and Ive got ta, say Im very happy with the experience Ive had so far check. This out, multitasking, going on the phones been at 100 all day being plugged in with the power Ive got. My Google doc up Ive got a video playing up on YouTube. My slack down in the corner well see how things go tomorrow today, Im having a little more fun with the windows theres a lot of Versatility here, so Ive got like a Google Docs open. If I go all the way to one side, it will take up a full screen. It will also suggest other apps that I have open. If I want to open those so Ill have like an article up, and I like that, it instantly takes up the full screen, giving me a side by side experience. Let me do something else. Im gon na do option Escape thats, going to bring me back to my home screen Im going to open up Spotify and I really love the Spotify player. So I can have it nice and large when Im like going through music and choosing what song I want.

But then later what I like to do is make a super small screen, and then I can have it just show the actual song thats playing like a super small little web player, throw that in the corner bring back my apps and then I can go access That in the bottom corner, if I want to change the music, I also discovered one of my first major limitations using the fold over a laptop, and that was the max number of apps allowed open on your desktop. At any time, Ive got five apps open Im. Gon na go and open up Slack and check this out. Cant show more than five apps on screen at the same time. So what it does is. It closes the oldest Tab. While there were some shortcomings, the fold offered abilities that I dont have on my laptop. Such as pinning windows, I have Spotify up. If I click this pin, that means it will pin it to the front of my desktop, no matter what goes up so when I go and put up this script, it stays right in front. I really like that. I think what stood out most to me were keyboard hotkeys. This made the fold feel much more like using a laptop because Im a major user of hotkeys on my laptop. So, for example, when I wanted to toggle between apps on the phone, I just had to click option Tab and it allowed me to work just as fast as I would on my Mac.

Perhaps what is the most unique way of using this phone is in what Samsung calls Flex mode now Flex mode is when you open it up like this, and you can actually put it down and it acts as its own stand. Its got a camera here so its great for doing video chats over zoom, and if you want to put a document or some other app on the bottom screen, it will do split screen in this mode. Now I use the flex mode to zoom into my morning. Meetings and overall I loved how it looked so here: weve got the zoom open, weve got people talking and if I go to switch active speaker, itll put whos speaking at that time. Right on the top, then Im right in this corner. I can move it around on the screen. What I dont love about, zoom in Flex mode, is when you want to chat, it takes up the full screen and I cant see anyone Id prefer. The chat only take up, possibly maybe the side of the screen. That way, I can still see the people who are talking, but besides that I like the layout I like that I can can see so many people on screen at a time and its so easy to just switch between to the active speaker, Flex mode is super Helpful during video chats, but this mode alone is not a viable replacement for a laptop, but what, if I added in some extra peripherals to take advantage of the full screen space of tablet mode? That leads me to the next part of my experiment: Music, Im working from a coffee shop today with the old four set.

A hundred percent well see how long it lasts. Ive got some peripherals heres my Galaxy fold: 4 coffee shop setup. I have a super compact, foldable keyboard and a Microsoft Arc Mouse, both of which are connected to the fold over Bluetooth and a phone stand that raises the phone about a foot off the table. Ive thrown links to all these accessories. In the description with this setup, I basically created my own mini desktop. Workstation tablet mode gave me a bunch of screen space to work from and felt like a monitor. It gave me more than enough space to feel comfortable writing a script and opening up a zoom call on the other half. I could also easily swap between full screen, apps and split view just by using the keyboard shortcut option tab. So I pop between Spotify to adjust my music and then went right back into my research and script side by side. Throughout the day of using this phone I logged battery life. I was really impressed by how long it lasted, because I was using it non stop. I was taking Zoom calls. I was listening to music. Whenever I was writing. I was browsing the web and I even tried out Adobe rush for video editing after a full day of work from nine to five, my battery stood at 35 percent. That includes two hour. Zoom calls so even with pretty heavy use youre getting a full day of battery life.

So can the Galaxy fold replace your laptop theoretically yeah it can. If youre someone whos mainly checking emails, sending slacks, writing or browsing the web, it could easily be your main Computing device. If you need to use more sophisticated apps for video, editing or programming, then this probably wont work for your entire workload. Overall, though, I am impressed by the power and functionality of both Dex mode and tablet mode Flex mode is great and its an added extra. If you want to be able to take a quick Zoom call, but its not going to change your life with this phone youd have a productive workstation in your pocket at all times and if I wasnt so ingrained in the Apple ecosystem gosh. That gets me. So angry then hands down. I would be a full for owner. What do you think is this 1800 phone worth it? If you take advantage of multitasking or the Samsung Dex, would you consider buying one after seeing this video? Let me know in the comments now be sure, to check out our reviews of this phone, the fold 4 and our Z flip 4, which Ill throw up on screen and and if you want to see more videos like this, be sure to subscribe to our Channel And give this video a like if you enjoyed it Im, Justin and Ill.