I thought it would post this video, my favorite phone, my phone of choice, it's gon na surprise, a Vlade because, yes, I am a big Xiaomi fan that I'm, not completely blind and blind loyal to brands, no brands, in fact, but I do quite like Samsung phones. Now my phone, a choice is this right here, which is the Samsung Galaxy S 9, plus and I'll – explain why I ended up buying this one. So I had to me max 3. I was happy with it phenomenal battery life. The performance is good from the snapdragon 636. The camera does take much better photo as it can take a very good photo, but the video quality audio and video, when I first reviewed it wasn't too bad from the microphones Shami, came out then with further patches that destroyed the audio quality they put on. Like a noise cancellation on there, I was always having the full gestures lag. I was getting frustrated with the phone I got annoyed with. It ended up selling it mainly because of the audio and video, because I went down to New Zealand for 5 weeks. I wanted a decent camera because the the best camera that you have, of course, is the one on you. I could lug around my samsung DSLR, which I'm currently shooting on, but I can't carry that in my pocket and I can't have it with me all the time so that's why I decided opted for this.

The Samsung Galaxy S 9 plus – and I feel now that it's a phone that is often overlooked now. My reasons are getting this one here was the price of it too. I got a brand new it's factory, sealed Samsung Galaxy S 9, plus here from eBay for 519 euros, no it's, not stolen or anything like that, and the same goes for us that they've had really good deals on this particular phone. So if you compare that, for example, to the Xiaomi me mix three, that I reviewed and about three weeks ago, that is selling for actually more than what I paid for this phone and to me that's a bit of a no brainer. You go for this phone here, so explain to you in this video why this is my favourite phone and why I'm, currently, using this now, this Samsung Galaxy S 9 plus so the s9 Plus has a very good build here. I don't, like it it's, no real problems with it. The only thing that I don't particularly like is having this glass back here, so it is very slippery. In winter, when you've got cold hands, you go to pick this up. It just slides and slips around everywhere, and I do have a course, the case for it, and I will show you that later on in the video here so overall build good. Yes, they relocated the fingerprint reader there and the location of it is fine.

However, it is a little bit slow at time so and it's gon na lock. The screen now and I'll touch it, and you can see how long it takes that it's, not actually the fastest. Now, partly to blame could be the animations there, and same goes for face, unlocking, which can be very slow so lock. It now unlock it. Okay I've got my camera and stuff in the way, but look how slow this is. I mean it's not even no match. Okay, didn't even pick me up, so not the best face, unlocking which for me was a bit of a surprise. I would have thought that Samsung would have got this tick down. No it's, not even gon na pick me up. It'S cuz my cameras in the way, but other phones be able to unlock. So that is a little bit of annoyance and the screen 1440p very nice display they always have had nice displays here, Samsung. If you take a look at my s6 Plus edge. This was one of my favorites still the screen still in 2018 looks very nice. Really nice screen this one and, of course, we've got the curved edge. You do get a bit of discoloration. You can see how the green is shifting out. So it shifts out a little bit same happens with the s9 plus but it's, not as bad there. Now, this phone of course, looking a little bit dated. Another reason why I don't like the glass rare, is look at that smashed it I smashed it only after owning it for a couple of weeks.

I dropped it and it was like a little bit of pebble or a rock on the ground boom. Did that and of course, my s7? This is one of my other favorites, really like this phone just because of the size of it, it's, nice and small battery life. Now, after a couple of years, I've had it as horrendous can't make it through a full day. With this, I would have to charge it up at least once a day. Same goes for the battery and the s6 plus it's had quite a beating s6 plus each battery it's only gon na last about half a day, so not very practical at all good camera on this and, of course, even better with this phone right now, I'll show A couple of samples here from my trip down in UCL – and this is the reason why I got the phone really for the camera so that two times optical zoom does come in handy. I know other phones have that, but it has optical image stabilization, where other brands normally don't. Have that, like the show me, you can see this shot here of my daughter on the swing, I think this is an amazing shot. This one really do like it. I mean just look at how well everything has been exposed to look at the clouds, so the dynamic range here, the exposure it's all good. Now you probably thinking the colors look unnatural, a little bit, oversaturated you're, partly correct there.

It is spring or was spring in New Zealand when I took the photo they've been a lot of rain in everything does actually look super green, so that's. Why it's like that? But have a look at these other samples too, very good camera on this, and it doesn't this point. So this is definitely good. I feel the most time you take a photo. It comes out nine out of ten times, whereas for my Shelby's there chamois phones are more hit and miss with their cameras and to protect my phone. I do have the official case here. This is the silicon case and, as it expect from a manufacturer that you manufactures case of course, fits it absolutely perfect. So there's good prediction for the cameras face down the fingerprint reader. The cameras are not going to get scratched up. It does offer protection for a little screen when it is face down, because it has a raised lip on it. The best thing about this case is, it also protects the buttons, but the main thing is: it is very grippy so in hand. It feels good there's. No real way you're going to drop that because it's got a nice grippy feel to it. It does attract, however smudges. So the oils from your hands. You can see it's gon na end up looking a little bit Messier duty, that's, the only real complaint and the other is that yes, there's those cases, they are quite expensive, the official ones.

My version of the s9 plus here is the Exynos one. So it's not the snapdragon with the April 5, which probably has better battery life, the performance haven't had any real issues with it. You occasionally see some micro stutters and when you do see that a little bit of lag is when you go and swipe. Of course, over to the left, so this brings up here all your information there and I wish I could actually disable this. You can't disable that you can disable the bixby button. So now, when I tap it, it doesn't do anything which is great don't accidentally launched a Bigsby I'm, not a big fan of Bigsby. I don't particularly like it. I didn't like the move when they moved over to the Samsung Galaxy s8. I ended up selling that one I was just so frustrated with it. The move from the s7 to the sa for me was not really an upgrade, and I just disappointed me especially for the price they paid for that phone when I got up from brand new. So when you have a look at things like the geek bench scores yeah, I mean it posts a really really good score. If you like your benchmark for single core score, that is great. A multi core score as well is not bad at all and when we take a look at the motor tasking performance, no complaints here, I don't see micro starters with the multitasking.

It tends to always be very quick swapping between and going between, your apps that's, not really a problem. I don't really have any issues with it: killing off the apps there a lot of the Chinese tech. I review some of those mobile phones. They tend to kill things off quite quick. This tends to hang around a little bit longer and the RAM, which is great, that aids, our multitasking, you don't, have to load things up as as much there now. No full screen gestures. They don't have that yet Samsung now I don't know if they're going to bring that in with Android Pi. I haven't looked into that. So let me know down in the comments if they are, but I believe they're gon na save that feature. Of course, for there is 10, I don't also give you a demo here of Twitter, because sometimes they can really be quite slow with some phones, loading that in you get choppiness, but that is pretty quick for me and I'm happy with the scrolling speed it's, not Too fast it's not too slow either. I feel that overall, decent performance out of this now one another area that does not disappoint. That is the loudspeaker, so the AKG Tunes we have one dome with firing. One right here, type C port of course – is there in 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, which is good to have a lot of fun to dropping that. Hopefully, the s10 is going to keep it helped a quality from that Jack is good.

No real complaint it's, not the best I've heard, but its overall decent and then, of course we do have a secondary loudspeaker in the earpiece. So I'll give you a sample of that now. So you can hear from that that they're, reasonable speakers they don't have a huge amount of bass. Some phones will probably win there with a little bit better bass. Now. One thing you probably noticed too is look. How deep the blacks look so you've got the bezel at the top top bottom bezels and they almost blend in with the blackness of the screen, and is it typical Super AMOLED panel, but even on some AMOLED panels and Super AMOLED that I've looked at on other Phones, the Samsung's always tend to look a little bit it a little bit darker there and I think it's to do with the tinting they use on the glass, because when you move it at an angle like now, you can just see a little bit of a Gray coming into it, but it still looks very dark and always tends to look a lot better than other manufacturers and one feature that is certainly overlooked: a lot and definitely underused. I believe, by a lot of people that wouldn't even bother with this is Samsung Dick's. So you can plug this into a monitor into a TV, and you have yourself a laptop basically like a laptop experience like a computer and you can surf in browse and connect up Bluetooth, keyboards mice, you can use the deck stock as well.

Of course you can plug things into that, and then you have yourself a PC and actually the performance of it is pretty good, so you can multitask at the desktop environment. I'Ve got YouTube right here. You can see that video before that I loaded up, but the audio sample, Chrome and even go through your dialer and whatnot that's all there and answer whatsapp messages, that's handy, if you actually take advantage of it. Okay, so for my personal needs, mic choice. Remember this is my choice at all: the phones that I have with you. This does not necessarily mean it is the best phone out there. I feel the same song Galaxy S line plus is worth a look, and even the s9 towed if you're into a new phone, and you don't want to expend the like 800 900 or a thousand u.s. when the new s10 comes out. I feel this is worth a look, because these 10 is going to be a little bit better they're going to have smaller bezels as we're seen from the rumors. So far, it's gon na have cutouts for the front facing cameras and I have a slightly better rear camera, hopefully a larger battery, and so the battery life is probably my biggest con with this phone. When I first got it, I almost was going to put it back in the box. I had had it with her. This is not going to make it through a full day.

I was so used to my mimics me. Max 3 was really good battery life that this one was a huge shock, but luckily the battery performance did improves a better life increased on about the fourth or fifth charge. I could finally make it through a whole day without having to worry about charging this. When I first got the first day was really bad second day as well was bad. I had to discharge it plug it in and charge it all the time, but now I go through a whole day and I have normally around about 20 or 30 left pop. It down on my wireless charger and then in the morning of course pick it up and percent charge, and I know I'm good and I'm set for the day. So the other things that I don't particularly like about this phone is, it has very slow face, unlocking it's not the fastest, compared to say the xiaomi is 1 plus 6 i'll do this. Now it takes up to two seconds, and sometimes it just cannot see my face to unlock fingerprint reader on the rear, to hold it up to the camera and they'll touch it now. You can see it it's, not actually the fastest out there, so it's not going to win any awards for the fastest fingerprint, unlocking or face unlocking there. The one plus six is so much faster. The xiaomi me mix 3 as well way faster there. That is really good.

The other thing, too, is the front facing camera, sometimes it's out of focus so it's a good camera when it's in focus, but it is hidden mystery cameras, they're, really good, as i showed you those examples. They'Re really do like the performance of these of the cameras that the main kind of reason why i got this phone – the overall build quality everything there's so much to like about it, which is why it is my pick for 2018 thanks a lot for watching this. Video and i do hope to have some more upcoming videos – I'm waiting on possibly a couple of Huawei's flagship phones, the mate 20x and the mate 20 Pro. Maybe possibly, I could be featuring those in the channel and I do hope to get hold of them thanks.