This is known as the funky s and it’s a keychain sized emulation device, that’s kind of modeled after the sp. When you think about it, we have that clamshell design, but we actually do have more buttons here. So yeah. This thing is really neat, but when it comes down to it, this is a very niche product. I mean this is definitely not comfortable to play on it’s an awesome, little idea and it’s kind of amazing that they were able to pack this much power into a tiny device like this. But it is fully functional and, like i mentioned, you can even play ps1 games on this device and they actually run really well. We’Ll. Take a look at those by the end of this video, but another thing that i’ve seen running on this, which is in early development, is n64. Now i don’t expect every n64 game to be playable on this device, but when it comes to the easier to run stuff, i mean there’s a good chance. We’Ll get full speed out of things like mario 64.. Now, when it comes to the specs of the fun key s for the cpu, we have a dual core: cortex a7 cpu running at 1.2, gigahertz 64 megabytes of ddr2 ram, a 32 gigabyte micro sd card does come pre installed, but this is expandable. The screen is a 1.54 inch ips. At 240×240 we have a 410 milliamp hour battery and it’s running their custom, linux operating system known as funky os.

So i opted to pick up the atomic purple version, but they also offer two other colors original purple and retro gaming gray personally i’m, a big fan of atomic purple, and i think they did a great job with this coloring. So here it is. I mean this thing is absolutely tiny. We have that 1.54 inch, 240 by 240 ips display and for being such a small display with a lower resolution. It is super clean. I mean it looks really good on this handheld. As you can see, the operating system is very reminiscent of emulation. Station we’ll just go ahead and start up sonic the hedgehog now, whether you’re in the main menu or a game, just press the menu button, and we have a few options – volume brightness. We also have our save states here and i’m, not sure how many it supports per game, but uh there’s more than enough, we can load. We can also change the aspect ratio we have a few to choose from, but personally i find leaving it stock is the way to go on this smaller screen. It’S got a single speaker built in, but it doesn’t sound bad for its form factor. I do have the volume all the way up for this video give you a little sound clip here yeah. In my opinion, it does get plenty loud, and these games are fully playable. You can see this thing is absolutely tiny and of course you will miss hit a button here and there, but uh overall everything that i’ve tested so far has run really well i’m super impressed by how small this thing is and the performance we’re getting out of It as we know it doesn’t, take a lot to run these retro games, but seeing it all running in a super small form factor handheld like this is pretty neat in my opinion.

Now, if you do end up getting one of these it’s not going to come pre loaded with any great games, there are some freeware games, pre loaded for basically each system, but in order to add games, you will need to connect it to a pc. But they’ve made the process really easy, so basically, in order to add more games, we’re going to plug this in using the included micro, usb cable, plug it right into my windows, machine i’ll press the menu button and find mount usb i’ll verify that i want to Mount and it’ll show right up on my pc as a removable drive. That way i can drag and drop my roms into the correct folders. So once you have the fun key s connected to your pc you’re, going to see it as a removable device, and inside of here we have our game folders or our rom folders, wonder swan all the way up to atari links. I got ta stuff in basically everything here, except for atari link, so we’ll go into atari links. You can see that this folder is empty. None of these games are on the system. Yet i’ve got some on my desktop here, and all i need to do is drag them right over. I unzipped everything that i have to go on the fun key. So if you do have zip files, i recommend extracting them, but when it comes to the links they’re going to be dot lnx now we’ve got the games on here, but we don’t have any box art in order to add box art.

All you really need is the box art per game, and it needs to be named exactly the same as the game. So here i have some pngs here’s abp right over here. Abp all points bulletin, usa got it named exactly the same. So all i really need to do is take all of these place them over here. I’Ll have to overwrite that one, but now i’ll have the games and box are added to my fun. Key ass it’s actually really easy to do. Alright, so we’ve already seen some sega genesis running on this little unit runs really well same thing here with snes. This is f zero and, as you can see, performance is great. I’M actually really surprised at how well this little d pad is working out i’m able to take these corners here now one cool thing about the fun key s is i’m gon na go ahead and shut it it’s automatically gon na shut down to save power. I’Ll, give it a second just to make sure it’s fully shut down once i reopen it. It’S automatically gon na resume from exactly where i was in that game now. I would definitely recommend pausing the game before you shut it, but uh that’s a cool little feature. It just kind of gives us a quick, save point there when we shut the lid on it so now i’m going to move over to some other emulators. Here we have some neo geo pocket, neo geo pocket color and it runs these games at full.

Speed performance is great here. It really doesn’t take much to run these now there’s. One other little feature that i wanted to show you here. If i do a quick exit and forget to save it’s totally fine, because once i boot that game back up it’s going to ask me if i want to resume that game, so it’s going to take me right back to where i was. I could always start a new game or just resume it. Just in case you forget to save your progress. One of my favorite consoles to emulate on these handheld devices is pc engine and, as you can see here, it’s working great. So this thing has pc engine covered, and since this is really shaped like an sp, i figured we’d test out some game boy advance games, not bad at all. It does look like there might be a little bit of frame skip going here with this one. This is sonic advance 3, but overall i mean it is playable. On this thing and the final emulator i wanted to test on the fun ks was ps1. Here we have spyro year of the dragon, and surprisingly enough i mean it’s running decently. This is pretty awesome. Seeing these ps1 games running on a little tiny device like this, i did want to test two more ps1 games, because i don’t think it’s going to run every single one at full speed. Next up we have tekken 3 here and i do notice a little bit of lag but it’s not as bad as i thought it would be, and i mean overall playability really isn’t that bad with this game here.

But we do need to test one of the harder ps1 games to emulate and that’s going to be bloody, roar, 2. and just as i thought, we got a lot of lag here. So this little device is having issues with this game here. But when it comes to bloody, roar, 2, this is a harder one to emulate, and this is kind of my go to test for lower end devices, so yeah the funky s definitely isn’t for everybody. This is more of a little niche item. I mean we got a super tiny handheld. It is a bit hard to play, fits on your keychain, but performance out of this little thing is way better than i ever thought it would be. I am a big fan of this screen here. It does look really good i’m, not sure how well it’s going to translate on camera, but to the naked eye for being a 240 by 240 1.54 inch screen. It is actually really crystal clear. We’Ve got all the buttons we need for everything this can really emulate, except for analog sticks for ps1, but remember there weren’t that many games for ps1 that required those analog sticks. The dual shock came out later in the life cycle of the ps1. So a majority of the games are fully playable with just a d pad does have those triggers around back now. I really didn’t utilize them with any of the games that i tested in this video but they’re there and they do work so final thoughts on this thing.

Obviously it’s small. You will miss some buttons it’s a niche item and uh. Overall, i do think it’s a rocking little handheld it’s, pretty cool to have this attached to your key chain and be able to play all of your favorite game boy, nes, snes and game boy advance games on something like this, but i wouldn’t want this to be My daily driver or the handheld that i use every day there are plenty of bigger options out there. This is more of a little party trick, but for what it is and how it performs. It’S, a pretty awesome little handheld, so that’s going to wrap it up for this. Video really appreciate you watching if you’re interested in learning more about the fun kiss, i will leave a few links in the description.