I am not sponsored by Sunway photo, but some way photo. This Indies LED lights to me to review, but I am no obligation to say anything positive about the product. So with that survey one welcome to the YouTube channel here. Please do subscribe like and share, and what Im about to share with you is my experience dealing with the FL Series from summary photo, I want to say thank you someway photo for sending these out by the way. Thank you Ellen and thank you media team for connecting with me doing social media, but lets get down to the business. Shall we so lets talk about battery life now the fl17 has a very good battery life. Now I left now for almost two days at five percent and it lasted pretty long, but when I increase it to 15, I dropped down for a day increased it to 35 percent, the bet the power ratio it lasted for about six hours, fifty percent four hours And then, when I got down to 100 about 100 output, the battery didnt last no more than an hour, its very intense, very bright, very strong light and by the way, if you have not seen my brightness test review, I suggest checking it out here. As of right now, but with that said, if you want now with the FL 16 Now battery life is a little different. So take this with a grain of salt, both use type c charging keep that in mind, but the FL 16 took a little bit more time to charge, but at a hundred percent it only lasts about 45 to about 55 minutes close to an hour at 50.

It can last up to two hours. Three hours depends on how you use it and I increased it all the way down to five percent, even though it does not have a display so Im basing out of measurements on brightness of light. Keep that in mind at five percent it lasted almost 12 to 16 hours on five percent so Im. I was very very pleased with the battery results on the F 16, but with that said, lets talk about build quality. Now aluminum alloy is like a lot of peoples preference today, its a very sustainable, strong material and lightweight, and some white photo has been using on most of their products and what I have for you is the chassis or the body chassis of the fl16. Now its a little bit tank heavy heavier than the fl70, in my opinion, but the fl16 needs a strong body chassis because its small, its a cue size and it needs to take punishment, abuse that I may say, but the fl16 is a little bit more lighter It still has that quality, but a little bit lighter a little bit thinner. As I said, weight may be a difference, but its still both LED lights are incredible light for what they pack so with that said, but I did notice two things about the FL 70 here that the USB port is meant to use as a power bank source. So if youre running out of power on your smartphone, you need a quick charge.

Well, you can use your FL assembly as a battery source. So keep that in mind now type c charging is fast with the fl70, but a little bit slower on F FL. 16. Keep that in mind, but overall this has been my great experience using the special effects, the features on this fl 70. Now it does have alphabets a to I as their effects. There are color effects on the fl70 that you need to utilize. You can control, you. Can control the Kelvin temperature as well? You can also change some output if you want, if, if you feel that way and theres a color graph on the back of the display, so you can definitely point out which colors that you want to emphasize in your YouTube videos, in the background or in the Foreground or as a key light, so well tell everyone. I do recommend these two lights now, heres the most important part that most of you might not ask this question: how is the heat dissipation when keeping it at a long keeping these LED lights on at long periods of time? Well, Im going to say it doesnt get hot, but it does get warm on FL 70.. But from my experience the aluminum alloy is dissipating that heat, so its pretty cool to charge it holdable for long periods of time. So I dont have a problem with that. So with that tell me one: I just think that these are really really good product that you should buy.

Now I did leave the links down in the descriptions below so you can go ahead and buy and purchase yourself, but somebody photo has plenty other products, but keep this in mind. If you use my promo code at the sunwayphoto.com website, you can get five percent off using the promo code. The panda photo so get your five percent off on your first purchase. Please thank you so much for watching this content, and I appreciate you guys tuning in so this has been my FL Series review on the FL LED lights. Thats one way photo Sydney Im having an amazing time with them, and I and Im really believe in the product summary photo has shown me that they can communicate and not only that they wanted to send out these products to me with no questions asked. So I really liked the fact that the immunity trust me to do this review so with that said, everyone – and I hope you enjoy it, but with that said everyone please dont forget to subscribe like and share. If you guys want to support the channel, I have a patreon, not only the patreon, but I have a PayPal, cash and remote because we are sponsorless Channel and you the audience is the one that helps this channel grow and financially keep the lights on here. So with that tell everyone, I appreciate your time and your effort to watch it, but with that said, everyone eat see photography, videography and repeat, and I talk to you guys in the next video see ya.

This is behind the scenes on the someway photo. Fl Series review got the full setup ready so with that said, everyone exclusive behind the scenes and we got the workspace order to do the review.