Everybody more e readers and more unboxings Im just kidding were in this for the long haul. This is the high read gaze One S C. This one is actually a company from Taiwan, not China, and on the back of the box there is a bunch of specs. Now it is all in Taiwanese, so we are going to do a little bit of a breakdown just to show you whats what it is. A six inch color e reader, unfortunately theyre using K2, not K3, which is collido plus not the latest collido 3 layer. But this is a new unit. It is 2023.. It has a g sensor on board 2 000 milliamp battery Bluetooth, 5.0 8 gigs on board storage. Expandable to 128 gigs and two gigs of RAM now to be completely honest, those specs are not very high. Eight gigs on board storage is pretty low. A 2 000 milliamp battery is pretty low, so my guess is that this is catered to more of an e book reader, it also being a six inch, so its kind of like harking back to the beginnings of the second gen of color, like the iFly text. C1 and the iReader C6, when they were genuinely ebook Readers. First and foremost, you get a lot of other stuff in the Box as well. You get accident protection information. You get some 25 new Taiwan Dollar kind of uh voucher. I would imagine with a stamp on the back, you get some sort of QR code and they give you a mask, thats, really cool and the mask is made in Taiwan as well.

All that aside, let us look at the unit now. This is a review sample. So, Im not sure if theres going to be tape nope there is not, because this is a review sample, there might be little tapes or might be wrapped in plastic. Itll be different when you get it. This is a nice little insert a little bit of a low pile foam to protect the unit yeah. This is definitely an ebook reader, just looking at it right there so were going to tilt this out and put this off to the side just for a second. While we explore the rest of the box, it says, hi read gaze one see I keep wanting to see a gaze note because thats what weve been reviewing lately, there is all of your information, and actually this is in English, which is really cool because in Taiwan They do use a lot of English, so thats really nice to see that you have various QR codes on the back: the gays, the regular kind of home, page all that fun stuff and the USBC Cable in the bottom. Nothing else in there, no stylus, nothing like that, because this is not an E note. I am not sure right out of the gates if this is the only color or of their color variants, but as a review perspective. This one is this nice kind of sage green, and it is double textured. This one is horizontal lines showing off a kind of brushed aluminum look, but it is plastic, and this is kind of like one of those moleskin Ledger things you buy at Chapters or Barnes and Noble, and it looks to resemble leather.

But it is plastic on the side, you get the white bezel. This is very evident of it. Looking like a C6, although its more chunky, so its not the same body by a long shot, and actually all three sides are clean asides from the bottom. You get a 3.5 mil headphone jack Im, just dying to see what we can get out of that we have an SD card and, as we said at the top of the video, although there is only eight gigs on board storage, you can expand this to a Buck 28, which is a lot for an ebook reader. You have status indicator light. I hope I hope its not a hard reset. No, it does look like status indicator USBC and a power button which you are going to press right now, just like that. Now, okay, elephant in the room, its not collido, 3 wheres, collido3, collido 3 – is actually on the moo ink, which is coming out now. Did you guys know were only 20 days into the year 2023 before Chinese New Year, prospectively, the slowest month of any company that deals in retail in journalism, and there have been three color ebook readers already released. Last year, combined, there were only five color e readers in all of 2022, and this year, already 60 percent of what last year had happened in the first two weeks. This is amazing. Click English to go to English were probably gon na skip over this.

If it doesnt push us to the end, it does oh, it does look complete, oh its gon na go through each thing. I dont think it will actually its going to go right into it now, with the other devices that they have. The Gaze note plus the gays note, X, Etc. They were using very obviously jezatek samples, Im, not sure if theyre doing that here, because out of the box, I dont recall a jezatek. Looking precisely like this, with the way, the case is sitting How deep the screen is, the back kind of cladding with the different two tones and the amount of tooling that went into the things at the bottom. It is not very reminiscent of a jezatek sample, but we will get into the full kitten caboodle on the review, which we will be doing in an upcoming video. You have cold light. You have contrast. You have volume, you have very high quality stuff here by high read High read, has been kind of making a place in the world for themselves and to be completely honest, they have been performing above and beyond. Even that of me book, being this subsidiary and successor to boy you with such a rich history, High read, seems to be doing better on any measurable metric. This is everything in the box with the high read gaze 1 s c eBook reader in color for goodereader.com.