I test this year too, because wow this intel, 12 gen processor, the hk, the 12 900 hk – is an absolute monster and it requires a chassis, this thick to really see its true performance. Now its the same design as before this is the 11th gen model and, as you can see, theres really no difference in terms of the way it looks. This is the titanium blue model. It weighs about 6.4 pounds, which is quite heavy. Like i said, this is a desktop replacement, but its a little bit more muted than other laptops like you do have the msi logo in here. This is a metal chassis, theres. Some plastic bits around the laptop to give it some character and theres. Just a ton of ports to utilize, for example, on the left hand side you have your security, lock or noble, lock your vent. You have a usb port, you have a type c port. This is 3.2. This is not a thunderbolt 4 port, but you can use to connect directly to a display, headphone jack and then on the other side. You have another usb port, full size, sd card slot and usb port. Now, if you really want to – and you want to keep your desk super duper clean, you can just utilize the cables on the back. So, for example, you have your mini display port. If you want to connect an external display, an actual thunderbolt, 4 port rj45 full size, hdmi and then, of course, you have the power connector.

Now this is a very big power, brick, its a watt power, brick, which is a big chunker. When you compare it to something like the one thats on the razer blade 17, but this thing is pushing a lot of power. So, as you can see, the deck of the keyboard is kind of dirty already. Just to give you an idea of what fingerprints are going to look like after, like a week of using this thing, youre gon na be wan na wiping it down every so often now the newer unit did not come with any stickers, which is kind of nice. Im hoping the full retail models that hit the shelves dont come with stickers either because the previous 11th gen one has stickers in the corner. I know some of you say you could just take them off, but still its just nice to open up a laptop and have it super clean keyboard is exactly the same. There is no difference compared to the previous one. I really like this keyboard in terms of how it feels when you press down on the key super tactile like it feels like a true gaming keyboard. If i was to give a good comparison, the razer blade 17 would feel more like a productivity based keyboard. This feels like a good gaming keyboard and, of course, you get that numpad on the right hand, side now, theres tons of speakers on this. The sound is pretty good.

It gets loud theres a little bit of low end, but i do find it to be a bit echoey, not the best speakers, but theyre pretty good for a 17 inch laptop 1080p webcam. So, for those of you out there who are going to be making conference calls and doing a lot of uh, you know school work or whatever you have the 1080p webcam to utilize. It doesnt have infrared or windows, hello, facial recognition, but at least it has one. Now the hinge feels nice and stiff not as stiff as the razer blade 17, but stiff enough that i dont think its going to be an issue. I do find this to feel a little cheap like when you press on this. It kind of just kind of goes inwards a bit and it feels a little squishy. So just keep that in mind, but the display itself is absolutely awesome. This is the 360 hertz 1080p display its ips. The color accuracy is fantastic screen. Brightness is a little low. These days, but its fine, if youre just gaming on this, they do offer a 2k and 4k variant. If you dont mind dropping the refresh rate a bit now, the star of the show is the performance. It is absolutely insane on this laptop its an i9 12 900 hk, its an rtx that can use 175 watts, 32 gigabytes of ddr5, 4 800 megahertz memory, 2 terabytes of gen, 4 storage and a really expensive price tag.

But man you get a true desktop replacement. Single core clock speeds on this thing are through the roof, its the fastest ive, seen on a laptop, in fact its just as fast as the single core clock speeds. On my 12 gen desktop, the multi core speeds are incredible as well. Definitely the fastest ive, seen on a laptop this year so far were hitting the 18 000s without under volting or overclocking. This thing, which is absolutely nuts and then, if you take simple productivity, based applications like crossmark, which measures, creativity or responsiveness and and it just beats out everything on the market, including the m1 max and and last years, msi ge76. Now, if youre a video editor, i claim the m1 max the king, if youre using adobe premiere pro, but this laptop is actually faster than it now so, if youre, an adobe premiere pro user and youre looking for performance before battery life and everything else, this guy Is going to take the cake, photoshop same thing, very fast results and, if youre doing any sort of after effects work? This is the king on the market today. Now, if your developer, the results are really good. 17 minutes, which is the fastest ive seen on a pc laptop, the m1 max still technically beats it out, but it comes really really close and look if youre a gamer, youre gon na absolutely love this thing there is one thing i did notice, though, is that On the previous 11th gen version of this, i couldnt completely overclock the gpu.

I could only boost it by 100 megahertz. This guy lets me go all the way up to 200 megahertz, which is the max, and i just left it at that – the entire time and it ran flawlessly if youre a gamer 1080p. Specifically, this is going to give you the fastest 1080p gaming results youre going to find on the market. It beats out the razer blade 17 and any other laptop ive reviewed, but the one area that got kind of wonky was qhd gaming. I had to hook up a display, i use the mini display port on the back, so its directly connected to the gpu. The tests were done in a discrete graphics mode and, and it weird its weird, like shadow of the tomb raider ran perfectly uh deus ex mankind was getting 20 frames per second then i had to disable directx 12. Then it ran normally again, so i got good results: red dead redemption, 2 uh wasnt, getting the full performance on qhd, but then in other games. It was running perfectly so i still think theres a couple of driver updates that need to be performed when youre connecting this thing to an external monitor. Now this laptop does have a mux switch, it does require a restart and you can go back and forth between hybrid mode and discrete gpu. Most of the time, if you have a plugged in you, want to leave it on discrete gpu for the best performance, but there are a couple of scenarios where hybrid mode does perform better.

The main one i saw is, if youre doing like a balanced workload, where you can utilize quick, sync on the integrated gpu, for example, if youre using adobe premiere pro, leave it on hybrid mode youre, going to get better results than you would, if you just left It on discrete gpu, as for heat management, i was completely blown away. This thing was just doing its job. You know i had cinebench going for 30 minutes. It would barely break a sweat. I threw 8 of 64 on top of it, so it could utilize the gpu as well and push the cpu even more and it would not pass 90 degrees celsius. Sure the clock speeds lowered a bit. I had it on the most intensive profile fans blazing and it was just laughing and that was great to see on an intel laptop. Not even amd laptop could do this, because, if i did this to an 11th gen or 10th gen intel or amd 5000 series, it would have a tough time handling this and it would get super duper hot. As for fan noise, it can get loud right like if youre cranking this you have cooler boost on youre, looking at close to 60 decibels, which is basically a jet engine. But if you leave it on extreme performance and you dont turn on cooler boost, it gets a little bit lower in the 50s and if you put it on balanced mode and youre cranking, it still stays in the 50s.

Obviously, if you put it on silent or lower its gon na get below that, so this is what the internals look like, and you have this massive 99.99 watt hour battery, which is the legal limit carrying size to bring onto a plane thats why they stop it? There and i actually got really good battery life five hours and 53 minutes using super battery mode. You have two slots for your ram: 32 gigabytes, ddr5, 4800 megahertz upgradable to 64.. You have a swappable wi fi 6e card. You have two storage slots, nvme ssd gen4. These get crazy, read and write speeds and, of course, you have all this copper and fans to cool the system. Sometimes i wonder if they actually put a vapor chamber cooler, how much cooler this thing would run not like this is having a tough time or anything but itd be kind of cool to see. Honestly, if you ever wanted a laptop to be a complete desktop replacement. This is it sure the rtx 3080 ti is never going to match or be comparable to a full desktop version, since those need 650 watts, but the cpu inside of here is pretty darn close, like really close, which is crazy. I honestly think intel just disabled two performance cores and called it a day, but yeah like im impressed you know, and the funny thing is intel is still only on 10 nanometer. Imagine what theyre gon na do at five and seven like its just gon na be bonkers, especially if they continue this path with performance and efficiency cores so yeah.

I think this year for performance intel is gon na, be the way if youre, looking, probably for better battery life, and maybe a really good, integrated gpu, it might be amd, stay tuned for more reviews make sure to subscribe. So you dont miss them like the video.