So as I go get my breakfast before work, I was checking the internet and I was surprised to see that a uh feature I had wanted to see on the duo. 3. Its actually a thing Music, foreign, Music Music, but they can fall out uh. It was mistakenly taken for the Samsung Galaxy fold, five, not to say that they couldnt use it on a Samsung Galaxy Vol device, a vastly different product. But so I doubt theyre going to do that. I think its more uh uh concept. You know proof of concept of this can be done uh. I had no, no doubt for a trip, because um so Im glad to see it there and uh. Just knowing that this does exist does give me hope that maybe Microsoft is working on something very similar to it, because again, having this type of hinge on their Duo, 3 would again set the device, apart from the crowd of other uh inner folding mobile devices, that Are out there and it is becoming quite the crowded marketing, maybe not not in the U.S, but in Asia in Europe they have quite a few options. Here we only have the Galaxy fold, though. Samsung has technical market for what its worked in America and you know its that door, nothing at all unless you import and import focus a whole school home and convene ninjas that Ive experienced to my mat Xs. So if this is the case, Im already just excited about the possible ability of this type of games on the 203.

It would really to me absorb Microsoft of what I would easily called protect sins against their main cuts and cuts to the base, because they havent listened to us who got to use their device to everybody else who doesnt use their device and, and so theyve made A lot of mistakes when it comes to these type of devices from the surface Duo to the surface, Neil, which is now vaporware as far as they are concerned, but that then the notebook came out and brought out the exact same device and look how people are Just uh clamoring for it all of that recognition could have been on Microsoft as boosted their stocks, boosted uh their public for perception that much more but they killed. They killed it for whatever the reason was, and now they left all that potential on the floor and Lenovo scooped it up and is running with it boy do. I hope that uh yoga 99 does well, because I I would love to see more dual screen laptops on the market as well, but um yeah, very excited. Thats Samsung has shown that this 360 degree hinge with a foldable screen is possible now its just uh up to which menu fracture makes a device to take advantage of this Tech first, whether it be Samsung no way to know because they love these things. Folding left right and out rolling and stretching all kinds of stuff, and they have yet to release a product that does any of that.

So just because they have it, doesnt mean theyre going to utilize it, but because they have it. That means. Somebody else. Can reverse engineer in their own way and Ill apply it to something of their own? I love the best advice for it. Right now would be the surface Duo. 3.. No need for an external screen, no need to make it exactly like every other foldable out there. Just make it so that you have your internal screen and thats green, just like the regular Duo, can just fold 360 degrees and give you your various postures only now without the Divide between the two screens, that would be a dream for every Duo owner, especially if They find a way to make the screen more durable because, again, with my mate X, having the screen always Exposed on the backside when its a fold folded clothes does, you know give give me pause um. I always feel like something is going to scratch. The screen tear the screen, it hasnt happened yet because, fortunately I do have a case for that phone. That does a wonderful job of protecting the screen when it is closed but um. If youre someone who doesnt like to use a case and this type of advice comes out, you will be uh aware that your naked screen is is on a surface and if anything is on that service from a from a pebble to Salt, God knows what you You risk the uh damaging your devices screen, even if its a full foldable glass photographs is not that different from a the uh earlier foldable materials a bit more durable, but it can still scratch it can still tear it can still uh have defects that you know Too much stress is placed on it, so those are a few things that would need to be addressed before they try to bring this out to.

You know the masses because again Im going that this is something that Microsoft would use for a uh Duo 3 and they want that market share, so add much of a niche device as the original two Duos were. I really do think that theyre gon na try to push this to beat to have more Mass Appeal, so they can get again get a piece of that mobile pie that theyve been missing out on since Windows phone. So I do hope this is where this Tech goes. I would just love to see it in a 203 uh. You know now that thats, where its going, but it it just seems you know such a good fit for a dual three, its everything any Duo. He has ever asked for so Microsoft. Youre – probably not listening to me, but I hope me and others like me, do get to you at I mean that you love to move. Listen to what all all others say about your devices. Listen to that make your Duo! 3 or if the design is all ready set, make your Duo 4, the the 360 degree foldable screen that will wow everybody its never been done before in a device that everyone can use that everyone can buy and regardless of price people will get this thing, especially Us duo owners, weve been clamming for that or a device like that forever. The duo with the dual screens is great, but everything going with the foldable screen to have a screen back in simply be used.

As you use the duo, no matter which way you bend it, the screen is there for you, tent mode phone mode, laptop mode book Mode work mode. Its, like, I said, would be a dream, so just wanted to get that out, because I was very excited to see it. I think I saw it on the verge, so uh check out that our article as its also an X XDA its on a bunch of them um, so uh check out the article. If you havent, uh, see what they have to say and yeah lets hope for a better uh or less of for an implementation of this Tech into a future surface Duo device or something at least something along those lines with that said, my name is NJ, then Neonx and just excited just really excited about the potential, for this uh 360 degree follow full foldable hinge um.