This is the trio max by mobile pixel. Ever since i saw this product, i wanted to try it out. This is an additional display for your laptop it’s, portable it’s two pounds and you can add an additional display to create a triple display setup on the go with the trio max now. This, of course, as we continue to work from home, is an amazing productivity tool that you can use, and it also works with windows, mac and android phones and tablets, as well as nintendo switch. So if you have a nintendo switch, you can take this with. You connect it and also play as an additional display that you can take with you again, it’s very light very portable. This is my mobile pixel they’ve had some incredible kickstarter campaigns, i’ll link everything in the description. If you want to check it out very inspiring, but let’s go to take a look at the trio max by mobile pixel, alright, so i’m super excited let’s go ahead and dig right into the box of the trio max. So on the packaging itself. You have a really nice slogan right here. It says on the go dual and triple screen laptop, monitor so it’s sort of in this sleeve here, so you slide it over to the side just like so, and you unveil the actual box here once you do so all you have to do is sort of Just let the air get in there and slide right out of the packaging just like, so you get greeted right here with the actual user guide.

So, of course, we’re going to use this and right there, you get some information of what comes inside, so we have metal plates so up to 12 metal plates for three laptops. We have a trio and trill max clip this one right here. This is for aesthetic look, so it looks very nice after you set it up. Then you have your cable, which is a two and one usb c to usb a and, of course, the display itself, but we’ll get to some of the instructions here. Just a few seconds you also get greeted with a qr code, so it actually takes you to download the drivers for the mac and a pc. If you need to here, it is simple enough, so let’s go ahead and get the actual monitor out of the packaging itself is sort of tucked in there really good. There we go, and here it is, you have the actual plates, as i mentioned 12. So up to three laptops, then you actually have the clip. As i mentioned, this is for aesthetic looks and we also have the cable. So the cable, as i mentioned, is one of those cables that you can actually sort of use two and one. So you have usbc and usb a depending on the laptop that you have so that’s good. You don’t have to buy an additional cable and on the other end here you have the connection for usbc to the actual, monitor itself.

So let’s go ahead and take a look at the monitor quickly before we go ahead and set it up. So, as i mentioned right here, we have some instructions as well, so there it is so very easy to install one two, three, four and you’re all done. We’Re gon na go over that as well. Then you have some information that you need to know before you set it up and of course, the actual display itself. Wow looks really cool. I believe this lights up, which is a total plus for me and here’s. The back for the magnets and plates to attach on the side here we have the connections for the actual monitor, as you can see right there, two connections and on the back, as i mentioned the logo and on the other side, we have the metal plate connections That go to the laptop and to slide the monitor out let’s go ahead and try to slide it. Wow that’s, pretty cool can’t, wait to have this installed on my computer, so let’s go so. Instructions are going to be extremely simple, attach one metal plate over each magnet number. Two parallel the monitor to the side of your laptop number. Three. The first screw must extend beyond the laptop point and, of course, the monitor must be set against the tabletop during use. Okay, so let’s go ahead and do that the first thing we’re going to do is go ahead and attach the magnets.

By the way these magnets are really strong there. It is number one number two number three and number four let’s go ahead and take off the adhesive coverage here. So we can get this taped onto the back of the actual laptop here and now we’re all set and ready to go very simple, so we’re gon na bring the laptop here let’s go ahead and place the actual monitor to the back of the laptop here. Back of the display, and once you do that, make sure you keep in mind to keep the first screws extended beyond the laptop. Just like so make sure you put a little bit of pressure just to get those tapes here to connect uh very, very well and that’s it. It doesn’t get any easier than this guys. You already have a dual screen setup, just as simple as that now in terms of display, this is a 14 inch display with 300 nits of brightness adjustable. A refresh rate of 60 hertz resolution will be 1920 by 1080 and an aspect ratio of 16 by nine, and this is what it looks like once it’s all set up. As i mentioned an incredible productivity tool on one side, you can have one project on the other. You can have a second project and you can even extend through a triple setup if you wish to do so as well, once you’re done just tuck it right behind your laptop and you’re ready to go now, as i mentioned at the beginning of the video, they Have their latest campaigns for the duex light and the duex plus these were built with more premium materials, they offer different colors, deep gray and cool white.

The footprint is actually smaller. Although the screen size it will be retained, it is compatible with any laptop, but the actual duex like retains one usb type c port, and it does offer hybrid signal for better transmission. The duex plus has automatic rotation mode, a larger display and, of course, is also compatible with many laptops, nintendo switch and selected android phones and tablets. This one carries two usb ports as well, and the hybrid signal is on board as well so check out the latest creations by mobile pixel. Again, links will be in the description down below that about brings it into this video. This has been my first look at the trio max by mobile pixel hope you guys enjoyed the video again check out all the links in the description for the kickstarter campaign.