On my blooming tv. Today we are going to be doing a wig review. We are going to be reviewing uh this uh daily week by audrey i’ll, be right, back we’ll, get started and see what it looks like don’t forget to like share comment and subscribe Music welcome back. So today we are going to be reviewing the daily week by audrey, uh it’s, the it’s a lace part week, and here it shows you uh the kind of lace part it has so i’ve gone ahead to take it out of the pack, so that it’s, not Glaring so it’s the daily wig by ultra and the style is dixie and then the color is dr4, bl cappuccino, so it’s a mix of different kinds of blonde and brown colors. So you can see the models wearing it there, and here it shows you uh the kind of lace part that it has. It says it’s hand tied and uh i’m, just gon na bring out this instructions here. So this just shows you that they have so many different color uh colors in this brand. I don’t know if you can see those uh color oranges, so they have a lot of colors spelt out there and then um behind that card. Here it shows you they have special colors and in here just shows you the instructions on how to wash and style your wig, so let’s get this review going. This is what it looks like right out of the box.

It’S uh a bob wig and the fiber is really good. Okay, so i’m, going to start first by putting on my wig cap, so always ensure you wear a wig cap to protect your hair and i’m, using a beige, color wig cap, but feel free to use. Any one you have so they have wrapped this very well with a small net there and it’s well packed okay, so right out of the box out of the pack. This is what it looks like. Okay and then the part is really good. It’S, a lace closure. I don’t know if you can see that part it’s long and it looks really good. Okay, so we’re gon na put it on or before i put it on. Let me show you the inside, okay, so the inside. It shows you the path here and then it comes with an extra reinforcement for the band and then at the back. Also, you have the comb and the extra clips so in front here. It has no extra comb which is okay by me, because i usually do not use the extra comb. So that is why they put this one here to help you reinforce the wig. Okay, so – and it looks really good like the way – it’s sewn so i’m – going to put it on now for you to see i’m going to hold on to the back and then put my head to the front here, i’m.

Just going to quickly put back this adjuster here, i don’t want to adjust the wig so i’m, just leaving it in the last section there. Okay, are you ready for this i’m? Just gon na position pull the cap all the way so make sure you pull the cap all the way to the nape of your neck and then on the sides. Here there are tabs here that just make sure they are sitting properly over your ear and i’ll move that back a little bit. So this is what it’s looking like. Overall, i like the parts. The part is really good, but the color. I do not care for that much. I prefer more of the burgundy color, but they didn’t have any burgundy. So i only got just this one to review it and see what it looks like, but it’s. So soft and the length is perfect, like you, don’t need to trim it or anything like even the closure, there’s, nothing to cut or trim, which is really nice. So all you need is just uh a braid spray and you are good to go so this is what is looking like so far. I have one or two strands hanging out there, so this is the length i think the length is really really good. Like you, don’t need to trim anything at all, so if not for the color, i wouldn’t mind it at all. So you can see. The part is true to what was put in there yeah.

So this is what it’s looking like, okay and then inside. They also put uh like a small catalog. It just shows you the different kinds of wigs they have so it says you can wear me every day, so it’s supposed to be a wig that is easy to wear daily, so overall texture, wise, it’s, good it doesn’t feel like synthetic at all and then even When i brush brush it there’s no shading on the brush and the length is really good. So, yes, the wig looks good. I just don’t care for the the color, but otherwise the style is fine. I’M. Just going to see if i can style it as a side part if i don’t want a middle part yeah, so that might be a little bit short on one side. But if you like asymmetrical bulb, then you can go for it yeah. So, as a side part, yes, i think the middle part is better. Okay, i’m gon na shift it back yeah. The middle part is better yeah because i haven’t sprayed it or anything. That is why i keep having those strands everywhere, but i don’t want to spray this today because i’m just trying it on for you to see yeah. So let me know have you used this wig before? How do you like it? How does it feel so? It’S going to be a very short, quick and easy review. Let me know what you think that will be all for today and until next time, when i bring you another exciting video have a blessed and wonderful day.