tv and today, Im reviewing the Lenovo IdeaPad, duet, Chromebook, and here it is right here now the reason its called a duet is because it can go from a laptop or a Chromebook to a tablet. So youve got the two in one easy to snap back on flip it down. Youve got a kickstand and youre ready to go now. What kind of person would be using a Chromebook most of the time, its someone who will just be using it for browsing for basic kind of app functionality, typing up documents, typing up emails and doing a few kind of productivity tasks on the go now? This is definitely an on the go device and I really love just that Snap on keyboard. It works really well. Ive had no issues with it so far and then, when you kind of slap it down like that, it turns off the display. Youve also got the power button on the side, as well as the volume rocker, and when you disconnect the keyboard. Youve got a really nice display here. Youve also got this kickstand on the back here, which can basically come out as far as you want it to so its quite a unique kickstand. I love how far it can go down almost laying down flat and then you can prop it up, and this works in all different modes, the tablet mode or with the keyboard and then from there. You can literally just take the backing off its all magnetic claps.

On Clips on slaps on very beautiful love, the design of the actual tablet itself love the the curved display. I love how premium it actually feels its a really nice piece of hardware and then from there. You would just slap it on magnetic ready to go. Lift up the keyboard slap that on and thats it screen boots up and youre ready to go. I will have some links in the description below to check out the Lenovo IdeaPad duet Chromebook. Those links will be below so check them out if youre interested in this really cool Chromebook, and let me know in the comments below what you think of this tablet as well when it comes to the boot up time and the overall speed and responsiveness of this Tablet, its really impressive for the most part it boots within a few seconds. Even the sleep wake cycle is very quick and when it comes to the booting, you boot straight into your Chrome, login, really easy so its as simple as that for the setup process. You just have a Google Chrome login and you bounce straight in its ready to go. Youve got a few apps straight away, but for me, Ive got a little bit of a custom setup now with a few additional apps in my little app drawer here and from here, Ive actually got a few pinned down the bottom as well. All works really well easy to get used to, and I had no issues with the overall functionality of it, its a really fast device ready for this.

Oh, I hope you heard that snap when it comes to basic tasks like web browsing, typing up documents using basic applications and just kind of navigating through all the different menus, it works completely. Fine, even the boot up time is ridiculously fast. The sleep wake cycle is really quick and easy to initiate with that button, and everything runs really smoothly with the Chrome OS. Unfortunately, though, it does fall apart a little bit when it comes to gaming, theres, definitely a bit of latency its definitely not the most responsive, and I guess that just comes down to the hardware inside. But you know, for example, in the video thats overlaying now youll see me playing some pubg and it operates fine for the most part, but its not fantastic and youre, probably not going to stand a chance against other people with faster devices when it comes to a Game like fruit ninja, which you can see here its fine for the most part, theres a tiny bit of delay, but it just does kind of fall apart when too much is going on. You can also download some decent kind of editing programs as well. Well from the Play Store, so its kind of a combination of an Android device and a Chromebook, because youve got the Play Store, you can download all the apps that you would on your tablet or your Android device really easy to do and a clean interface. But then its embedded into the Chrome OS, so I love how it just functions.

It does work really well and for the most part, if youve got all of your other applications closed and youre just playing a game on it, you can get away with playing a bit of Pub G bit of Fruit Ninja a bit of Call of Duty mobile Youre not going to be the probably topping the table most of the time, but you can have fun. You know thats the main thing right thats why we play games, I guess and then, when it comes to app support all of the apps that Ive downloaded have worked perfectly fine. Theyre, definitely supported nicely on this device. Havent had any sort of issues with compatibility or responsiveness when youre actually in the app everything is just optimized for that experience. So when it comes to the true Chromebook experience, the true on your lap experience where youve got the tablet there connected to the keyboard and youre using it as if it was, was a laptop or a Chromebook in this case and youve got the trackpad down the Bottom youve got the keys here now. What is this experience like? For the most part, its really clean? The trackpad is a little bit delayed and it doesnt feel like again the most responsive experience that Ive had from other Alternatives. It does work nicely, though, and the scrolling functions and the kind of precise movements do work for the most part, its just a little bit of delay that I get, which can be annoying at times and when it comes to the actual travel distance of the keys And what it feels like to type on this keyboard, I got used to it pretty quickly its a nice size keyboard, yes, its obviously smaller than a conventional keyboard or a lot of laptop keyboards.

It is definitely crammed over, on the right hand, side with the enter key, but for the most part I got used to all of it, and it was actually quite a pleasant experience to type on this keyboard here and the fact that you can kind of use Both together, so you can use the touch screen on the tablet, so you can literally just scroll and do what you normally would do with a tablet. But then you have the keyboard as well. It just kind of works nicely together, so well snap it on here and basically it just immediately connects its ready to go very responsive um, but yeah. You can see theres a tiny bit of delay with the actual Mouse there like it works for the most part, but its just enough to be a little bit of an annoyance at times so thats nice, its very responsive. I love the keyboard experience that is Top Notch. The tablet experience the actual touch screen is very responsive and works wonderfully well, and the interface of the Chromebook or the Chrome OS again is very easy and nice to use. So I guess when it comes to who would actually need something like this, its a nice kind of secondary, uh, Chromebook or laptop to have in your house. You do have the USBC here, so you can use a USBC to HDMI to connect it to another, monitor to then use this as the primary driver and then have a larger monitor that works quite well.

Um. It charges from USBC thats great super fast, easy to use, and overall it just connects straight when I boot, in no issues with any of the kind of overall experiences with the Chromebook, its just easy to use and simple, which is great thats. What you would want. So for typing its easy for browsing the internet for messaging friends for using most of the apps that you would on your tablet or phone anyway through the Play Store, thats, fantastic, its a really clean experience. It does fall down a little bit, like I said, with the gaming and Im sure it would fall down again if you had some quite heavy duty processing going on with, like a video render or some something that might kind of grab a lot of the resources. Also, if youre multitasking quite a lot, it does seem to slow the device down which is expected, but overall, its just kind of a general use Chromebook, and it does a fantastic job of doing that, which is exactly what it is its a Chromebook. So, for that it is fantastic when it comes to the specs of this Chromebook, it is a 10.1 inch display, so a really nice large display, I, like I said, really do like the tablet experience and the tablet kind of size as well. The bezels are quite large around the sides, but overall its just a really nice tablet experience and then, when it comes to the processor, its got a two gigahertz processor, four times a53 at 2 gigahertz, the integrated Graphics arm, Graphics, its got four gigabytes of memory and 128 gigabytes of storage, like I said its a 10.

1 inch display thats full HD and its got 400np, so its great in relatively bright experiences, bright kind of situations that you would find yourself in okay here it is so front, is two megapixels and rear. Is eight megapixels, so its an okay camera system? You know its decent for just video calling and sending photos. I guess basic videos uh, nothing too spectacular, but at least it has it on there and it has a front and rear facing camera. So when it comes to your basic everyday kind of functionality, the IdeaPad from Lenovo is fantastic. It is a great addition to your Tech space. If you want something on the go thats a bit larger, it works as a tablet, as well as having that keyboard. For more precise typing, if youre going to be replying to emails or typing up documents, or even just replying to comments or on your social networks, like whatever it is that youre using that for its really nice to have the keyboard and then to be able to Detach it and still have the tablet itself, so the overall experience is great, its not the most powerful thing in the world. So keep that in mind if youre buying it just to play, games or just to edit crazy videos, probably not the right move but for just basic everyday use. It is honestly fantastic. So I will have a link in the description below to check the Lenovo IdeaPad duet, Chromebook out Ill.

Have those links below to check it out, but overall, I think its a really great addition to your Tech Library or a really fantastic starting point. If you want to get a laptop, but maybe dont have the money you want to get a Chromebook. This is a fantastic price point and it offers a lot anyway.