This is my ipad 4 from 2012.. I got this for university, its been around doing all sorts mate and you betcha shes, still kicking hard. So you read the tylers video, its pretty obvious mate ive gone hunting for a stupid, cheap tablet. So i i did have some rules because i did want to log into this thing and just that, like the insanely, cheap, suspicious ones are pro just back doors for stealing all your data, so the guy that i got man, this came from a big box store. I think it was either a big w or a target or something – and i got this around december when they were having crazy christmas sales. The laser 10 inch tablet a whole giga ram. Man watch out pcs from 2008 are quivering touch screen. What laser were in 2022., of course, theres a stinking touchscreen contents. It comes with a 10 inch mid, a cable and a manual yep there. She is the laser e touch 10 inch. Touchscreen tablet is a mobile internet device that allows you to explore, engage and be entertained. This sleek lies, versatile, lies tablet, lets you access your email watch movies, read books, play games and much more now, ive done high school projects. Whenever i put and much more, that usually means im, all out of things to say, use your imagination right. Its got the the light version of a free operating system, front and rear camera, meaning that you could open up snapchat on this and see yourself and get upset quad core cpu look theyve put four squares with cpu on it.

Now i understand it. Micro, usb port is not a feature, although micro sd card thats, pretty stinking good and uh 600 p high re just cause, you call it high resolution. Mate doesnt make it so im telling it looks like a sand mural its not in here ive boozled. You alright get excited here comes the main article, its a tablet, all right, its pink, very, very pink. I headphone jack man. Look, it smashes modern flagship phones, its its okay. All right lets fire up mate im going to leave this in real time. We need to experience it right were going to turn her on, and here we go oh yeah here she goes its its the go edition. Thats thats right, my draw it out just padding for time. Oh wow, the viewing angle is so bad. You can actually make out the jpeg ness of the laser logo, hey its a little bit better than like junk tablets of the past, but yeah. She aint slick its like holding a very, very cheap tv because, like so, you can see it right from where you are, but from my angle, its just all over the place because theyre like watch the colors and theyre gone Laughter. That is, that is miserable. Remember this is a ten year old nugget yeah look at the angles i can get on this idiot uh huh dear. Can you smell the pixels yeah mate shes, 600 p, so its not even up to 720p mate shes got the google apps here.

So we can go to tubu um. Last time i tried this. It didnt work come on you piece of junk go baby. Go we see she gets on the whiffy when i tried this last night, youtube wouldnt even open at all. So this is actually progress. Thats. It mate: you got ta mate, yeah yeah, 11 of 34 megs. This is high speed, internet chug, chug chug chug. So you know, while were waiting here, hows your guinea pigs. They doing all right. All your guinea pigs are good. Oh really, oh im. Sorry to hear mate. Well, you know good luck with the second one. Oh wait you! Oh all right, then good luck with the third one. Then can we stop talking yeah youre, witnessing the install of a 30 megabyte update Laughter? How do they make this so cheap? Oh Laughter come on you not all right all right, hows, you hows your cappy borrowers, mate, hows, your capybara dawn! Oh really! Oh good! Luck! Five of them im gon na get these lights out of the way for a minute uh. I am connected to the internet. You you crazy idiot, uh, huh, uh, huh, good, okay lets, go the different direction, mate. What god did no internet? Oh thank you! Oh wow, it looks horrible. What am i even doing the speaker right? The minimum volume is still too loud. The minimum volume will wake. Someone up its insane and then the maximum volume isnt loud either so like from lowest volume to highest volume.

Its more like this, its just like the volume, is either on or off. Oh well, youtube actually works. Now, yeah yeah, oh get out wow. The app actually works here. I am look at the pixelation Laughter wow. I i didnt know my it looks awful. Can i adjust any of the settings? Quality 144 advanced mate were in advance. Go on. Give me 1080p. Give me 10, it didnt. Do it um? Oh, no, no, no, its struggling thats it actually! No, actually! No, it doesnt it cant. Even no thats, not fair. Hang on hang on 480. Four come on 480. for most people, 480 is the minimum yeah like 480 mate. Four four: four: all right dont worry about it. It chugs pretty bad like really really bad. Well, its got a stinking camera mate you got, ta have a smell of that. So at least one time mate ive got a dog, but this is what they gave me mate like well, i dont understand what kind of dog this is. My i think you can there you go like what kind of dog is this? Well, i i questioned and made so like my my dog doesnt have any arms or legs to yell its a sausage dog and, like i, i went and believed it and then like no dont, oh, oh, the dogs. Waking up my like is this im, not hearing any warfarin, and why i mean dogs like to lick things, but this ones licking things too much.

Im actually worried for my safety now yeah its like a horrible bootleg camera and i believe its 1.9 megapixels. It is like deplorable, but mate. We need to stress it out the best way possible and its called games. Swish. I figured the best way to stress this. Guy out is a racing game like 3d graphics, stuff. Moving around lets have a go. Oh no, it has to do this whole spear with all this crap. No one cares about get lost. Oh man, this things chugging, so bad. Oh man, that only took 20 minutes all right lets get into a race man. I need to race this crappy dodge dart deco yeah go! Oh no Laughter! Oh look at the megabytes. Flyby! Yes, dodge dart. Give me the dodge fight. Lets! Go yes! Its fine yeah, mate yep! Okay! Here we go dodge fight racing whoops uh! Oh, oh! No! I thought i set the controls to not be like this: oh mate, shes not dropping frames at all or all right, maybe one or two. I think this is like a 10 year old game, so i mean it is doing it. It is doing it but its its, not nice. Every time some sort of event happens, you can see it just absolutely chug im catching you mate im catching you in my dodge fart im telling you at the angle that im sitting at like i can barely see this screen. Hey. Let me let me assume like what im seeing yeah mate.

This is more like it. This is. This is the experience i know. Let me show you what a pile of junk this thing really is: yeah, just playing vice city perfectly, like its mint. This is actually like a totally crop. Oh look! A police car im gon na take a car today, im gon na run away run your dingus, oh, i tried to take the policemans car. Give me the wheels. Oh, oh, no, this wont go well. Yeah come on, it runs perfect right, 10 year old freebie. There is a game that this guy does do decently. I love this stinking game. This works so okay that ive actually put a little bit of time into this. I ive actually maxed out the monster truck. Oh yeah man, simple games, mate, just simple: oh no, all right, shes, ch, all right, shes chugging, pretty bad shes chugging, pretty bad! Oh! I lied. Oh man, whats happened. Youre working fine yesterday, okay, now shes picking up. She just need to warm up. Lets go for the record sure i got. Ta beat 21.57 almost there almost there its not even that good of a high school. Yes, oh, look i can see. I can see my last checkpoint. The terrain is getting treacherous, oh god and thats. Why i like this game, so there you go and its its over. Oh, the fun thing is um. If you accidentally click one of the ads itll open up the browser, it will kick your game, it will ram crash and you have to start again.

It did actually come with a case like and its totally fine Music, like hey for kiddos, whatever rose so yeah, its 50 bucks thats a bargain right, but this tablet here, which is 10 years old, smashes this. This has a retina screen like more power and, while setting this guy up, like i had to log back into this, to put those apps on there, it was fine and it really shows you how they make these so cheap. So, who cares if its got quad cores if all of them suck? I know a lot of you are tempted to get these for maybe like nana or something dont dont, dare give this to your grandparents and things because remember like they find ipads difficult and to us. Ipads are things that just kind of work themselves right. This is going to make a head explode, men are everywhere, and the latency is hideous, so i wouldnt even say its good for kids, like you press the little x button to make the ads go away and nothing happens. Its like bat. Bat back well hope you have cured your morbid curiosity for these stupid things. When you see them and there you go like anything newer than the ipad 4 is going to do better than this. I reckon an old air. 2, honestly would still hang out just fine good night. My sweet prince yeah just power off yeah yeah. Oh no, no, just just go away.

Just go just go hates, go away! Okay! Well, thats! It thanks! So much for watching huge thanks to my patrons, especially these stinky names right here, mate because wonder all month. I do extra videos, but i do have other content. I got garbage time. I swear im making videos for that im held up by a particular thing that youll actually see in a garbage time. Video and ive got my float plane drum streams where i throw symbols against the walls, and you can watch me play the drums and talk hey. You can see my face face reveal much but mate for one buck no kidding were gon na film. The video on this yeah, my im gon na, were gon na boot, her up again and im gon na film with this camera. And what are we gon na? Be doing or mate were gon na be playing some games on this ipad, so i dont know if were going to be able to see things, and i might actually have to tape it in place to film it properly. So thanks so much to mate ill, see you all next time.