I think it’s pretty cool for most people and it’s. This laptop right here. This is a dell experiment, 3000 series, so i want to review this laptop. I want to see this laptop is for you guys and if you should actually buy it. Okay, first of all, this laptop is actually really old. This laptop is was actually manufactured 2013, and it was actually the the first two in one laptop which at that time, weren’t a big deal and the one where everyone was curious about them. So they made it two in one. So this is a small two in one laptop uh and it’s. A 13 inch laptop with four gigs of ram and i3 4000 generation unlocked cpu inside here, um yeah, so i’m going to leave it up. I want to see these laptops for you or for someone in your family, so this laptop is pretty cool um, so let’s talk about the ports. First let’s talk about the first and then design for all that stuff. So the design of this laptop, it seems to be pretty nice, it’s, very clean um and you can grab it in your bag put in the bag. It’S not gon na feel it’s, not gon na put you down, it’s, really light it’s, really nice actually and it’s. Actually, really nice to have because uh you don’t have uh, you don’t have weird curved edges or into that it’s. Just literally like flat of the edges right here, you can see so that’s, pretty cool.

Okay, let’s talk about the ports uh. This is a two in one, so you’re going to expect those sports because you want it to be flexible, so you have mechanics unlock. You have your simi, your sim card here and then you’re gon na put usb a your. You also have your speaker here, there’s a two and one. Then you have your volume up and down. Then your power button over here over here. You have your your battery, plug in where your charger the laptop and then you have hdmi. You have two usb a and you also have a headphone jack and a speaker here. So one thing, you’ll notice is you have a lot of usb acr, which is really nice touch you have in total three. Then you also have our obviously quite surprised. You have to find a full hdmi in this laptop. Usually you usually find not the full hdmi, probably um, the smaller version of hdmi port, and then you also have two speakers here here. So it gives you that stereo sound, which you usually find in laptops. Okay, so let’s talk about the the features of this laptop, so this laptop wasn’t was actually specially known for its doing one it’s really nice. So once you do flip it like that and put all the way back there or if you want it for watching movies – and you can put it like this works this way too um yeah, so this laptop is pretty cool.

You can touch it. It’S also touch. Obviously, you’re gon na have a clean one. You’Re gon na have to touch also and it’s really nice, because it’s really small and it just it, feels more like a tablet, rather than a big bulky, uh device that you have so the thing i also like about stoptop is so you have a really nice Keyboard you have mediocre touchpad let’s talk about more about that, so the keyboard feels it’s just really nice, but when you’re typing for long you, you don’t, want to use this because it’s mushy and the keys are close together because it’s a smaller body. So it feels really great, but the keys feel really nice type one you have. They have really nice sound uh, even though the trouble isn’t that deep it’s just really nice, if you’re gon na use it for small typing, all the stuff. Okay, the the touch pad touchpad is not great, but the the touchpad is not good because it’s, just it doesn’t feel it’s, not smooth when you, when you try to drag it, and the texture is really not that well, and i i also sometimes there’s some weird Clicks that’ll happen when you, when you, when you go out the top, so i i don’t like that. It’S probably my model so that’s for the quality control issue. Okay, the screen the screen is a 13 inch screen. I would say – and you have some bezels here – it’s a big bezel, but it doesn’t – you really notice it.

When you use it um yeah, you can see the bezels they’re perfect. You have a webcam here, which is not that great. I mean it’s really not that great. This is a glossy screen, so you’re going to see some fingerprints which are using public mode and that’s, not great and also it’s glossy, so that’s, not gon na be great, so you guys should wipe this down after you have used it a couple of times. Okay, so let’s talk about the power and the performance and the battery of this laptop. So the thing with this laptop is the battery lasts around four hours to five hours, uh. If you really skim it down and reduce the brightness, if you reduce the cpu overall usage or the ram of our stuff, you’ll get five hours, but mostly four hours is what you get in this laptop it’s, not bad, because this is, i would say, it’s an Old laptop it’s, 2013. um yeah it’s really nice, but i think what you guys have to know fast, that you’re gon na have to bring your charger with. You can have to bring a charger with you so that you could just to start up. I mean blackman runs out obviously, and let’s talk about the the four months. The performance is not great and the the reason is they have included a finance laptop there’s, a fine actually but it’s just it gets really hot, especially when you use it in high demanding uh software, such as editing, videos, it’s, really gon na struggle and it’s gon Na really heat up over here, usually it’s up over here and around here, the top over here, and it just really heats up and and be you guys be uh don’t block the sport right here you have a heat fire here is, if you block it, it’s Gon na really struggle so be sure that you have seen the portal here and prevent it from being blocked by other substances.

So the performance is not that great, but if you’re using it for for, for example, in websites and all that stuff, where you’re doing your day to day work using word, no problem just how to kind of handle that robot stuff. But if you’re using a demanding software, even even if you open a lot of programs a little smaller, so degrading performance. But i think this laptop is really good, because you have this form factor and you have this performance, which is really amazing, so who’s the stopped off for so i would say if you have a child, if you have a child there’s a person, a student, a Student and someone going to get locked up to, i think this laptop is really good because it packs on the the two one with a really nice performance, which is not gon na really shock you, but it might sound like it’s, actually not that bad. For this laptop and don’t forget that this is 2013. you’re, probably gon na get stopped about 159 um and it’s, probably gon na be used so be sure that you get what you’re looking for, because the used market’s not that great, you may get some bad products Broken up okay before we i leave this one. I want to talk about the blue quality. The build quality is super super solid i’m really impressed with this, like it feels really rigid, and just like this really nice, you know there’s no flex on the top there’s not no track at all, even on the on the over here, there’s, no flex, it’s, really, Nice, an amazing, build really.

You can use this laptop for straight five years and you don’t see much of a body uh difference, but except at the back at the back, is it’s just um, even though it’s really nice, you may get this type of disgusting thing here uh. This is because i’ve filled the top and when you’re, using using it on um on a surface you’re gon na get scratched up like that, which is not great, so be careful to uh put something here or just try to cover it up with some skin it’s Kind of really nice, okay, the sound is in the software, is actually the sound quality is really nice. I really just hold it okay, so, overall, this laptop is really good. If you’re student, if you, if you’re saving on buying a laptop all that stuff and if you want to in one um, then this is really nice. But if you’re not really into twin ones and if you’re, just wanting a small laptop, i suggest you don’t go for this laptop because between one market would really lack in performance, especially at this time of age 2013. So you’re gon na get a really nice laptop. I think the twin ones are now are much much much better. You get and you get really high performance, um specs on between ones nowadays, so i suggest you don’t go for this, so that’s it for my review.