Basically, what this does is add full android to your car. As long as you have a touch screen that supports android, auto you can plug this into one of the usb ports and you’ll have a fully functional android operating system. Basically, an android pc built into your car, and this is a lot different from android, auto built into your phone, because, with that we’re really limited, i mean there’s, a few select, android, auto, enabled apps. We can listen to some music. We can do some navigation, but with the car dongle. This enables a full android operating system on the built in touchscreen in your car. So, as you can see, there’s really not much to it. This does support a micro sd card. We have that slot over here. On this side, a full size, usb port – and this is what you’re going to be plugging into your usb port in the car and on the front here, we have an led ring with a built in microphone. So, as for the specs on the car dongle for the cpu, we have a two gigahertz octa core a53 cpu up to four gigabytes of ram. You can get one with two gigs or four and 64 gigabytes of storage, full android 9 operating system optimized for an in car touch screen. We do have access to google play this has built in wi fi. We also have that built in microphone. A micro sd card slot good up to 128 gigabytes and this does support gps, but it needs to be tethered to your phone.

So basically, this doesn’t have any kind of 4g, 5g or 3g built in you’re going to tether the car dongle to your phone’s hot spot, or if you have a newer car with built in wi fi, you can do it that way on their website. They claim it supports any vehicle or stereo that supports android, auto, but keep in mind. You have to have a touch screen. In order for this to work, it does not work with rotary dials. In my car i got a nice little screen, but it doesn’t support. Touch it uses rotary dials in the console, and this will not work. It cannot navigate the operating system. So before we move over to my car and check out the other features of the car dongle, i mean one of the main use case scenarios that somebody would use this for is live maps. This works just like it does on your android device. If you’re driving around town it’ll give you that little triangle it’ll tell you exactly where you are it’ll tell you if there’s construction ahead, and you can even search just like this now i’m, not gon na uh. You know go driving around right now, so i’m not going to give away my location, but it works just like it would on your android device and i’d say this would be one of the main reasons. Somebody would want to pick this up to have live navigation on your car’s built in screen all right, so let’s go ahead and see this thing in action.

I’M. Actually, in my wife’s car right now, this is a 2020 hybrid rav4, but we do have that built in touch screen i’m, just going to use this free usb port here that does support android, auto or carplay. Unfortunately, like i mentioned, my car doesn’t have a touchscreen. It uses rotary dials and i was really hoping to use this with an obd2 monitoring app. So i could, you know, kind of see my coolant temperature boost pressure and things like that, but unfortunately, in order to navigate the operating system that’s on this stick, you will need a touch screen boot time on the car. Dongle is around 35 to 45 seconds, so it’s not instantaneous, because it does have to boot up android we’re running real android 9 on this unit here, so it should show up in just a second. It will detect that android auto is connected. There we go, and now the car dongle is going to take over the touchscreen here and there we have it so we’re booted up. We got that blue, led on the car dongle itself and we’re running android 9 on the built in screen here i’m going to go ahead and readjust my camera. So we can get a better look at this, so we’ve got android up and running it’s full android. 9., we do have full access to google play here and you can turn the menu sounds off from the settings if you want to, but everything will be running through your car stereo speakers.

So since our video is being fed over usb, there will be a little bit of latency in the touch, as you can see here, but i mean once you get a video up and running or some music or even maps, you won’t even notice it, but you Can go through and download your favorite music apps, video, apps and even games, and when it comes to video, i do not recommend watching video while you’re driving, i mean it’s illegal in most places, but this does have a setting to allow it to shut the video Off when you’re driving, which is a good thing, unless you’re on a closed course or park, do not watch video while you’re driving it’s super dangerous, but as you can see, this does allow us to have access to our favorite video apps, while we’re in the car. Now, with regular android auto from your phone, we can’t do this unless it’s rooted and you have a third party app installed, you can mirror your android phone, but from everything that i’ve tested you have to be rooted to make offerings. As you can see, audio is running through the stereo speakers in the car itself. We’Ll go ahead and exit netflix, and this works with prime video hbo and everything uh we’ll test out one more here: we’ll just go with youtube and performance, really isn’t bad we’re. Just gon na kind of get the phone version of youtube and netflix, but on a smaller screen like this, it does work out quite well, i’ll search for, say, 4k lg just go with the demo video here, so yeah got youtube and netflix in the car.

So next thing i wanted to test was a little bit of gaming. Now this is actually ridiculous. Uh! Even for me, i do gaming on basically everything especially emulation, but playing an android game on the built in touchscreen in your car is a bit ridiculous and that’s coming from me. Who’S run snes and nes games on a smart watch, but i still wanted to see how this functioned, and this is a touch screen based game. Unfortunately, i’m, not getting sound here, i’m, not sure what’s up with that might be a setting. I need to change, but yeah, as you can see, i mean this game is running on the car dongle. One of my main use case scenarios for something like this would have been in car obd, 2 monitoring. You can connect this to an obd2 dongle that’ll, plug directly into your obd 2 port and get all of the information from the sensors on our car piped into gauges, and this is fully customizable with the pro version you can set it up for boost pressure, intake Temperature coolant temperature oil pressure, oil temperature, rpm speed. I mean, if there’s a sensor on your car reading data you can actually display it on screen. Now i was going to set this up with my car, but i really can’t use this because i don’t have that built in touch screen. Like i mentioned, i really wish it would work with those rotary dials, because this is something that i would probably use.

Every single day, alright, so before we wrap this video up, i did want to give you a closer look at this operating system. Like i mentioned, it’s running on android 9. i’ve got this plugged into my pc and i’m, using an application called screen copy to. Allow me to record the screen and see it on a monitor from within settings here, there’s a lot of stuff to mess around with, but i haven’t really gone through and done anything except for set up my wi fi and bluetooth with my phone and my car, Because it does have built in wi, fi we’ve got some sound settings here. Automatic volume control touch sound settings. You can turn this off. Bluetooth, audio radio navigation sounds uh display, auto video shut off as soon as this detects that you’re going over 10 kilometers an hour. It’Ll shut the video off whether you’re watching netflix or youtube, but this can be disabled. I recommend leaving it on because, like i mentioned, you do not want to be watching a video while you’re driving your car it’s illegal in most places, but right here they do offer an option to shut it off, just in case you’re on a closed course. Other settings you can set it up to auto launch an app and really when it comes down to it. This is what i would use for that torque app to allow me to monitor my car. Now, unfortunately, i don’t have a touch screen, so this really doesn’t work well with the car.

I have right now, but it does work with my wife’s suv and finally system i’ve already gotten two updates. Since i’ve been messing around with this for the last week and uh looks like they might be pushing out some more, as you saw, we do have full google play, and one thing i wanted to check out was this cpu? So if we head over here to cpu, you can see that this is actually using a mediatek helio p22 four cores two gigahertz four cores at 1.5, and we have four gigs of ram with this unit. If i go into system you see we have four gigs. So we got plenty of ram here plenty of cpu speed for this little thing, really what’s, holding it back from being instantaneous is that video connection over usb uh. This could come in handy for some people, but a lot of newer cars already have this pretty much built in. If you have a rooted, android phone, you can basically do all of this right now. But if you don’t want to root your phone, this could be a good option so yeah. I personally think this is a pretty cool. Little idea, if you’re looking to add full android to your in car touch screen if you’re interested in learning more about this, i will leave a link in the description. You can pick up a 4 gigabyte model for 99 bucks i’m, not sure if the 2 gigabyte model is going to be cheaper or if they’ll offer cheaper options in the future.

But right now i just opted for the four gigabyte model with 64 gigabytes of ram and it was 99 but that’s going to wrap it up for this. Video really appreciate you watching i’m going to be messing around with this for the next couple weeks. Hopefully we can get an update that supports non touch screens, but i mean when it comes down to it. Most all new cars do have a touch screen built in so i don’t think they’re ever going to update it like that. But i’ll have my fingers crossed if there’s anything else, you want to see running on the car dongle or if you have any questions.