The only reason i brought one was due to a discussion that was being held on the c64 facebook page, and i thought this joystick sounds pretty good. Of course, like most of us originally started with the competition pro that comes with the C64. it’s good it’s. Definitely better than the mini competition pro, but it’s not great. So i began using my old ps1 controller with those analog sticks and d pad. That was better and it connects with the C64 with this converter, which is the link in the description below if you’re interested in buying one of those. Now the problem is, though, is still limited by cables they get in the way they do restrict you and they just there’s. No freedom, that’s, where the logitech f710 is a fantastic solution for Commodore 64 gaming even comes with batteries. Has this handy little storage space for your nano receiver, which plugs into your C64, so that’s really handy, but of course, we’re going to use it right now, so we’ll get it back out. The feel and the weight of the f710 is really good. It feels comfortable feels solid. It feels like a quality product. You can use both the analog sticks or the d pad when playing your Commodore 64 games, the left and right triggers all four of them are used for your firing buttons. Actually, this little switch had me stumped, initially out of the box, it was set to x, input and nothing worked on the c64.

Then i flicked it over to d or direct import, which is designed for emulators, which the c64 is, of course, and it worked flawlessly on the f710. The start button is your menu button and the back button. This turns off your turbo load and turns it back on again we’ll get into that a little bit later on the a and b buttons are important. A is the back button and b is the load button, but we’ll look at those actions and how the f710 works with the c64 right now. This is the nano receiver which you plug into the c64 usb ports, anyone’s, fine turn it upside down and you’re ready to go. I have enough to get my usb stick for the games. Ah, i always get that wrong turn it on and no drivers need to be loaded. The f710 is ready to play fully compatible with the c64 amazing press. The start button for the menu press fire to enter the folder and now use the d pad or the analog sticks to navigate we’ll load bruce lee 2.. This is a crt file, so all you need to do is press b or load and start the game and see it works perfectly. No delay no lag, it’s, very responsive, fantastic. Now. What, if you want to save your progress using the f710 press start, which is the menu button press fire on the save load option and to save your progress press a on your f710 done? So how do we do the joystick port swapping on the f710 we’ll load bruce lee one? Because, as we know, this needs to have the joystick in port one as expected, nothing’s happening, because we are defaulting to joystick port 2.

Currently, on the f710 press and hold down the start button and then press the a button to swap to port 1 and voila, of course, hold down the start button and press b to swap the joystick port too. One final tip with the f710 is about here is the turbo load feature. You can turn this on and off by pressing the back button on your f710 gamepad well that’s my little review of the logitech f710 using it with the c64. As you can see, it’s a really good quality wireless joystick or gamepad or controller whatever you want to call it solution. In fact, i recommend it it’s really enhanced my commodore 64 gaming experience on the c64 and it’s really returned me to my childhood when playing games because it’s so easy to use, it feels comfortable and it really makes me feel like i’m, using a quick shot too Again, when i was a kid that’s, my personal experience and opinion about the logitech f710, let me know in the comments below if you’ve used it and what you think as well. Now, if you haven’t got one already, i highly recommend it, as you can tell this. Hasn’T been a paid endorsement. I brought this with my own money. I just think it’s a fantastic product and i highly recommend it.