So you need to have a stand where to put this portable display. If you don’t want to use the sleeve that arrived with it with your portable monitor in this video we’ll show the pepper job stand, which, in my opinion, is probably one of the best or not the best stand that you can get for your portable display. So let’s begin just before talking any further. I think i’m gon na go up because i’m sitting all day, anyways. Okay, that will do. I think that will do no it’s a bit too low. Let’S go up a bit right, so you have yourself a samsung deck setup and you’re using a portable display. This is the pepper. Jobs, extend touch 15.6 inches portable display with a built in battery just before going any further into this video. A little update about this modern time i reviewed this mortiser quite a while ago and uh since then. This motor was stuck on the side of the boiler, because this motor has a magnet and then by boiler boiler cover is all metal. So i just stuck that on the side and the mortar was constantly connected to a power and constantly showing something on the screen. Would it be google chromecast, i’m casting youtube, spotify, plaques, etc, etc, etc, or connecting my note, 9 on my missus s8 plus galaxy phone to get the decks running and browsing internet checking, emails, etc. So this monitor was basically running 24, 7 and it’s still amazing.

As a day when it’s arrived, i have no issues with the screen. The battery is still amazing. The screen is still looks great. So if you’re looking a portable monitor, i suggest you go and check this out. You have yourself a deck setup, so you have a portable monitor. You have a galaxy device, we have usb type c, cable keyboard and a mouse. So at the moment uh you set up something like this. You have yourself uh the stand, some sort of the stand. Let’S put this one on the side: let’s grab the mountie plug it in so all grew all well and good. Straight away. This small stand that i’m using is a you green stand, so it is a bit wobbly, so i need to uh uh level up and it still it doesn’t look very safe for me to use this way. Another thing if i want to pack all this up in the bag and go somewhere when obviously it’s allowed just because right now is all this pandemic. I can’t fold this thing: it’s just that’s how it is it’s, not foldable, so that’s where the pepper drop stand comes in that’s, the box that’s the box that’s arrived into. Obviously already. I unboxed it and had a quick look, but this is the stand. It has a multiple angles: uh that you can adjust the stand so enough. Yapping let’s grab the device, and here it is the purple jobs.

Stand foldable tablet monitor stand. I think this is one of the best or not the best stand that you can get for. Your samsung deck setup, if you’re going with a portable, monitor doesn’t matter if your portable mortgage is a purple job, so it doesn’t matter even the next doctor will demonstrate in a second that the next duct two can fit on this and it’s gon na hold. Next, look too right: let’s set this up, so let’s get this open. I want something like this: get that infest all uh, the the padding here is like a rubberized dotted mesh, which is anti slippery, so once it’s in it’s in so let’s grab my phone, the cable is already plugged in let’s. Get this way let’s get my phone in here, and here we go. I have myself a samsung deck setup with this pepper job stand and like stand, is amazing, it’s, very steady, it’s, very heavy and it’s very steady, so i do have uh that’s going on with this stand, not the problem. Obviously i can have my phone here with this mountain i can have here. I can have on the side anywhere and it is wobbles a bit until you like, while you, while you’re giving some force, but i mean it’s, not gon na go anywhere by moving desk around oh watch out. My main monitor is flying around this. Air height is not really let’s, say up your sleeve that’s raise it up and the adjusting everything is.

You need to apply slightly force so it’s not like wobbles or anything. So once you want to unfold it, you need to give a bit of the force, and this clicks so it’s a nice clicking, sound, so that’s the stand here we go. I can have this way and interact with the decks with the keyboard and mouse or which i really really like about this stand. I can have this way and interact with the decks this way playing games, let’s, say some strategy. Rts games, so rpg games where keyboard and mouse is not on keyboard and mouse, it’s not ideal for you to use. So you can have something like this. So if i’m gon na go, for example, let’s run ethereum rpg game that i’m playing quite a lot, so that’s running let’s, give a second or so to load, and this stand again, i’m really happy about this, and the bill called amazing, all metal that the rubberized Mesh inside um, the the holder, is basically anti slip race. So here we go. I am having a little blast. Okay, this is a bit too loud, it’s a bit too loud. Let’S get this one let’s get the volume down come on. Here we go! Apologies about it and i’m playing i’m enjoying the game playing this way, because if i used something like you green one and having something like this, it doesn’t really feel safe. Plus. I can feel that i can knock it down by accident and some of the angles not really working where this, the pepper jobs – one you put it in you straight away in you – want to move around.

Obviously, you need a couple of uh two hands movements here because, like i said it’s very the the hinges is very, very solid. Here we go, i can have this way and this looks looks absolutely professional. This stand, let’s say you don’t have a portable monitor. You have a lab dock, so move the monitor away. Let’S grab the laptop. This is the next doctor laptop i’m gon na grab the new green one. Okay, i just hit the table, put something like this and i can’t lose my next look too this way, because this is leans back and okay. I can try to find the hot spot for all this to work, but again it doesn’t feel very safe with pepper jobs, one i just move it like this. In there that’s it move it back boom. I can have my keyboard and a mouse plug. My note. 9, in turn it on wrong connection goes in there. Okay, here we go. I i can always type using an x.2 keyboard, or i can use this way and then monitor is in the let’s say, eye level: okay, maybe not an eye level let’s get that one moving away. Let’S raise a bit somewhere here, boom and it’s. It feels that it’s gon na stay there. Okay, if you’re gon na knock around it’s gon na fall off, but it feels like it’s gon na stay there with no problems. It wobbles a bit but that’s not a big deal, and here we go.

I can go back into that game that i was playing and i can continue playing this game and the stand is. I do recommend the stand. Anyone who’s looking to play create yourself a samson deck set up with a portable, monitor and you’re. Looking for yourself for a stand that is easy to use, feels steady feels well built quality. The anti slippery thing at the mesh and it falls away very, very neatly. The pepper job stand is the way for you to go so we’re, going back to the game. Uh to do using keyboard and mouse to control the game. I think i need to go there. Oh it’s, a long way around so that’s it let’s move, let’s, move it that way. Next doctor goes away. I never thought about this, but now i can control the decks using my fingers and same time have my note, 9 sitting here controlling note. 9. I do not playing youtube or something and playing music or controlling on here and interact with the decks this way. So pepper job stand it’s. An amazing thing, oh forgot to mention. Well i mentioned to you that it is heavy, but how heavy so i do have scales here so in grams, this stand is 668 grams. This stand where comparison. My note 9, with the 360 case, is 257. The pepper jobs. Portable monitor is 950, so combine. These two is 100 1600. To combine this. This and let’s say all my deck setup go with me: it’s going to be less than two and a half kilos, so it’s 2 488 grams.

I don’t know how many pounds i’m gon na, do a transfer later or conversion later on, google. But here you go less than two and a half kilograms and that’s my setup i’ll leave a link to this stand in description below for you to go and check it out. It’S gon na be an affiliate link for amazon it’s, not gon na cost. Anything extra to you, it’s, just i’m gon na get one or two pens if you’re gon na purchase through that link every little help. So well, my i might get this one or two pens, so one pens a day and i might be a millionaire one day. Yes, rhymes that’s, it that’s all. I wanted to say to you guys, thank you much for watching.