Three and one cable. Thank you, Music. It is relatively easy to set up the canvas 22. All you have to do is first, is to download the appropriate driver in Julians official website based on your operating system, either Windows or Mac OS. As of making this review, I am using the latest driver version., take note, do not connect to press play before or during the installation of the driver and then lastly connect the pen display after the installation now lets dive into the specifications of this pen display the hulyan canvas 22 has a 22 inch full HD IPS display. I was really surprised with the display, because I was not expecting that it would be this bright at 50 brightness by default, its already too bright for my eyes, and I had to lower it down to 25 plus it has a white color gamut, which is 120 Srgb thats above average, compared to the standard, 100 srgb or 72 ntsc and other pen displays means that canvas 22 is able to show more colors accurately. I also didnt feel like I had to adjust or calibrate the display for me its already fine. Unfortunately, there is something I need to point out. The display of the canvas 22 has not laminated, which there is a small gap between the LCD inside and the outer glass. But you do get a pre installed: anti glare matte film, which mimics the feel of drawing on paper.

And now, when it comes to the drawing experience it wasnt easy overall, even though it doesnt have a laminated display, Julian was still able to put their latest digital pen PW 517 developed based on pentag 3.0. It has 8192 levels of pressure, sensitivity and 60 degrees tilt recognition depend is lightweight, very comfortable to hold and its very accurate and stable. I have no complaints at all. The pen is great when it comes to operating systems. It works on Windows, Mac OS and some Android devices, and it supports most drawing applications such as Adobe Photoshop and clip Studio game. It even works well with no taking apps such as Microsoft, OneNote, Microsoft, whiteboard and Microsoft. Word coming from a screenless falcon into a S. Pen tablet huyan canvas 22. Is such a huge leap for me after using it for about eight months, my workflows significantly improved and I draw much faster Mormon has did not experience any serious fatigue using the best way. Huyan canvas 22 is indeed the pen display that offers good features and value at a competitive price who young canvas 22 is currently 449 USD on Julians official website. Here in the Philippines, it is priced around 19 to 20K pesos, if Im not mistaken, and now for the pros and cons. It has a large 22 inch. Full HD IPS display with anti glare matte film, is very bright, but in a good way and then Julians latest pen, PW 517 With Pen Tech 3.

0 is very accurate, 8192 levels of pressure, sensitivity and 60 tilt recognition. It comes with the stand out of the box and, like other pen displays in the market and, most importantly, it supports USB type c to type c connection. And lastly, it is priced competitively and it offers good value and for the cons first is it has a non laminated display. Second, is it has no Express keys or buttons on the display, so you will have to use an external support for this and honestly, I feel like I am nitpicking at this point because of the price of the canvas on two. Nevertheless, those are the clients Music question. Is it still worth it to buy canvas 22 in 2021? Well, if you are looking for a cheap, large 22 inch pen display, then yes, Julian campus 22 is still worth buying in 2021. However, if you have an extra money to spend, I recommend canvas 32 Plus for a wider color gamut and laminated display. But if you want a large, yet portable pen display with laminated screen, I recommend you to buy the canva 16 2021 version instead. So that is all we review. If you have any questions, please comment down below Ill. Try my best to answer them. Please do leave a thumbs up for this video. I actually dont plan to be active here on YouTube. So please check out my other social accounts in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tick Tock.

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