So this is a bad boy for today, its really cool 22 inch screen with the stand behind already mounted the stand, because I use this tablet for a while. Now I tested it, a lot do a lot of projects here, and I will now present it to you. Of course, there are a lot of other things that comes with the tablet, all the cables that you need to connect the tablet with your computer or laptop and also USBC, to USBC cable. If you need it and also youll get the manual and the drawing glove and the cleaning cloth, so thats included two and one really cool thing that I got with the tablet. Is this mini key dial? I will talk about that later, but this is it now lets talk about some specs. Now, let me show you how this actually works. First of all, there are two versions of this tablet. There is canvas 22 and canvas 22 plus which Im having here the difference is a little bit of contrast, ratio a little bit of the color coverage and also the quality of the screen. This one is better and the price difference between those two is just 100. Us dollars so this one costs 549 US Dollars, and this mini key dial. If you want to get it costs around ‘ US Dollars you, I will leave all the links down there in the description, so you can check everything out. Okay, the canvas 22 plus have the contrast, ratio 1200 towards the one it has 140 percent RGB color gamut and also it has anti glare glass and which is a little bit better and different than 22 and 22 has a matte coated glass.

So this one has a little bit verting in my opinion, and also its fully laminated, and it has USBC to USBC cable. If you want to use that as a connection, so thats it also wanting to I forgot to mention – is that of course, youre getting the pan and the stand with this tablet and the pen is battery free pan, Which is amazing, because you dont need to worry About charging pen Etc, it has the 898 level of pressure sensitivity, so its really really cool pen, the quality is pretty decent and comfortable of using is pretty okay and also the stand itself has a really nice addition here inside you have 10 spare nibs and Im Using now for a while, I didnt even scratch this one I used a little bit, but nothing special, so 10 is more than enough for you to work for pretty long period of time, probably until the tablet lasts. So, who knows it depends how hard you are using and pressing on the screen when you connect the tablet in order to use it properly, you need to download the drivers from hearing website, install it and then youre fully ready to go. As I already said, this tablet comes with a stand. The stand is pretty cool. It allows you to lay the tablet almost completely flat, so you, if you want you, can draw it like this. Also, it allows you several different angles, but almost 90 degree angles.

So you can use it as your monitor and watch some movies or YouTube content or whatever you want. You can watch my tutorials here and its amazing. The screen quality is amazing. The color reproduction and everything Im really really happy about that. I really love it also. I already said the screen is laminated, so that means that the gap between actually the screen and this glass surface is so tiny. That youre almost have impression that youre drawing on some really cool tablet like iPad, so about that its really really good, as already mentioned at the beginning. We have this really cool mini key dial, which is amazing addition to the tablet, because, as you can see, the tablet doesnt have any kind of buttons at the side which makes this table a little bit more cheaper and budget friendly. But you can get this. As addition to the tablet and use all these Button as shortcut keys as the keyboard shortcuts to whatever you want in order to do this, you need to go to the software that you got with the tablet and also program any of these keys to whatever you Want they come already programmed for basic things, but you can do your own keyboard settings here. Also, if you press this up lower button youre getting back to what is it here on the screen, so you can see which of these buttons represent, which keyboard shortcut, which is amazing, lets test the pen pressure sensitivity on this tablet.

If you choose a brush with the prime pressure settings, then that means that if you firmly pressed on the tablet, you will have a thinner line. If you press harder, you will have a thicker line, and this works amazingly Im pretty pretty happy and surprised how good this works. Also, you can change your preferences if you want to have a little bit different feel of pressing with the pen. You can go here to the options and set more softer more hard. If you go to the heart, it means that you need to press harder on the surface to get that thicker line so Im pressing, really hard now, but you have more control over this really thin lines over this type of pressure. So it depends what kind of style youre having and what kind of way of drawing you used to. But if you go with the all soft I dont like that. I cannot draw with that. So let me show really quickly. That means that see. I cannot control its too soft its. For me, this is not good, so that means that you really gently press on the screen. You already have this pretty strong pressure here. So for me, I always want to go to more harder. Probably this one and have really nice and cool control over the pan, also its the same with the brush with the opacity pressure, so opacity pressure. So this is it if you press hard, it will have more ink on the screen.

If you press up through highlightsync and thats amazing when youre, dodging and burning, this is something that you obviously want to have so, for example, lets lets, lets go with ellipse and make a circle here, and I want to dodge and burn inside the circle. So, just to draw a ball, so here with the pressure sensitivity settings, I can really easily make from a 2d Circle, really cool 3D ball, and this is it so, as you can see, really cool really easy, and this is where the pan, with the precious ability Comes really really handy, Also lets see, lets draw some straight lines and lets see that test so lets go to the brush. Lets go here and lets undo. This lets make brush smaller, so Im pretty happy Im pretty happy how this works its not too jittery. If you really try to make straight lines while drawing slowly, this would work perfectly. Of course, if you make it more faster, it will be more straight, but Im really happy so my impression about the pen and the display overall, its really good its amazing, especially if youre a beginner in this field of drawing on the display tablets. This is amazing. Tablet for you for more professional orientated again, you can use this without any struggle. Its really cool display itself, its amazing, its pretty bright. You can also have some buttons here and you can change a lot of settings. You can calibrate your display, Etc.

So you have all the necessary options to make it to your own preferences. Okay, so my final thoughts about this display tablet right here is that I really like the build quality. The stand is really good. Also, the display is really good. Lamination is good. The pen is pretty pretty good, so are there some downsides? Well, yes, I would love that display is not just 1080p, at least its 2K or it would be really good to be 4K worked on that size of this, but you get really fast. You get used to the 1080p resolution, so its not a big downside to me, but its personal preference. Overall, I can recommend you this tablet, its really good device to start drawing on the screen on a little bit larger screen.