So the global version has a couple of changes, so obviously LTE band 20, now being a global version and the global languages. As well, we've got on there, so all of androids known languages they're going to be in this ROM, which is great because the Chinese version was just Chinese and English, and you were stuck with that you're also stuck on that model with Widevine level 3 cert, which Meant that Netflix and Amazon Prime was only in standard definition, but this has now a level 1 cert which is great to see that, shall we have slowly been updating this, so you can watch your favorite TV series or whatever, on Netflix and in Amazon in HD And Full HD, which was really good, so this phone, I believe, is the best sub 200 us phone out there at the moment that you can buy and I'll explain why there's just so much of this phone with a couple of tweaks, why it is the best Of course it's not perfect, no phone, it is, but I start out with the build. So my version is the nectarine blue color, as you can see so it's really like purple at the top and then the gradient changes down then to a blue at the bottom. Bottom of the phone we have a type C port loudspeaker. Now this type C port will allow quick charge 3, so it'll charge fully the four thousand million hour battery and only one hour and 50 minutes, but that charge is not supplied in the box.

The one you get in the box is 5 volts, 2 amps and it will take around 2 hours and 25 minutes or so to charge the phone so it's somewhat slower, and if you do want to spend that extra, then you can at least charge it. Quite a bit faster, which is great to have that option, so the frame around the outside is very solid. It feels like it's an alloy to me, but it could actually be like a hardened plastic. We have glass on the back fingerprint reader on the rear here. So it's simple, just touch it's always on and it unlocks 10 out of 10 times. It works for me, it's, very quick, and we also do have face unlocking, which I'll demonstrate so simply tap the power button, and it looks at me and unlocks it takes about 2 seconds, so it's a little bit slower than the fingerprint reader. Then we have a 48 megapixel camera, which is the Samsung GM one. Now this camera I'll give you a couple of samples, can take a very good photo in daylight, as you can see, it's, basically down sampling, so it's using the buyer filter and it will downsample and take a 12 megapixel photo. There is a 48 megapixel option but, as I pointed out in my review, and some of the other reviews are posted of the Chinese model, that is in fact interpolated 48 megapixels, not a true 48 megapixels.

You get that with the Sony sensor there IMX 586, that you find in the rim meet note 7 Pro the more expensive model with a faster chipset and that one now Shammi does have their own low light mode. But as you can see from the samples that it's not really that great and you can in fact install, as I pointed out, another video, in fact, I have a review of the stock camera app against the Google's camera port. So this is the Google pixel 3 port and you can see low light performance is greatly improved. So I highly recommend doing this. Just install this apk. Now you can't record 4k video with the stock camera app, but as I'll show you now with open camera, you can get 4k and now with open camera, you can see the huge difference so it's, not the best electronic image stabilization. You will see the mean ions electronic image, stabilization, charmese flagship, of course, there's a lot better than this it's a lot smoother, but this is not bad concerning this there's 189 dollars and the footage that we're getting here in 4k. If I pan around, you will see a little bit of like judder stutter when you pan, depending on how fast you actually do this and I'll just walk again. So you can see the electronic image stabilization at work. You get a little bit of a jelly effect. Sometimes with it using open camera here, but it's great to have this option and you can even shoot in 4k video with open camera using this front facing camera.

As you can see right now, the footage isn't too bad – I mean it's, not perfect. I don't know where the electronic image stabilization is being applied. If it is not a lot, there is a few little jettison things you see coming through on the footage and then when we take a look at the front of the phone, we have a 13 megapixel front facing camera. They can take an OK selfie. You do have portrait mode on the front, so it's using software to get that bouquet effect. With the background, all blurred and stitching around the outside tends to do a pretty good job and really its overall, quite good again when you factor in the the cost of this phone here. So the screen is a 6.3 inch IPS panel, the resolution of 20 to 30 by 1080. You get a little bit of shadowing around the top, as I pointed out in my review of the Chinese model, but it seems to have improved a little bit. At least my model here, this IPS panel doesn't have that blackness around the screen as bad, but you can see here with a solid white color. You can see how just around the edges of it it's a little bit darker there, and so it might be a little bit off putting to some people now. The panel itself has a maximum output of 550 Lux, which is very good, and you can tweak the white balance to your own preference.

I prefer standard because it's more correct, then and more of a a neutral kind of white din, but if you prefer cooler, white or one white, of course you can set that in the settings now, on the left hand, side, we have a dual SIM tray here. Now it does support 4G LTE, so that's LTE, dual standby, as well with this and microSD card, and just like the top 3.5 millimeter headphone jack with that micro SD card, or something of course, that the me 9 doesn't even have zombies, flagship phone IR transmitter and The output out of this 3.5 million headphone jack is very good. Now the performance of the ROM so it's running Android 9 me UI's 10, which is this skin on the top, is probably the biggest con of this phone. But most people may not a lot of people like it: I'm. Ok with it now, the performance of new UI is for the most part fast snappy multitasking is good. Switching between the apps and things. You can see here no real problems, but you will notice some lag at times. If you really push up multitasking now me UI kills off things quite quickly in the background as well, so apps will have to reload and full screen. Gestures does sometimes have a little bit of stutter and lag to it, that's the only real thing now, if you use Nova Launcher that really does improve upon things and you don't see so much lag there now.

One other thing to point out battery life is very good on this phone, so in my own tests I was able to get over 10 hours on screen time now. This is mostly on wireless, so bear that in mind so about 70 on wireless 30 on data. If you're more on data, then of course it will drain more so I row the space of almost two days. I got over 10 as a screen on time, which was really good. Now that means, and what that translates into for most people is this – is going to be a 2 day phone, so you only have to charge it. Probably every second day before you go to bed to sure, then you can get another two days out of it, which is really fantastic, so good, better life out of this and the wireless speeds very good. I can get to almost up to 300 megabits per second out of my router. Here range is good too, and even the 4G no complaints there voice call quality is good just to point that out so overall, very well rounded, and s that aspect this phone. The only problem really that this does have is the notifications it's. Something worked, the wrong that Xiaomi's had recently on their latest global rom updates is the fact that notifications you'll see them now see how they pop up and before you know they disappear, which is a real shame. So you need to swipe down to see your notifications due I'm someone who likes to see them all their Twitter performance.

You can see here very fast, scrolling they're gaming as well very good for what it is for the chipset okay it's not going to be the fastest. So you can see Pub G running here on not the highest settings, but the extreme framerate is good its playable. You can zoom with the scope, as you can see, and you're not gon na have any problems aiming getting hit shots and things won't get massive lag like you would and say: a media tech hey Leo X 27, my bowl that sells for probably about the same Price as this it's much better it even Shadowgun legends – you can see here running with Auto graphics, 60 frames per second it's, smooth and very playable, so that is really good to see. So there we go. That is why I believe that, for under two hundred US dollars that this is really the best phone out there, you can get with a few little tweaks, so maybe put Nova Launcher on there to improve the UI performance. Google camera for low light performance, open camera for 4k video so with those tweaks and the great battery life decent gaming performance – okay, not the fastest, of course, but really a great package of a phone with fast fingerprint, unlocking face unlocking you know you will have adverts In there, but if you set it to Hong Kong, you get the face, unlocking and then no adverts and the ROM. So please do check out my review of the stock camera app versus Google cameras app on the redmi note, 7, and also up this way as well.

My review of the Chinese version. If you want a lot more detail than this particular review, please do like and subscribe for more and I hope to catch you back in the chair.