So sometimes even my monitors here so I can get some gaming in also to capture footage and all that for reviews. But what if I tell you that there are portable monitors, so if youre traveling, you can utilize these to you know, get that 1080p out on an IPS screen thats like 10.5 inches. It looks really really really good and, as you guys know, Ive reviewed a portable monitor before and it was from we Max it. They made, they make several monitors and you know varying quality varying. You know aspect ratios and Screen resolutions, but this one really was cool because like when they offered me the opportunity to cover this monitor, which is like a 10.5 inch and its a 10 AP 60 hertz screen. I was like yeah lets, go ahead and do that because I want to be able to like when I travel be able to. You know set up a portable monitor and also when Im at my other desk, because Im not always out here, because you know the other setup youve seen videos on record out there usually isnt what Im with my my youngest daughter. So I want to be able to have a portable liner that I can you know, game on capture, footage with and still look good, especially very, very vibrant, and this is what were going to be talking about today, which is this monitor all right. So off the bat I want to talk about the overall build quality of this in comparison to the first one I reviewed the first one felt very cheap, but you know that was also made with lesser quality materials and those touch screens.

So the touch the screen wasnt that great and the you know the overall build quality it kind of at some points is coming in part. It seems, but this one right here this one. I have absolutely no issues with its a very solid design. Its got vested mounting, so, if you wanted to mount it, you could you know if you want to have it like just pop out or put it on like an arm like this, but I have my mic on or like the AVerMedia arm that I have you Could definitely set it up with that, because its incredibly lightweight, if you go along the body of it, you got two speakers on the side. The speakers theyre not the greatest theyre, really not good at all and theyre very tinny sounding you know you kind of have to crank it all the way up to like the max settings to get like a decent, sound out of it like its not great in Any way shape or form it its. It is what it is. I mean, what do you expect out of something thats, thin and thats? The other thing this is really thin like this is so thin and its literally thinner than my iPhone without a case like its thinner than this and its kind of crazy. How brilliant the screen looks so going around to the screen, like its a 1080p 60 hertz screen, uh IPS panel, really brilliant uh.

If you were to dive into like the particulars of the settings, you can change things like the brightness color gamut. You can also turn on its quasi sudo HDR, its not really legitimate, HDR and like when Ive connected my PlayStation 5 and my Xbox series X to it. It doesnt recognize it as HCI Ive, even connected it to my my main gaming PC here. So my gaming laptop – and it does not recognize it as HDR so thats kind of an interesting claim – youll see that often when it comes to monitors, theyll claim to have HDR. But, like you know, what is the HDR rating? Is it HDR? You know. 400. Is HCR 600 this one just doesnt rank at all its its, not a tree CR, but what it does is itll create like a ambient effect for the visuals itll darken it and sharpen certain colors and make them more luminous. So, like certain games, youll be able to see the difference on that, but like for all intensive purposes, is not really true. Hdr, its not your race yards hit at all, so yeah thats, if youre trying to get it for that reason that its it doesnt have true HDR. But beyond that um talking about the overall like if we were to say like comparing it to like the switch OLED like Im able to connect, you know not just my steam Drive products, which I led to it Im, putting the screen side by side like its Almost as vibrant as that OLED panel on this, the Nintendo switch OLED not quite fully there but its convincing.

Nonetheless, I absolutely love what I can do with it, and you know its just. It just makes games pop. So if I were to go from playing a game on my switch OLED to connecting it to this monitor man, does it look almost as good right same thing with connecting the steam deck and other consoles to it? It looks really really good. You do get true. 1080P, 60 hertz, so that right there absolute number. Now, if we look at the ports on it, you have auxiliary input. Youve got two USBC inputs uh. You can use one USBC for power delivery and as well as one for you, know, video and theyre interchangeable, which one you want to use for video and then youve also got a mini HDMI input so thats, something that makes this different than the other monitors. Ive used and its the mini HDR aspect of it. I wish it used standard HDMI, but I understand its mini so that they can keep it within this. You know the framework of the Myers build, but you know thats kind of annoying because outside of like maybe one or two other devices, I dont really have anything that utilizes a mini HDMI, so yeah dont lose or break that cable that comes with it. Just keep that in mind and um outside of that, I think I mentioned earlier. It has the auxiliary input for like headphones or speakers out and uh other than that.

You have uh two buttons, one for power as well as like mode switching. So the power button slash mode switch if you press and hold it down, itll power it on and off. If you tap it itll switch between your video settings like you can go between uh your auto select input. You can also go to USBC input as well as HDMI input and then youve also got a little finicky. Cheap Building, select the doubles as a button. If you click it in you, click it in. It allows you to move about the on screen, display for like say, changing your settings and aspect ratio and all that, but its so cheap feeling that every time I utilize it, I feel like Im, gon na break it off in some way, because its not well Built so pretty much when I first got it and I unboxed it and I set it up. I set everything the way I wanted to, and I never touched it again because I I just dont want to deal with something happening to this device um, particularly that that volume selector volume knob slash menu, selector it its not yeah. I dont care for that, but you also get with this monitor a kickstand which is its kind of neat um, its something you could also put like your Nintendo switch on. It doesnt work for like SteamVac or anything because its too chunky of a boy, but you can also use it for, like your cell phones to prop up and its got multi points of articulation, so you can like.

However, you want to have it sitting. Itll work with it now I mean thats, cool and all like. I have no issue whatsoever, but personally after using like the Acer, 3D 4k monitor, I kind of want portable monitors to have a built in kickstand, so I can just prop it up right then, and there and not have to worry about putting it on a stand. Thats separate, they could easily be knocked off of and thats something that I dont care for when it comes to this monitor is that stand and how easy it is to knock it on, especially if you got kids running around like I do like yeah, they can Easily knock it off and break it and youre going to be like. Oh no, but you know it kind of is beyond that uh its fairly serviceable. I think you know. For a month of this size and if youre looking to get something for traveling, I mean its very low profile. Whats cool is, if you pair this with like one of the steam deck docks or USBC Hub, then you really dont have to have anything other than the mini HDMI cable that comes with it, your dock or USBC Hub, and then your power delivery. Like you, the stock steam deck 45 watt power, you know adapters. Brick is enough to charge this mod right as well as charge your steam bag and any accessories. So youre, fine right! You could literally take this your steam deck your dock or your adapter and then boom youre, all said and ready to go.

Whats also. Cool too, is like if you utilize the desktop functionality. Like I ate for a bit there. I had the utilize like Linux and as my main PC component, especially when it comes like the steam Dax version of Linux and it works. Well it it perfectly fits to the aspect. Ratio itll be perfectly serviceable its like a you know, a secondary, monitor or your primary monitor. If you want to use this for productivity, nothing wrong with it, and just literally the fact that this monitor supports whatever you plug into it, so you can plug in your iPad. You can plug in you know your steam deck, your switch, your computers, you can plug in. You, know your phones and they all work with it with no issues, and they look really good on that screen. So all that being said, what do you guys think? Have you picked up the Wii maxit 10.5 inch IPS 1080p 60hz monitor or are you looking at Alternatives like I will say this? There are better monitors on the market and, if youre gon na get one for we Max it get the 4K thats one that Im. Looking forward to reviewing down the road um, but if youre going to spend for a 1080p, you might as well get a 4K for a monitor Im, just Im just saying just get that monitor instead, but whatever your thoughts are want you guys. Let me know in the comment section below, if you picked this up or if you have alternatives to evuse, that you like to utilize with your steam deck and other peripherals, and if you want to pick it up, I got affiliate link down below and all that Good stuff, so if you enjoyed this video, make sure you like the video sub to the channel, if you havent already ding the notification Bell and also you know, if you want to support what we do – child memberships patreon and we got various other affiliate links.