The product is optimized for video conferencing. The chromebase 24 includes four digital microphones and can catch the accurate frame with the chassis that smoothly tilts from 5 degrees. To 30 degrees, in addition to the adjustable hd webcam next on the list, we have the hp envy 34 b010 34 inch curved all in one computer. The company started its redesign by considering the user and the environment for the new nv curve. All in one computer has a display that interacts within a space. The dynamic degree of floating glass is inspiring. The challenge of the system was to maintain the beauty of something so thin and fluid, but without sacrificing any of the power and the performance that users desired. This led to separating out all the components that weren’t directly powering the display itself and engineering them into the base. The result is one of the thinnest all in ones ever made. The 34 inch curved screen has a micro edge border and all four sides are creating the illusion that it’s floating on air, the microsoft surface studio is the next item on our list. Change how you create content with the 28 inch surface studio multi touch all in one desktop computer from microsoft. In desktop mode, it can be used regularly like any standard desktop computer. However, once it’s laid back into studio mode, you’ll have an easier time, sketching, painting and editing on its expansive 28 inch 4500 by 3000 resolution display. Furthermore, it also includes multi touch input via fingers or the included surface pen, improving its accessibility and your productivity.

It is powered by an intel core i5 6th gen quad, core processor, 8 gigabytes of ram and an nvidia geforce gtx 965m graphics card with 2 gigabytes of gddr5 vram. The surface studio is able to handle everything from everyday tasks to professional grade software, like solidworks, adobe, premiere, pro and autodesk up. Next, we have the new lenovo idea center aio 723 inch. This is a powerful all in one pc which has a screen size of 15.6 inches and a max screen resolution of 3840 by 2160 pixels. The processor of the system is 2.6 gigahertz and it has ram up to 16 gigabytes. It has a memory, hard drive of one terabyte coming to the graphics. It comes equipped with sata, graphics, coprocessor, nvidia, geforce, gtx, 960m chipset brand nvidia geforce gtx 960m card and a description dedicated wireless type, 802.11 ac number of usb 3.0 ports too. The average battery life is in hours 4.5 hours. You can save all your documents, presentations, music and photos with plenty of room to spare, plus with up to 16 gigabytes of memory. It has the muscle to tackle any task with wi fi, 802.11 b g, nor a c and bluetooth 4.0 connectivity options. The aio700 can be the primary internet multimedia hub for the whole family. Moving on the next product on the list is the acer aspire. S24. 880. Ur12 aio desktop the elegance, excellent craftsmanship and style show only half the story of acer’s ultra thin aspire s 24.

All in one desktop. It is designed with a dominant, 8th, gen intel core i5 processor. It has a robust machine which delivers impressive performance and responsiveness fast. Wireless connectivity and dependability that you can count on every time you power it up. The borderless full hd ips display offers unrivaled brilliance and clarity that adjusts colors in real time for a fantastic experience, while the dual front facing 2.1 channel speakers with subwoofer, take entertainment to the next level in the fourth spot. On our list, we have the asus 23.8 inch screen lcd, monitor collaborate with co workers and colleagues using the 23.8 inch screen lcd monitor from asus. This business monitor highlights an ips in plane, switching panel, which is intended to offer wide 178 degree horizontal and vertical viewing angles which are designed to help reduce screen distortion when looking at the screen from various aspects. In addition to these enhanced viewing angles, the 23.8 inch screen provides a crisp, clear picture thanks to the full hd 1920 by 1080 resolution and 1 000 to 1 contrast ratio which produces deeper, dark and brighter bright colors for a more dynamic image. Setup and configuration are simple, as this asus monitor comes equipped with a single displayport d, sub and dvi d connector, you can even plug usb compatible peripherals into each of the two usb 2.0 ports in the third spot. On the list, we have the apple imac pro 27 inch, all in one desktop apple wed’s, high res 5k, visuals into its sleek five millimeter thin mid 2017 27 inch imac with retina 5k display with a 5120 by 2880 screen resolution.

This imac presents 1 billion colors and 500 nits of brightness, which is 43 percent lighter than the earlier model. The retina 5k display also highlights a broader color gamut using a p3 based color gamut. The retina 5k display gives a larger color space that more evenly represents red, green and blue as related to standard srgb displays and with more available colors. The images will look more vivid and reveal greater detail with more balance and precision. Imac’S processor has been enhanced and now houses a 7th gen kb lake 3.4 gigahertz intel core i5 quad core processor that can be overclocked up to 3.8 gigahertz as well as 8 gigabytes of 2400 megahertz ddr4 ram. Second, on the list we have the apple imac mne02ll, a 21.5 inch apple weds high res 4k visuals into its sleek five millimeter thin mid 2017 21.5 inch imac with retina 4k display with a 4096 by 2304 screen resolution. This imac presents 1 billion colors and 500 nits of brightness, which is 43 brighter than the former model.