For basically anything, this is the intahill 4K plus portable monitor. More specifically, the model number is u13na, and this thing has been awesome. Ive already unboxed it previously, but Im giving you the full experience here in the Box. We do have the instructions that it comes with here and then we have some adapters on the side which you can actually figure out, which adapter you need just by reading through the instructions. We have a little uh warranty and support guide here, and then we have the monitor itself, and this thing is super duper clean, like I dont know, if you can see this or not, but so clean its got like a nice dark space gray. Look to it. It fits in perfectly and we do have a smart cover on it as well, which Ill show you more about in a little bit, but that just folds up inside here we have different cable connections. Here we have HDMI to Mini HDMI. We have USBC to USBC, and then we have another USBC USBC right here and it does come with a power adapter in case you need it, though, with the MacBook, you will not need a power adapter. You can power this thing just with the USB type c. Cable, which is great real, quick, though lets talk about some of the specs here on the box. We have a 13.4 inch display its an izgo screen, its got a slim design, srgb 100 color space.

It supports multiple connections, as I explained earlier, and we have 500 nits of screen brightness, which is pretty good for something thats, completely powered off of your MacBook by itself, and then we have some adapters in here and everything. It shows you what comes in the box and things like that, but, like I said this is the u13na in terms of the model thats kind of the specifications for the whole thing, but lets go ahead and check this out in action. I my MacBook over here Im going to pull up something over here and then we will go ahead and test this out. So really, this whole thing is just as easy as plugging in the USB type c cable on the side of the Monitor and then pretty quickly. Here we should get power, you can see their power into Hill and a big shout out to them for sponsoring this. Video by the way – and then we have our second monitor here – and you can see that this thing is pretty dang clean like I, I really dig it. We do have some manual controls on the side. We can adjust like the brightness of the panel just by using a little control on the side here and uh. We have uh some other ports on here, which I will show you in a second, but this is a pretty good setup. If you want a dual monitor display for your 13 inch MacBook or your 16 inch macro 14 inch or whatever any size, MacBook or, like I said, game consoles, Nintendo switch, PlayStation, 5, Etc.

You can hook all of those up via their respective cables here and be able to use the monitor. So, as I said on the side here, we do have some other ports. Here we have our little rocker for our menu and everything we have our power button. There we do have a USB type c port on the side and a headphone jack as well, and then on the other side. Here we have a two USB type c ports and we have the mini HDMI right there as well in case thats. Your preferred method of hooking up an HDMI source to this display. This does the Smart Cover thats on it does come off and it just adheres. We have magnets on the back of there and then you can adjust it. However, you want, you have different options to be able to that, make it sit forward or you can have it flat. We have a few different options there to be able to adjust and customize the layout of this whole thing, but I think that uh, I think that its pretty great its not a touch screen or anything like that. So dont be confused with that. But it is a 16 by 10 3840 by 2400 display with uh 100 srgb color space and I think thats pretty awesome all in all. This is definitely a fantastic little monitor its. In my opinion, one of the best that I found to do like a dual monitor workspace for my smaller MacBook.

Considering that its pretty small itself, I mean honestly, when you fold it up here, its pretty thin, like pretty thin little monitor there, and I think that that works out great uh for traveling and especially if you want to be able to uh use a second monitor On the go, but you dont have the space forwarder or you know you dont have a space to bring like a giant monitor with you or anything or if youre traveling. This is absolutely perfect for that. I really do think, though, that this right here is probably the best 13.4 inch monitor that you can get for your MacBook. I know thats very specific, but the resolution is here. The crisp displays here everything looks great on it. In my opinion, we do have brightness controls and we have a power button and we even have a headphone jack on the side there, which is pretty nice. On top of that, this is an igzo panel and thats part of the reason why it looks really really clean. I just absolutely love it and I would love to know what you think about this portable monitor down. In the comments section below like I said, I will leave a link for you if you want to go ahead and check this out for yourself, but I think that its an absolutely great monitor and I would love to know your thoughts and opinions on that. Do you use an external monitor? Do you need a portable monitor? Is this something that you can see fitting in your life? Definitely let me know down in the comments section below and if you enjoyed this video hit the Thumbs Up Button.

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