Now I have an iPad Pro and it is such a great and versatile device. It has been my best friend throughout college and honestly, probably like the reason why I even passed and succeeded in Engineering in the first place. It is an amazing size for media consumption and actually really good for artists and content creators. So recently I have been collecting items and putting together a portable workstation to really maximize the iPads potential on the go. So with this setup, I wanted to maintain two of the iPads largest selling points and that are its versatility and also its portability. So that is why this whole setup does indeed fit inside of a backpack. So if you were to take this on the go with you, you can easily store it in here for that, and so I think the best place to start with this whole setup is the iPad itself. So I usually leave the iPad back here in the laptop slot. It fits in nice and easy and its super thin as well. The specific model I have is the 11 inch iPad Pro, which was released in 2020 in the silver colorway. This model has an IPS LCD display with a 120 hertz refresh rate, and this is the model right before Apple started, to implement their own silicon into the iPads. So this has their a12z bionic chip. So unfortunately, this means that my iPad does not support stage manager which was released in iPad OS 16, because for those you need an iPad with their M1 or M2 chips.

Inside of it I mean come on. This is an iPad Pro, its only two two and a half years old now, and it already doesnt support some of the newest features. Im Im gon na digress on that point, but it still has a very capable chip inside of it to do a lot of creative work or anything that most people would need an iPad to do for. I have used my iPad for literally everything School related. Ever since I got it, I used it to make digital art for a while, and I also use this as my main device to create all of my YouTube content for the very first year of my YouTube channel. So the iPad has so much potential to be a productivity machine. It just needs a few accessories to really get it there and I think the first accessory that pretty much everyone should get for their iPad is the apple pencil and, more specifically, the second generation plan on doing any sort of note, taking studying or digital art. With your iPad, then, the apple pencil is a must. The second generation has a much more intuitive method of charging over the previous model, which is that it magnetically attaches to the right side of the iPad. This will automatically start the wireless charging and it also connects it through Bluetooth. This is also the perfect place to carry your apple pencil around as its always with you on your iPad and its held on by relatively strong magnets as well.

This second generation has pixel Precision, pressure and tilt sensitivity, and I just cant recommend this enough. This is quite literally like the ultimate stylus and it just goes hand in hand perfectly with the iPad. You can regularly find it on sale through Amazon, for what Ive seen is as low as ninety dollars, which is a much more reasonable price than the original 130 dollars. But if this is still out of your budget, then there are plenty other good Alternatives out there and one that Ive actually recently used. Myself are some styluses by pinovo theyre, a fraction of the price with identical designs and have almost every feature that the original apple pencil has. So, if youre on more of a budget – and you want to get a cheaper stylus and not pay all that money. For the apple pencil definitely check out ponol, I think theyre great Alternatives so with that being said now moving on to the next accessory, and this is what really transforms your iPad into like a Workstation. The next item is the Infiniti Pro iPad stand by a company called Banks, so just be transparent with everyone. Banks did send me this product to make a video on, but it is not sponsored by them and theyre not going to see this beforehand. So everything youre about to hear me say, are 100 my own thoughts. So this is a high quality. Well built aluminum stand for the iPad. This stand is compatible with both sizes of the iPad Pro from 2018, all the way up to 2022, and it also works with the iPad Air, 4th generation and fifth Generations as well.

This stand is limited to these specific iPads because of its mounting method, which are strong magnets throughout its front base plate to mount your iPad. All you do is place it up near the front plate and the magnets will align it and snap it into place. The front plate is rotatable, so you can have your iPad in either landscape or portrait orientation. The arm is also adjustable with two different hinges: to get optimal height and angle towards you, whats so great about the understand is that it can be brought down to the table, so you can use it as a base to angle your iPad, so you can also Draw and write on it. Nothing interferes with the top of the iPad, so your apple pencil can comfortably fit on top of the iPad where it belongs. So when your iPads mounted to the stand you dont have to worry about losing the apple pencil having the ability to go from a monitor like position to a comfortable. Drawing angle is such an underrated feature, and I think this stand does a great job. It has strong hinges when youre riding on it, it doesnt bounce around or feel like wobbly. So I really do appreciate that about this stand. So the basis plate is also quite unique, as it has this anti skid material on the bottom, so it wont be easily moved out of place but thats, not all. It can also rotate 360 degrees with this really cool mechanical sound.

So I know that this feature might seem a little gimmicky, but I usually leave the stand on the side of my laptop. So every time I put my iPad on there, I have to adjust it a little bit and just that little, like mechanical sound. I know its a little gimmicky, but it really is satisfying theres, also, like a tactile, feel when you do spin it so a little something extra. I think you get a stand that really does separate it from other iPad stands out there. This stand costs 86 on their website, which might seem like a lot. But this is a very well built. Stand can be folded up, super thin to become portable, and it also has this base – and I mean just for 86 dollars, because a lot of iPad stands are pretty expensive. I think youre getting a lot for your moneys worth and it also looks super modern sleek and really fits the whole aesthetic of this setup that I was going for. So if you order this, stand through the first link in the description down below and use my own personal code nathan15, then youll actually get 15 off your whole order, anything in the store. So if you go there to pick up the stand, get anything else. Dont forget to use the code nathan15 youll get 15 off thats, pretty dope, so moving on one of the biggest downsides to using an iPad as like your main productivity device is the lack of ports, so usually most iPads current ones have one single USBC, port and Thats, just not enough to get most people out there content creators what they need to work with.

So for that reason I highly recommend you pick up a USBC Hub and the one that I use is the Anker USBC hub for iPads. This Hub is made out of aluminum and is originally forty dollars, but it can be found on sale on Amazon for 26 dollars, which is not a bad price for what you get at. All this Hub will turn your single USBC Port into six different ports. This comes with an HDMI port, another USBC Port, which supports 60 watts of charging a USB, a port, SD and micro SD card readers, and you also get a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. So what I probably like most about this specific Hub is how it sits flush in the middle of your iPad. Many other USB C hubs out. There are either off center or use an extension cable, which doesnt look clean and ends up getting in the way of your setup. So I personally think that this USBC Hub looks great, looks super clean and also gives you a lot more flexibility, especially if youre a content creator out there. So as great as the iPad is, the typing experience on the display itself is not the best, and anyone who is typed on the display for extended periods of a Time know exactly what I mean. Therefore, for those of you who plan on typing papers, editing Excel sheets, sending emails with your iPad, then youre going to need a keyboard, and the one that I have here in the setup is the keycron K2 mechanical wireless keyboard in the 75 percent layout setup.

The 75 percent is perfect for me, because I still maintain all the functional keys that I could use on a consistent basis while staying compact enough to fit in my backpack. This uses gadaron G keys, and I have the brown switches for it. This is also backlit and gives you up to 20 different RGB effects, which I like to change up from time to time and yeah. If you saw that this is a custom keycap with a mini oppa inside of it. My little brother got this for me for a birthday present and this is from an artist called die. Keycaps who can be found on Etsy, go check them out. He makes a bunch of really dope keycaps for keyboards. So before you say anything, yes, I know this isnt the thinnest keyboard out there. I know there are better options, but Ive had this one for a couple years now and it does fit in my backpacks thats. Why Im sticking with it but honestly for eighty dollars? Youre getting a great keyboard, it has solid Bluetooth, connection, nice, mechanical keys, and this is still a great keyboard that can be taken with you on the go. So I wouldnt overlook this one, just yet so very similar to why you need a keyboard for your iPad. Youre also going to need a mouse for this as well, especially if youre going to mount this on a stand, and the mouse that I swear by is the Logitech MX Master 3s Mouse.

I specifically got this mouse to help me speed up. My video editing and the horizontal scroll wheel has been nothing short of amazing. The ergonomics are fantastic and there are seven total customizable buttons, and this mouse has to be near perfect. I got the pale gray colorway, which I know will get dirtier faster than the other colors, but I wont eventually get white accessories for everything in my setup, so I might as well start and Ill take the hit when it gets a little dirty sooner than the Other colors, so if youre interested in this mouse, then I did do a full review on it and Ill leave a link to it right here on the screen as well. So if youre interested go check out that video, because this is quite literally the best mouse for productivity that you can buy in 2023 – so obviously, if you have a mouse for this portable setup, then youre gon na need a mouse pad. This is just some little Cheapo one. I got Amazon like five to seven years ago. It was about like five dollars or something like that, so I know theres better out there. This is just what I have for this setup. You can go find one if you want better but Im using this right. Now it works fine. It fits in my backpack, so get yourself a mouse pad as well. So the final item of this setup are headphones and, if youre looking for something really portable in Bluetooth, then I highly recommend that you go with the Apple airpods Pro second generation.

These are by far my favorite noise canceling headphones. I have ever used. They are a drastic upgrade over the original airpod Pros in almost every way. The battery life is better. The sound quality is more full than noise, canceling and transparency mode are noticeably better. They will seamlessly hook up to your iPad as soon as you put them into your ears, and these could possibly be the best pickup that you can make out of this whole entire setup. So dont sleep on the airpods pro second generation. But if youre looking for something wired in a little more audiophile grade, if youre doing video editing, then I highly recommend these, and these are the AKG k361 wired headphones. I went with the wired model because I heard these were more accurate, especially for video editing, and I wanted a pair of headphones that were relatively cheap. That still gave me an audio file sound to them. These will easily plug into the USBC Hub Ive mentioned earlier. So theres no need to worry about these being wired. The akgs have honestly been so good. They have a super wide Sound Stage and I didnt realize how different music sounds from my airpods Pro to these. Until I actually like tried out my first audiophile grade, headphone, which I would say are these – I know their budget, but I also consider them in that realm. The akgs get really loud and have only ever had to go up to a Max of like 80 volume.

Theyre super comfortable for hours of use and they also fold up super small and compact, which also does help with the easy travel in this whole setup, foreign. So thats going to conclude my portable iPad productivity station. It has everything that you could need, while also maintaining the iPads portability and versatility. You can take notes, draw type papers edit Excel files, edit videos all with these items that fit comfortably into your backpack. So, Im going to leave links to everything I mentioned in this video down below in the description. If youre going to pick up the Infinity Pro iPad stand, dont forget to use Nathan 15 for that discount and the 15 off so thats in the end of the video.