Here we go again. We have another special amazon prime unboxing. To do you guys can check them out. Link is gon na be down below get one of these on a little cost. Faster free shipping see what’s inside. Hopefully, everyone had a good day. So far everybody is safe. Oh boy! What i got in here let’s see all right all right baby. This is coming from my friends over at ella giant. These are nice. These are really nice. All of us are at home, working from home gaming, listen to music movies. This is a good one. To get two channel 10 watt multimedia pc speaker got the rgbs in there. This looks a little slick right here: nice, packaging design, here’s good stuff. On the back bt wireless connection, three and a half wire connection, five watt by two max power, colorful atmosphere, two channel five volt volume, easily adjusted headphone jack now let’s take a look inside guys, we’ll set it up on my computer we’ll. Do it in this room here we go so got birthdays coming up like i do. You might want to grab one for yourself and for your friend and if you know a gamer somebody in your family that needs one. These are good ones, get hella giant. Take a look at these baby that right there easy to put together easy to take out a package that’s all good things to have test this out too. Hopefully, some non copyrighted music.

You can test the sound out all right, you never know. I might use these in my permanent speakers great for gaming. There we go that’s in the garbage. This is easy, easy peasy. So we got this going on right here, pretty long cord, so that’s always a good bonus, so you could rearrange it set it up. The way you want oh that’s, what they look like really nice got the controls in front. You could have your headphones right. There got the grips in the bottom, see won’t slide as much uh. We could have it like this way like a sound bar type, free pc. We got the long cords all right, all right. Those are already connected together, that’s good um. We got ta. Oh there. We go tango, get these the right way so let’s get it like this right now, here’s the cord, so you get the audio jack and the usb i got ta hop over the computer, be right back all right guys. I finally found some uncopyrighted music. Ah, these sound really clear great bass, ready guys here we go Music, Music, Music, that’s, Music, sweetheart changes colors too, with the leds, rgbs. Really nice great sound.