What follows are all of our favorites from this years. Ces, which, despite some stormy press, actually turned out to be a surprisingly busy show, as in years past, we started by asking the editors who cover these categories year round to weigh in on a short list. Then our wider team voted using a ranked choice system. Maybe one day well also tell you about our dark horse favorites that almost but didnt quite make the cut anyway without further ado. Here are the winners of our ces 2022 awards, Music, first off best health and fitness product widings has been the name and wifi skills for years now, but its new body scan scale is by far its most technologically advanced new. Here is the ability to measure ecg, segmented body, composition, lets, say fat in your arms legs torso and even things like nerve activity. Thanks to that ecg feature in particular, the scale can detect heart patterns associated with atrial fibrillation. All this tech makes the body scan. One of the most expensive scales around itll cost 300 bucks when it arrives in the u.s later this year, Music, next up best wearable in a year where a lot of cs attendees decided to stay home amid rising covet cases. It feels fitting that our favorite wearable of the show was a smart mask. Razer zephyr pro is the companys. Second, smart mask the first debuted cs last year and it adds an actually useful feature voice amplification of up to 60 decibels at a distance of up to one meter.

Now is 150 bucks, an indulgent amount of money to spend on a mask. Yes, will that rgb lighting make you look ridiculous, oh yeah, but hey well, take a mask, thats, both safe and makes it easier to still be heard next up best transportation, tech. The silverado is the first electric pickup for both chevy and its parent company gm, and it was our favorite car at cs 2022, even at a show, packed with transportation news, though, the truck will initially go for an eye watering price of 105 000 a lower end Model will eventually be available at a more reasonable base price of ‘ 000 about the same as what fords electric truck starts at that price, combined with its sleek design, estimated 400 mile range up to 664 horsepower more than 780 pound foot of torque and the ability To tow 10 000 pounds could well make it a hit, especially in truck loving parts of the u.s, where evs might otherwise be a tough sell. Now, for best home theater product samsung won a best of award from us last year with solar powered remote and now its back with a second gen remote, which has also scored an award. The new eco remote was our favorite in the home theater category because it uses radio waves from routers to charge the battery thats smart, since that energy would go to waste. Otherwise, several companies have already tapped into radio frequency harvesting. Over the last few years, though, the approach seems best suited to low power devices.

Just like tv remotes, though the eco remote only works with select samsung tvs. We hope it serves as an example for the rest of the industry. Now, on to the smart home congrats tp link, you managed to make a wi fi router thats kind of anthropomorphic, though router news is often dry. We warmed up to the archer axe 200 omni, pretty quickly after learning that it has four motorized antenna that follow your devices to continuously optimize. The signal tp link says the router can deliver total speeds of over 10 gigabits per second and its tri band setup includes a six gigahertz band if it works as promised, the device could improve iffy connections throughout your home or maintain a solid wi fi link. As you move around streaming video on your phone in the mobile device category, we love to see weird experimental devices get the attention they deserve and the asus zenbook 17 fold fits the bill. This massive 17.3 inch display is a giant tablet unto itself but fold into the shape of a clamshell laptop set, the included bluetooth keyboard on top, and you have yourself the equivalent of a 12.5 inch windows laptop and if you think, a tablet means watered down specs. You get a terabyte of storage here and 16 gigabytes of ram. With quote the latest intel cpu its unclear. How much this odd, versatile machine will cost, but we expect to find out sometime this spring on televisions.

Samsung is best known for its qled tvs, but at cs 2022, its finally debuting qd oled its attempt to take on oled tvs from rival lg. The tech is different from typical oled, in that it only uses blue organic light emitting diodes. Those diodes then shine the light they produce through green or red quantum dots allowing the panel to produce the full spectrum of color. The approach has several advantages over current oled panels, including better brightness and improved color performance, though weve, yet to see cutie oled ourselves its promising that samsung competitor sony is using these panels in its upcoming a95k sets. As for gaming, sony merely teased the ps vr2 with ces this year, but based on what weve heard so far, this is still the most exciting gaming announcement we heard this week. The psvr2 has display resolution of 2000 p by 2040p for each eye a 110 degree field of view, 4k hdr capabilities and frame rates of 90 hertz or 120 hertz. It also has upgraded eye tracking software, while the addition of inside out tracking means it doesnt require an external camera. The most surprising detail about the psvr2 is that it includes an internal motor that can make the headset vibrate providing a new level of haptic feedback or hey, maybe just a headache. Console gaming news at ces is a rarity which makes sony showing this year stand out. Even without any actual hardware, and now for something completely different, there was lots of weird stuff at ces.

There always is, but the most unexpected curveball we got this week was this concept car from bmw the ix flow, the cars siding is covered in e ink. Yes, the stuff e reader screens are made of, and it can change colors depending on weather conditions or even the drivers mood, while the current location can only swap between a pair of colors. The palette could eventually be expanded to display a rainbows worth of differing shades. What can we say, color as surprised on to laptops come for the lid stay for the sustainability, or maybe its the other way around when we first saw the lenovo thinkpad z series at a private demo ahead of ces, we were immediately charmed by its lid design, Which is designed to be openable with just one hand, but as we learned more about the laptop which comes in 13 and 16 inch sizes, we were impressed with its focus on sustainability, including materials like recycled aluminum and vegan leather, and a charger made of 90 recyclable Material, even the packaging is 100 recyclable. On a completely different note, the z series is the result of an exclusive collaboration with amd. In fact, these are among the first systems with amds ryzen pro 6000 series laptop cpus got ta admire the huts button. Just skipping intel on your new notebook release, as in the past, were also giving out an award for the best sustainable product this year. The award goes to goodyear.

The company had already pledged to develop a tire made completely from sustainable materials. By 2030. wed say the company is off to a strong start. One of the biggest names and tires came to ces, with a concept tire made from 70 sustainable materials that includes carbon black produced by methane. Carbon dioxide and plant based oil, as opposed to carbon black using petroleum good gear, has also been using soybean oil for certain tire lines instead of petroleum oil. Even if this tire is not shipping. Yet goodyear has made impressive progress and is one of the worlds leading tire makers. It has the potential to have a tremendous impact, as always too were giving out an award for the best accessible product. Orcam has been around for a few years now, using text specifically to aid people who are blind or of low vision. The new my ipro is a lightweight device that mounts to the users glasses, communicating information orally, including print and digital text products, barcodes, currency, colors and recognizing faces similar to other voice control gadgets. The user only needs to say hey or cam to control it and, lastly, our best of the best award for this award. Our staff votes on their favorite among all the category winners, and we tend to prefer the products and technologies that feel the most impactful. For us that was the chevy silverado alongside ford, we now have two of the major american pickup truck makers coming out with electric models both with starting prices in the affordable, ‘ 000 range thats, especially important.

Given the high fuel consumption of traditional gas powered pickups. This will make a particular difference in certain regions having just visited tennessee, i can tell you: there are parts of the u.s where pickup trucks reign supreme chevy in particular sold half a million silverados just last year that one of the main pickup manufacturers has an electric Version of an already popular truck could go a long way toward helping evs catch on in more rural parts of the country, and that is in gadgets. Best of cs 2022 awards for more content and stories about engadget go to engadget.com and please check out our youtube channel for many.